5359 University Dr, Irvine
(949) 568-1183

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Griffin A

Employees are always extra nice here and the drive thru moves fast. The seating inside and outside is lovely and it’s fairly peaceful inside. There are usually multiple items out of stock at this Starbucks location but they always offer a great alternative to whatever I want. Parking is great and the drive thru line is organized and doesn’t flow into the street or parking lot.

Dil Ziessner

The girl servicing the drive thru took my order wrong, then when I asked for a receipt so I could see what exactly I paid for she told me "you don't have to snap"...Service: 1/5

Josh Griffin

Solid drive thru. Quick service. Killer seating. One of their best!

Diego Ghirardi

Ordered oat milk (said it 3 times to be sure, I’m milk intolerant).After long wait got it with cows milk, and asked to pay surcharge to get a new one made with oat

Lana Min

The lady at the front of drive thru with the glasses and wavy hair makes you go all the way back around the long drive thru to order ... when she didn't respond to the car thats been waiting there at the intercom for more than 8 minutes..."cuz theyre really busy right now"... super rude customer service


I'm a pretty patient person but when you go into Starbucks and you order a small Frappuccino and then you end up waiting nearly 20 minutes for it to get done, that's way too long. At least three people came in after me that ordered drinks got theirs before I got mine. The people behind the counter are way disorganized, and the guy they had making the drinks couldn't have been slower if he tried. Even after I asked where my drink was I had to wait another 10 minutes before I got it. Again, I'm patient but at some point somebody needs to start paying attention to customer service. I've been to this location before and it's always been pretty good but the last couple of times I've been here and have had really poor service.

David K

Beet Baristas! Really good relax place

Steven W.

I know a thing or fifty about Starbucks and this one is just about my favorite one to stretch out, enjoy a cup of sweet cream cold brew (or a blonde americano or a blonde roast with a shot of espresso) and bill about 4-5 hours of work on my laptop while enjoying the free Wi-Fi and AC. Really nice and clean and spacious.

Aimee R.

This is the absolute worst Starbucks I have ever encountered in my entire life. Merging traffic in the drive threw lane? Could you believe someone would do that? Especially with cars waiting for 10 mins, they do! Worst concept ever. We were stuck in line for 30 mins! Also posting on a white piece of paper with tape, when your closing on the drive threw screen, is so trashy. Obviously everyone can read the door if your closed. Never coming here again

Emil C.

My work is nearby, so every now and then, my coworkers and I will come here for a coffee break. They have tables just outside for you to enjoy your beverage in the nice southern California weather. We always order ahead on the app and go inside to pick up our orders, but they do have a drive thru option. The employees have always been nice and friendly. The drinks are on par with what you would expect to get at any Starbucks coffee shop.

David Ellison

I hope this becomes a union store in the very near future! I would feel a lot better if it was.


This is the weirdest Starbucks I've ever been to. They have been out of food items every time I've asked for them. But the absolute worst part is everything they make is hot milk. Chai tea latte? Hot milk. Caramel macchiato? Youre getting hot milk. Nothing they put into their drinks is anything else but hot milk?? I could ask for an berry refresher and I guarantee I would end up with hot milk with a strawberry on top. What gives?

Dana B.

Here doing homework tonight! I always love coming to this location, it's near enough to UCI but close enough to downtown irvine so it's not too crowded and I love how it's near Zion. Tonight I had a super nice barista ask for my order so grateful for her! I came here another time too dressed as totoro for Halloween these baristas here are really nice. Thanks guys!

Jojo Carter

Deep college edge. Mad study time or start-up crusaders Secret spot of the Starbucks consumer. Wow, even the air is better up here than the usuals. #allrightanteaters #Uci Anteaters

Mike Molina

I have lived i the area university park area for awhile and this Starbucks was my spot. Now in recent months most my coffee orders don’t taste anything like it was was before like if no care is being considered when making drinks because so much traffic goes through there. Since I live right behind this Starbucks I have asked my neighbors and same thing quality of coffee is down, not sure what’s going on but they need people who make better salted caramel iced coffee that exactly taste like it not just coffee with foam and has no taste. I continue to go back in hopes if situation changing so we will see ?

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