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Ron Goodwin

What a wonderful surprise. I move to Not Cal and my overall experience w McDonald's there is poor. This one was excellent. Mostly due to the kind knowledgeable service. Loved the gym at the window who even apologized when I got to the window that the McFlurry option I wanted was not possible. For sure it was not his fault. Wonderful service. Thank you

Zyon Hanson

McDonalds - Thank you very much for the service ..This restaurant is definitely worth a try :) Their food is excellent!Very tasty & affordable compared to others. They also have good staff who are prompt, friendly and highly trained.

Phil Song

I ordered 2 large order of french fry, and received both half empty. 1140am order number 303.I was told to bring back the half filled frys, and it will be replaced. Im sure they know that I and many others can not come back.Thank you Mcdonald's!!!!!

Red Gunner

They do not make the drive-thru priority at all I sat through the drive-thru line at 5:00 a.m.on Saturday 10/30/22 for nearly an hour there were only 20 cars in front of me. ridiculous fast food is not at this McDonald's. they should call this the slow food McDonald's.Food: 3/5


in my experience coming here the night staff is just insufferable. they have a horrible horrible attitude especially when it comes to stuff with the mobile orders. apparently you can only do two orders at a time and we had three separate orders and explained that to them but they caught an attitude as usual and told us we had to go back around through the drive thru. so we went back around and got the order. we also asked for a few water cups and they acted like it was such an inconvenience like god forbid we get some water cups and extra sweet and sour sauce. imma still come back tho cuz its the only mcdonalds open 24 hours near me but for the love of god the workers need to drop the attitude or they just need all around need new staff.

Bruno Beltran

I feel like every time I come here late at night their register is closed or they're not accepting coupons right now or they're out of's always something!What's the point of advertising 24hr if you can't actually serve people?

Peter Czarnecki

Food looked great but wasn't great. I got a deluxe chicken sandwich and it tasted like the chicken had been refried several times, or just really old oil. Left a bad taste in my mouth. Both my friend and I also had horrible heartburn after, but it's mcdonalds, when doesn't that happen.This location was clean, service was good, pretty fast and food was relatively cheap.

Sam Williams

I don't know who was working here on July 13 around midnight but there was awful service. They didn't even give me the guava pie I payed for and I ordered large fries but they only filled up half the container with the other half being filled with ketchup packets. Only saving grace was my quarter pounder with bacon.

Heasun S.

I love this place, this is my favorite mcDonalds even if it is far away because this place is always clean, people are nice, and the food is fresh and not as greasy.

Matthew Ryan

-issue was resolved,Thank you for the sincere follow up in this issue McDonalds Corporate. My rating had been changed from 1 star to 4 because of your response.————— previous complaint:Ive driven across the country 9 times. Ive never been to a McDonalds that has refused to sell the Happy Meal Toys with a Non-Happy Meal meal. My daughter who is 7, has been excited and collecting the Pokemon cards (as intended for the toys purpose) but she likes to get a 10 piece chicken nugget, not the 6. According to the employees, I cant get a 10 nugget happy meal. Which besides the title of it being a happy meal, its still just small fries, nuggets, drink and a box. The meal I purchased for my child is more expensive and yet we still cant get the toy for her? I also offered to buy the toy separately and three times we went through we have been denied.I double checked my experiences against others who might have had the same issue, but it seems almost all McDonalds do in fact sell the toy separately, and some even are willing to include it with any meal upon request.Im extremely irritated at this point. I would go to a different McDonalds but this is the one closest to our home. Id prefer for this to be resolved so I can give my child the toy she looks forward too without having to buy a full additional meal because your management is acting like a treasure hoarding dragon of children toys.I usually come through with my daughter, so its interesting when an employee can look straight at my car, seeing her in the back and pretty much tell a 7-year old that she cant get a toy because she likes a few extra chicken nuggets.If you can forgive me for a second and allow me to say its completely ridiculous.Please find a solution to this for the community (who Im sure I am not the only parent to have experienced this). Or, I ask you resolve it with me.

Ben C.

They were prompt with the service and has everything the way we ordered it. For 3 kids and 4 adults. That is pretty impressive. The only that would have made it better was a tv in the lobby like some of the newer ones have. But with free-wifi I can't complain too much.

Jeff Blackburn

McDonald's is McDonald's but this one did everything I was expecting and they did it right. The store (include the restroom) was clean and well kept. The person that took our order was very good, she went the extra mile and asked each of my grandkids for there order directly. That's something you don't see too often and the kids were thrilled to be able to order for themselves. The fry's we're the best I've had in a long time, fresh and hot plus they had the perfect amount of salt. The play area was an added bonus, it's not that big but it was well maintained and the area was safe and secure.

Zak R.

The best friendly people. Hey, listen it's. 3:45 am. Let's have a good time ordering food to feed the Seoul. Our friends are just hustling just like I was trying make a dollar and more outta .15 cents as Tupac said. However, I hope they are making more. Be nice and courteous to my friends at the drive thru or get corrected.

Shannon P.

WORST mcdonald's ever! my daughter told me she biked here to get her food and did a mobile order. Drive thru was jammed as well, but how can she ride her bike through drive thru? also people with cars were honking at her, she went up to the door to grab her mobile order because they did not have the option for curb side pick up morning store pick up. she and her roommates spent $40 on food and had to turn back with NO food because they would not open the door for her. COME ON MAN, NOT EVERYONE HAS A CAR TO GO THROUGH DEIVE THRU!!!!!

solyman t.

So after making people wait without any reason, I finally got to the window and was handed one sandwich short. The nasty guy who never even greeted me or thanked me for waiting said we don't have any more, keep moving. Are you serious?? Yelp doesn't help, management doesn't care, this place needs to be shut down as I can only imagine how dirty they must keep it and how many codes they break and no one from health dept pays them a visit. McDonald's management, if you are reading this: SHAME ON YOU TO HIRE HORRIBLE PEOPLE AND LET THEM GET AWAY WITH SHIT

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