Show Hotpot

2540 Main St STE L, Irvine
(949) 381-5381

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Teang Huy Ly

I waited over 30-minutes just to get my food. They seem to care so much about online orders than people who are dining in. The flavor is just not right, and very bland. It’s also expensive as well. Definitely not worth the money.

Dan O'Brien

Amazing beef combo hot pot we order via Door Dash. Get it medium spicy if your a spice pro. Only go full spicy if you've lived in China.. ?️?.

Ino H.

Very dishonest seller. When paying and checking out, they did not inform the customer that they need to pay an additional 3.50% fee and directly charged the customer. When the customer found out, they said that there was an announcement on the counter, and the part marked with 3.50% was already blurred. Not clear, no one will pay attention at all! Please pay special attention and don't be fooled!

Joseph Espiritu

The pickled cabbage broth was delicious. Serving size is enough for two! Packaging for our to-go was A+. Would recommend.

Kelvin A.

1 Star reviews are always hard to write, but I think as a customer, it should deserves attention for future customers. Long story short, we ordered a customized bowl yesterday for to go, meat and vegetables etc. once we got home, there was no meat. No proteins... so we called the restaurant to see what happens. The nice gentleman said no problem, we will either refund you the card or the next one on them. Great so far right? So we came over the next day and a new person working at the counter said they only can add more meat??? What about the incomplete meal from yesterday?? This person tried to trick us said the new entree can be subtracted by the amount we paid yesterday $16ish. But guess what, the new bowl came out to be $17$ and he said he can only take out whole amount such as $10.... I mean i am not that bad at math here but I am suppose to get a refund of $16, but instead, asked to buy another bowl of $17 and only getting $10 refund???? I mean come on, this kind of gimick really disgusts us. I am just too lazy to call my CSR to dispute the new and the previous charges. sigh, since then, we never eat here anymore because take outs are just too scary and there is a 10% chance they will mess up your order and potentially go through our ordeal. :( Very Sad.

Brigitte H.

Absolutely delicious. Fast. Good Price point. This place has a good location and although most staff cant speak english, there was one that could and he immediately served me when he heard my broken chinese haha :) anyway, Food: - Dry Pot: The sauce was amazing, really good overall. - Spicy soup mala: Its really hot so it makes the wide noodles too soft, but still good though. i love that its so convinient and i dont have to go to hdl and spend $50 to get the smount of food i get here

Dimas Putra

Love it!$20 all in for Hot Pot, Rice and Drink

Melissa S.

Great variety of vegetables, tofu and meat the broth is good as well, great bang for your buck.

Charles S

The crayfish is very tasty and juice! Highly recommend it!.

Nhu H.

This is my second time eating here! Love the food and service! Reasonable price, secured packaging!

Brian L.

This is the go-to place to get malatang in Irvine, and early pandemic it was honestly on the more expensive side. Now with everyone else increasing their prices and it's pretty much impossible to get any noodle bowl or soup type meals for under $20 anyway, all of a sudden Show Hotpot is price competitive. They have a great combo deal if you're not a picky eater but I'm an extremely picky eater so I'll always do the custom bowl which is measured by weight. For the custom bowl, they have a great variety of ingredients, from various types of meat and innards, great selection of vegetable, and random carb things to add to your soup, along with your standard noodle options. They put it all in the bowl, prepare you a hot piping soup, and it's sealed all ready for you to take home or enjoy on location. Admittedly it's no spice challenge, but I find the hottest option to be ample just for casual eating with zero regrets after. When it all comes down to it, it's not that much cheaper than your usual hot pot AYCE place but it has a flavor profile that hits just right if that's exactly what you're looking for. You'll definitely get full as well, although the mystery of the expanding stomach to handle that much meat consumption at AYCE always confounds me. TIP: Combo deals are great if you're fine with the standard ingredients and aren't that picky.

zhijie Dong

So fresh and so many choices , I like the soup base , recommend the beef bone flavor, was awesome! Fast and quick good for personal hotspot! For this price you won’t get hotpot anywhere lol , hole in the wall?


That is the most convince chinese restaurant I‘ve ever been to. Really good experience!

wei wei

Very good taste, only the problem is quite expensive, for local people 20-30 usd is minimum

Momo K.

My new fav ma la tang place. Love the soup and the varieties they have. My fav is tofu skin! Def satisfy my craving for hotpoy

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