Taquiero Taco Patio

4517 Campus Dr, Irvine
(949) 333-1671

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Liberato Garced (Tito)

When I first tried this Taquiero food, I was felt that it would be my favorite Mexican spot in Irvine. There are not that many options either but their food was good. The last few times I have ordered, I have gotten my order wrong. Even though their burrito have no rice or beans, they always include it. I specifically asked this time for no rice or beans and this is what I got. Not only their service is slow and the food quality has gone down hill, they lock their front door to the public. No signs, nothing, you gotta figure that the side door is now their main entrance. Do yourself a favor, go somewhere else to have a better experience.

Alejandro Foucault Monterrey

I love Irvine but the glaring lack of Mexican options is something that can't be overlooked. After seeing stellar reviews of this place, I came to check it out in person on a Saturday night. The place looks kinda unkempt, no one was taking care of the tables or cleaning them up. The prices were decent and service was OK. I ordered 3 different tacos. Carne Asada and Al Pastor were the highlight. Carnitas were just ok. They also have a glass cabinet where they keep inexpensive Mexican candies, which you can help yourself to (contingent on buying something from them, of course). That was a nice and unique touch but the fact that the place is so filthy, and unclean really made me have to deduct one star.

Leandro Martin

Good quality of tacos and related, and good beers. Nice service too. Recommended

Carlos Rangel

(updated 1 week later to 1 star)i came again and had to wait 50 minutes for my food, they forgot to make it. probably will come back but only because it’s the only mexican place close to me.(original—3 star)my burrito didn’t come as i ordered it, missing cilantro and guac, but it was good for what it was. also ordered a quesadilla for my girlfriend but she got some other item i don’t know what its called. long wait too. will try again though!

Seth Skogerboe

$20 dollars got my wife and me 3 tacos and a beer (with a tip)--could have pretty easily put down three more tacos between two of us, and probably would've if we hadn't eaten a late lunch. GREAT tacos. There's a pork (I think?) and pickled onion taco that's on another level. Asada was a little underwhelming, but still good. Candies on the way out took it to the fifth star.(Don't miss the Persian ice cream place next door.)

Rebecca Williams

Food is delicious. However, the last five or so times we have ordered takeout (both locations) , our order has been messed up. This time, a burrito we ordered Cali style ended up being NOT Cali style. Parts of our previous orders have been forgotten. I suggest eating at the restaurant rather than getting takeout so that any issues can be resolved easily.

Bruce Blumberg

With some trepidation due to the reports of this place mixing up orders, we ordered takeout tonight. My wife went to pick up the order and it was not ready. She waited for 10 minutes, then was handed 2 bags. She came home (about 5 minutes drive away) and immediately got a call. The caller said, "you took the wrong bags". The incompetent person had given her two Uber Eats orders instead of our order. So back she goes to pick up the correct order. I really have difficulty believing that any establishment is so incompetent. I don't care how good the food is, this is a one of for us.

Artur Best

The buritto and drink they had was a perfect combination. The staves were very friendly and accmmodating. The place has a warm ambiance that captivates the customers.

Michael B.

great tacos - really poor service the tortillas are great quality and the ingredients seem to be fresh and authentic. if you don't mind spending $3.50 per taco for a bare bones taco - no salsa bar, no extra ingredients - you order a pork taco you get pork and a tortilla. you want rice or beans you pay extra. side of beans $3.50. you want salsa, you have to ask (we had to ask for a second glass of water although there were two of us) at this point i thought maybe he didn't understand so i started speaking spanish but that wasn't the problem although if you're there during the day you may have a problem with english. a burrito on the same empty metal tray with a sheet of paper is $9.75. i would definitely put these guys on the "no frills" high end of price or value for money. they get your phone and call you when it's ready so no table services, no service of any kind. you have to ask for salsa it's not offered and when you ask, it appears they have to open the safe to get it grudgingly you get one or two small plastic containers. no body said "thank you" and i'm pretty sure it's not that kind of place. my wife asked if i would go back. wow, what a struggle to answer. two tacos, a drink, and a side and i'm at $15x2 = $30 and no thank you. i'm still thinking about it - i haven't answered. where was the service? can a place do this with their only feature being good tacos?

