Flame Broiler

15358 Alton Pkwy, Irvine
(949) 379-7222

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See photo below, lots of open space not even filled. I’m being charged 12 bucks with a drink. Every time I come here they give me a different amount of food. This is my last time coming here. I started work in the area about 5 months ago and came here almost everyday. Never got better. Everything was either always broken, or sauce was out, soda machine broken, soda ran out, more chicken than beef, or vice versa. Corporate needs discipline this franchise because the owner is giving them a bad name.

julian barrera

If I could give a lower rating I definitely would. Its one of 2 things with them.. they’re either open(usually late) and giving you bad service… or just completely closed on random days for no apparent reason. Not to mention the portions are always off and bad, especially considering how much they’re charging for a little meat and rice. Beyond disappointed with this location.

Andrea Gilmour



It's a good place for study groups or to sit and work.

Lazar Gadzhev

Horrible service!!!

Da Session

Good food but the give you a small amount of sauce then get an attitude when you ask to buy more. It gets dry half way


"Sorry, we ran out of chicken."...are you kidding me, your primary item for sale is chicken, well done guys, well done.?

Glen Larrabee

Stupid slow..

Ryan Ives

"Sorry, we ran out of chicken."...are you kidding me, your primary item for sale is chicken, well done guys, well done.

R Pavlich

It's Flame Broiler...I will say it is the cleanest, most accessible Flame Broiler I have ever been in. Service was quick and despite the large lunch crowd rush, waiting in line was about 30 seconds, and my order (1/2 & 1/2), was ready in about 2-3 minutes, meaning I didn't have to immediately take my food back to the office before lunch was over.

Shlomi Rosenzweig

This is the worst flame broiler location I have ever been to. Their service and attitude are sub-par and the last time they even served me rotten food. Disgusting

Jovan H

I asked for well done meat ,and they told me they couldn't because the stove was turned off already...So I went to the one down the street and they gladly made me a bowl with well done meat.The cook looks sketchy here also.He kept looking over at us while he was doing something suspicious behind the wall.I could be wrong but definitely a weird vibe.JUST TO BE SAFE IM GOING TO THE OTHER LOCATION DOWN THE STREET...

Paul Fely

Limited menu. Food was prepared quickly and correctly. You bus your own tables, which also means you may to wipe off your own table as well.

Edward Gomez

Terrible! The chicken is not cooked enough! Worst experience

Hassan Ahmed

Very rude team , I am writing my experience as a response to the business owner, I work for postmates, anytime I come during morning hours or lunch time I find the same young girl at the cashier, I noticed many times she purposely delay my order or sometimes even ignore me , in the beginning it was just not a problem but it happened like every single time I come, this morning even after being delayed she also put the order on the shelf and started to serve other people, my total waiting time was about 15 min, keep in mind it is a preordered order, until I spoke to another person in the restaurant to help me get my order, she wasn’t also so nice , I was talking to her trying to explain my concerns, she turned back and said “ have a good day “ , this is so sad and discriminating. I hope the business owner do something about it.

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