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Robbie A.

Absolutely Discusting.. Not even worth 1 star.. Order a take out for my office and crew.. All food was already mixed with the sauce which Soy makes it all very salty,, Pathetic .. Cook was so rude and i simply threw the food back to their face.. all beef was extremely over cooked, tasted like leather.. Please beware.. do not waste your money.. WILL NEVER EVER ORDER OR HAPPEN AGAIN.. TRUST ME, ORDER ANYTHING BUT THIS HORRABLE FOOD.

Maia M.

This place has seriously become a rip off. For $13 you use to get a full take out box worth of each item. Now they give a single portion size in a flat to go container for the same price....might as well get panda express

Ariel Lopez

I ordered online and did a pick-up. I always try to arrive about 5 minutes before my estimated pick-up time, and when I got there, my food was already waiting for me, which was awesome. My husband and I shared the three person family value pack. The portions were great, and it was enough for both of us. We had leftovers of some of the entree and rice. I don't think I'd recommend it for three full sized adults, but if it were two adults and a kid who doesn't eat much, then that would probably be good. I rated the food four stars because the chocolate dipped fortune cookies were probably the worst dessert I've ever had. They were hard as bricks, and the chocolate looked kinda weird. BUT they also gave us regular fortune cookies, which were great. Also, the honey chicken wasn't what I expected. It wasn't bad, but it didn't really taste like honey. It had more of a sweet and sour type taste. Again, it's not bad, but I wouldn't order it if you're actually looking for that honey flavor. Service was quick and friendly. Will for sure go back!

Simon K.

Average low budget Asian food.The General's Orange Chicken was pretty good with freshly diced pieces of chicken.The Chow Mein noodles were very low quality. If I came back I'd order brown rice instead. And maybe a little bit of teriyaki sauce on the side.The Chicken Egg Rolls were pretty good and predominantly chicken with not much else in them. They almost reminded me of large Lumpia.

Bill Reitz

Good food and a friendly crew.Food: 5/5

Dave S.

Good quality, fast service make this a favorite. Chicken all white meat and tender. Lots of Veggies. Nice people

Ellen A.

Chicken teriyaki was old. Couldn't even poke it with a fork. Employee said it's made fresh every couple of hours. It tasted like it was left out overnight. Tough and dry.

agustin r.

Horrible service, came in to order food and the place is empty and the one person behind the counter is on the phone not with a customer because the conversation was not about an order. He stayed on the phone and ignored me for good 10 min than said I'll be right with you and continue on the phone for another 10 minutes so I just walked out and left and will not be back ever again. Sorry I don't review ever because I feel likes a waste of time but this really infuriated me!

Madeleine L.

Ok experience. Ordered the chicken pad thai. With a drink it came out just below $15. Expensive, but what isn't these days. Food took a while but it was piping hot when I got it. Ingredients felt fresh but overall the food really didn't taste like much; flavor was missing.

Jason Y.

Normally, I would say this place is more a 4 star type restaurant because sometimes the chicken might be too saucey or not saucey enough, or the rice might be a tad dry, but their service has always been outstanding so it certainly makes up for some of the minor inconsistencies I've seen in the food quality. However, the food is still pretty darn good and the portions could easily make for 2 meals for 1 order. I generally get the house special chicken, which has a really flavorful caramelized sauce and pairs perfectly with either brown or white rice. You can also opt for vegetable mix in, but you may lose out on a small portion of chicken that is substituted with a veggie medley (stir fried together with the chicken and sauce). The mobile app also makes it very easy to place orders at nearby locations as well as redeeming offers that may be available only through the app. Most recently, we were able to purchase 2 chicken entrees for $13, which is almost a buy 1 get 1 free considering that 1 chicken entree is usually over $10.The service has always been quite good at this location. The food is always packed nicely and always includes utensils and condiments, the front staff is always attentive, and the speed of service makes this a really good choice for those that may be craving Asian-American food.

Ben Duo

I came in to order take out and just like another review said, the woman attendant completely ignored me at the register. As I waited patiently, another customer came in and approched the pick up counter to my right and was served his carry out by her. She then walked passed me going back to fiddling with some trays to my left. She clearly knew I was there. I decided to leave and when I did, I turned back and saw her and a cook in the back chuckling. I guess some kind of inside joke.

Gloria A.

Location Harvard &Main just picked up my order of Garlic shrimp w vegetables!! I was amazed of the great taste and freshness of the ingredients , very good food!!. The portions are good size and the kung p. chicken ..Jesus was the mgr in turn . Great service ! thank you for my delicious meal. Store 774

Anthony Smith

You call the line and it’s busy. How can they take calls if they do not answer?

Priscilla D.

I waited 40 minutes for an order for one person that was told would be 10 minutes. I finally asked for a refund. This was at 3;50. No reason. The girl could have cared less. I got my refund and I won't be back. Sorry would have been nice. I just checked reviews. Not sure if you guys even read. They're not good. I was hoping for a response but that's not gonna happen.

H I.

False advertisement when they give you the platter it says it feeds 3 to 4 people there was barely any meat but plenty of rice and overloaded noodles

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