Grace C.

LOVE this place. If you're like me and crave tacos all the time, it's challenging when good taco places are far away. I'm down to drive to SD for the best tacos, but I had always wanted a solid taco place in Irvine/Tustin that I could easily drive too and found most of the places I tried to not quite hit the spot. This place serves generous portions of meat and avocado on their tacos and has a self-serve bar with more avocado sauce, limones, salsas and many other condiments so you can have a flavorful, plentiful meal. Is it on par to the tacos in SD? Well, no. But is it the best taco place in Irvine/Tustin area? My vote is definitely yes!


I love tacos, I’ll pay whatever for a great taco and my family and I LOOOVED this place. The burrito is huge and the asada was juicy, full of flavor. The pastor tacos were also delicious. Got full with just two tacos. Tried the vegetarian tacos a as well. The salsas were tasty and had a good kick. Nice touch with the candy bar.

Nate Pratt

Lived n Newport 15+ yearsWant good MexicanEven this place can’t get it togetherFugghhNo onions = they put extra onions lolllUnrealChips n salsa = stale chips w 1 thing of salsa lllloollllEven ordered chips n guacamoleLolCalled to helpMgr or whoever answered = 3/10Denied

Mike H.

I came here with an old friend from out of town on a whim. I have lived in SoCal for over 30 years and my favorite Taco places are the 24 hour "bertos" in San Diego for a late night fix. My favorite SoCal Taco place has always been "Taco Mesa". I think the quality here is on par with "Taco Mesa". The salsa bar was amazing. Great thick sauces, nothing watery. The Customer service was amazing. It was a busy 4th of July weekend night and the Hostess and Bartender took control of the room. (I went on Friday, July 2nd) We asked for samples of the Beers that they immediately obliged. The food prep was a little slow, but when checking on it, the hostess and bartender gave an honest answer and set the right expectations. I ordered the Palo Asade Taco and Quesidilla. My buddy ordered the carne asada Burrito and taco. I didn't see much difference in the taco and Quesadilla, but they both tasted amazing. My buddy loved the Burrito and Taco. I'll definitely go back when I am in the area. Great job overall! :)

Evelina C.

Carne asada mulitas? Sign me up. This place is my absolute favorite. I came across the joint on Yelp and saw all the amazing reviews. Stopped by to try their famous mulitas and was blown away. Homemade tortillas with melted cheese and perfectly seasoned meat. This place is out of this world! Not to mention they also celebrate taco Tuesday's. I love the pollo Asado, carne asada, and al pastor. I believe the carne asadas are exempt from taco tuesdays but they are definitely worth it. They have the best salsas too! Highly recommended.

Andrea B.

What a jem!! Looking for tacos for my best friends birthday ...because he is a Taco nut. When I found this I wasn't to sure. ..one because it was in Irvine and thought how can it be authentic. But wow.. !! To my surprise it was so delicious.. very authentic flavors! My friend had taco of pastor and cochinita taco..the tortillas are handmade and full of flavor. The meet was juicy and seasoned just right. The pastor had so much flavor and that little crunch to from the roasting.. the salsa ..which makes the Taco!!! Oh my gosh sooo good so many different types of salsa .. none where crazy hot where you can't breathe .. in stead they were perfectly spiced and full of flavor! I had a pastor molita!! The cheese is not just some cheese its flavorful and adds so much to the meet and salsa. Serving size is good .. at first I thought its kind of expensive.. but with the quality its well worth it. We go to allot of Taco places and this by far is the best and our new spot. Kind of far from home but I would take the extra time to bring my family here. To the owner .. Downtown Santa Ana would be a great spot for a new location... this restaurant would thrive there! Drinks and fabulous food for night life upbeat historic neighborhood..think about it. So glad we found this place! Try it!

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