5365-B Alton Pkwy, Irvine
(949) 857-8102

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Sonia O.

I love coming here for my daily coffee. I'm glad it's not so busy in the afternoons. The one down the street is always busy. The staff here are also helpful and always cheery.

Paul Updike

Ordered 7 drinks online. Came to pick them up to deliver to an office. All the drinks were prepared and placed on the counter as ordered. "Do you have any carrying trays?" I asked expectingly. "No." No apologies and no explanations or suggestions for alternatives. Have you ever tried transporting 7 drinks without a tray to hold them up? My car doesn't have 7 cup holders. What kind of Starbucks doesn't have carrying trays to transport drinks? This one.

Lisa Sun

This store has 5 pickup parking spots in front of it but you still have to leave your car to pickup in store.

Esra Y.

Since there was no name on our order and she did not tell us that your order was ready, I had to wait for 15 minutes. When I asked, he showed me my order, but how can I know among so many orders?

Cristian G.

I have been to plenty of Starbucks in my time but this by far is one of the worst ones Ive been to. They got my order wrong on multiple occasions and have blamed me saying "I didn't understand what you asked for" when I simply asked for a scone and they gave me a cappuccino. Multiple times I have ordered something simple like a vanilla cold brew and they gave me water withInstead of correcting my order for their mistake they wanted me to repay and pay for something I didn't order. Not once did anyone apologize to me and instead all of them who were working there instead started yelling at me escalating the situation when all they could've done is at least apologize instead of raising their tones. Please get new employees who are better with their people skills

Taylor G.

The absolute worst Starbucks spot ever. I don't even have yelp downloaded but I needed to tell y'all about my horrible experience here. I came in to order 4 drinks 3 larges and 1 small. One of the largest I ordered I asked for no strawberries. The manager takes my order and as I'm waiting on the drinks the employee working there gave me everything in small. And I told them I asked for larges and the girl making my drinks rolled her eyes at me and took the drinks back. I then was recharged for the order and I told the manager once again that I wanted 3 larges one without strawberries and a small. And then they remake my drinks and I look and see that everything is large now. And at that point I was over talking to them and getting rude customer service so I left. As I was walking to my car I look at the drinks and see that they added strawberries to the drink. I go back annoyed and tell them that they need to remake my drinks again and recharge me since they charged me for all larges. They take the drinks back and I walk out to go to donut star while they make the drinks because I felt uncomfortable waiting in there. I come back and the manager wants to argue and say that I didn't order right and that it was my fault. And all I say is that not only did you keep messing up the sizing you also messed up the no strawberries part so don't try to blame me for your mistakes you don't make any sense. And then she goes, "oh I don't make sense you're banned." Like she really banned me for asking them to remake my drinks because they can't listen the first time. Horrible customer service!


I got the new passion fruit drink today with lemonade and one of the girls there made me the other version for free and the timing couldn’t have better because it made my day. I needed that! Even if it’s just a drink lol it was a positive experience for me. Thank you! Now I’m a obsessed with passion fruit with coconut!

Dana D

Recommend place for coffeePassion fruit lemonade is goodThey have good flow of customers and it’s busy .Service time is goodThey have some sitting out side as well

Gabby T.

Originally from LA area, came to this Starbucks in orange county and seemed to have better service. I'm a big coffee drinker and love their fruity drinks, I will definitely be coming back :)

Mare K.

Listen, have the most coffee shops in any vicinity....PLEASE invest in training your employees to at least practice the bare minimum in customer service. Being polite, greeting customers with a SMILE and saying "thank you" and "you're welcome" are BASIC and this morning, I was greeted with a bunch of sour puss employees. Definitely not how us folks want to start our morning. Be better. Do better.

Oliver C.

I've been here a couple times in the past week because we're staying in the area on a mini vacation for the 4th. I tried to give each worker the benefit of the doubt each day but one after another... RUDE! Most SB I've been to have the most energetic, welcoming, and professional employees. It's one of the reasons I love going to SB. This one is an outlier. Terrible! Will try to avoid for the remainder of the trip especially with such a large selection of drink places everywhere here in Irvine.

H I.

The young girl with the dark hair is the manger up there not sure of her name because a lot of them don't wear name tags the manager up there she's very rude and acts like she doesn't even care about customer service she's always got an attitude towards me for some reason they're constantly messing up my drinks The younger staff are constantly talking about things that are inappropriate and laughing about other customers calling them Karen's and saying that they're being difficult this is the closest Starbucks to me but I definitely would rather drive down the road and get better service

Nicolette Davenport

Everyone is super nice! But most of the food and drinks in their fridge is expired, I got one juice that was expired 6 days ago.

Sh S.

I had one of the best experiences at this very location. The workers there were extremely nice and I will definitely be attending again! Thanks Amy

Brian Mollick

I've had a bad experience here a couple times now. Both times I have visited here I have encountered the same rude employee. I believe the Baristas name is Dani. I would not recommend going here simply to avoid having to deal with the attitude the women throws at you.

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