North Italia

2957 Michelson Dr, Irvine
(949) 629-7060

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Phil N.

North Italia is a very popular boutique chain of restaurants in southern california. Do not come here without a reservation. When you come, expect to wait a few minutes to sit and a leisurely pace through dinner You will also probably need the valet to part you $3 in day. $7 at night. You can also expect very attentive but direct servers. They are all very busy but get the job done. The decor is modern with industrial flair. There is some nice outdoor dining and even the inside feels very open . I was sharing plates with my vegetarian daughter on this particular evening. So, that put a interesting lens on the food. My advice is to order the most popular dishes you see on yelp and steer clear of the lower spots 1. The Arancini was amazing. It was constructed in perfectly al dente risotto flavored with Fennel and mozzarella. then fried to perfection. 6 pieces. Not to be missed 2. The arugula salad was to have avocado parmesan, and fennel. It was pretty flat. They may have missed the fennel. 3. The fungi pizza was a great choice. Is smells of garlic but not overt on palette. The mushrooms are not mushy and thus read a bit like meet. perfect like crust. 4. The burrita ravioli was a perfect al dente with a simple sauce. Texture was great. The flavor lacked, a bit flat 5. Dessert. The ubiquitous Tiramisu is renowned here. This version is huge, good to share. It stands out due to its texture with a chocolate cookie topping and the texture of lady fingers still apparent. Overall i would recommend this place. stay with the recommendations and avoid the rest.

Leah B.

This was a decent experience. The squid ink pasta was far superior to the bolognese. The garlic bread was BOMB. The desserts were good. IDK that I totally understand the constant long wait/need for a reservation, but it's a good place to visit. Might go again, but doubtful I would actively seek it out again.

Vivian P.

Great food and atmosphere. Very classic Italian food that doesn't feel too heavy or greasy. I personally recommend the arugula and avocado salad and truffle bread. Also, not too bad in terms of wait time if you go around lunch time (2/3 pm). Limited parking but there is a parking structure next to the gym.

Tracy L.

I came here on a Monday on the night of my birthday and unfortunately I had to sit outside. It was windy and cold and a leaf blew into my cup of water. The wind blew the patio door to the building shut and locked my party out. It was a little of an inconvenience. Maybe because they were short on staff that they forgot to open the door back? There was a waiter that kept saying she would leave the door open but she kept forgetting. I wanted to eat the squid ink mafaldine but they didn't have it available. But at least the waiter offered me a free birthday dessert. I got the tiramisu. She came out with the dessert and tried to light the candle but couldn't because the wind was blowing it out. Overall the food was amazing but the experience could have been better. She could have sat us inside instead. There were open tables. I wish that she brought that up. They also made us wait even though we had reservations and came earlier than expected. Maybe because of short staff?

Jackie L.

It's just alright. All is underwhelming. Food: we ordered garlic bread - not really flavorful or toasted, Pizzas (the Pig & Fungi) - standard but nothing amazing, and Pastas - light and not very flavorful. Cocktail - tasted like unwashed glass. Probably the worst cocktail I've ever had. Service - our server was nice but overall the service was slow. We waited 30 mins to get just an appetizer and alcohol. An hour to get entree and mains. It looks like they were confused about tables and often sent dish to wrong tables. Parking - easy to find parking with valet option.

Marty M.

This place is incredibly consistent. The food is great and it always is. Keep in mind, it is spaghetti & meatballs at a chain restaurant so don't take this 5 star review as some sort of Michelin Star Rating. To validate the 5 stars, the spaghetti was thick and meatballs were great. The biggest killer is not knowing if you can get in or not. Most of the time, you need a reservation. And to be honest, it's located in a very corporate looking area, so you feel like less of a person each minute you wait.

Kristine S.

Went for happy hour with coworkers and sat on the patio. We had appetizers and drinks. Loved the charcuterie as well as the calamari. The pizzas were tasty too. Really liked the margarita pizza. The parking situation is kind of a cluster in this shopping center. I did the valet which is $7. Overall good service, very lively atmosphere and lots of choices on the menu.

Sandy K.

overall - wouldn't come back. It wasn't awful by any standard, but there weren't any stand outs either. our table ordered: - tuscan tomato bisque: overall it was just okay nothing crazy. was on the acidic side - funghi pizza: strong mushroom aroma which was great. Crust was crispy and thin. One of the better things our table got - short rib cavatelli: short rib was cooked well, but the sauce for the pasta was really light - squid ink mafaldine: flavor was good and seafood was fresh, not a very strong squid ink flavor in the pasta though - bolognese: very average, similar acidic flavor the tomato bisque had. had higher hopes given it's their house specialty.

Andrew L.

absolutely love dining at North Italia. It's my favorite restaurant in Irvine that I've been to. The food is delicious, the staff is friendly, and the ambience is nice. We had a small issue with our seating but the manager came over, resolved the problem and offered us truffle bread on the house which was delicious. I really like the spicy meatball pizza. It's not spicy in terms of heat but rather in terms of the variety of spices used. Their short rib scramble is delicious too but is only offered for brunch. My parents and I enjoy coming here for birthdays and celebrations.


The Tuscan kale salad was sub par. Very salty. I have ordered this many times and this one disappointed me. I brought the leftovers home (I usually never have any leftover) and ended up tossing it out.

opentable dinner

Great food and ambience excellent service

Vanessa V.

North italia has been on my radar for a while now and I finally had the opportunity to try it! My two friends and I stopped by for lunch on a Wednesday. There was valet parking available, but we self-parked a little further in the lot for free. The shopping center can become busy, but we were able to find parking pretty easily. We made a reservation a few days in advance and the check-in process was very easy. We were sat a table in the middle area of the restaurant. There were not too many other parties near us and some of the staff wore masks. A blonde server was very knowledgeable of the menu and offered her recommendations for both drinks and food. I ordered the Sangria. It is not very strong and tastes much like juice. This would be dangerous if I had not driven myself as I would be tempted to order another glass. For food, I ordered the bolognese. It a decently sized portion that would be enough for a very hungry adult. There was ample sauce on the pasta. Both tasted fresh and were well-flavored. Everything was at typical Irvine price point. I would probably return again and try their other offerings.


Poor management - wait staff unorganized facility not clean restrooms poor


Food was top notch as usual but our dinner took 2hrs which seemed unreasonably long for the meal. Also, something to note- they do not do anything for special events. We were greeted with a “Happy Anniversary” by the host after we included that in our booking, and our waitress offered us a desert menu at the end of our meal, but after ordering and paying, we noticed that the desert was still included at full price. I certainly don’t expect it everywhere but then why ask if we are celebrating and then greet us with that? Just felt that it was implied :-/

opentable dinner

I would highly recommend this restaurant for business meeting lunch. Spectacular food and great service.

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