Julian Pie Company

2225 Main St, Julian
(760) 765-2449

Recent Reviews

Esmeralda Solis

I must say, this is the best pie I've had! We waited in line for about 40 minutes, but it was well worth the wait. We had the apple pie topped with ice cream and the peach/apple. They were both delicious!! We also had apple cider, embarrassing enough, it was my first time trying warm apple cider and it was good.A side note about the town, it was pretty cold, I would recommend layering up and staying warm. Especially because you will be in line outside.

Pascal Youkin

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Ashley Weinberger

Excellent pie with so many different varieties. They also have a separate building full of take and bake pies, which is a nice touch. We got a pecan pie that was a huge hit, an apple cider donut, and a slice of apple with cheddar cheese on top. Everything was delicious, especially after the four mile hike we did that morning.

Steven Ellison

Mom's has better ice cream, but Julian pie company has better pie. We got the pumpkin apple pie, which was fantastic. The ice cream is also very good. Honestly, it bugs me how Mom's always has this huge line, but their only leg up is on the ice cream, and their ice cream isn't THAT much better. Julian pie company has a ton of outdoor seating (good if you have dogs), and the line is always half the length of Mom's, with it being less than a 2 minute walk from Mom's.The one thing to note is the sign outside talking about whole pies is pointing out their second building, where you can buy whole pies basically without waiting in line. Their main location definitely sells by the slice. A lot of people were confused about that while walking by. If they see this, they need to clarify that sign!

Adekunle Adekoya

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Came to load up on pies for our friends in San Diego? This is the one and only pie shop! We always enjoy stopping by when in Julian.

Heidi Kindel

A must stop if you drive to Julian, CA. Great pies (the pumpkin/apple is pretty good) and baked cookies and Apple Nut Bread.. Long lines but worth the wait. You can buy a slice with some ice cream enjoy a seat outside or take a whole pie home.

Molly C.

We stopped here on a road trip, and it definitely satisfied our sweet tooth! The line on Sunday afternoon was quite long but moved quickly. We got a slice of mountain berry pie with vanilla ice cream. They toasted the pie for us so it was warm, and the amount of ice cream they gave was equal to the size of the pie! They also have frozen whole pies to take home and bake yourself.

Jonathan M.

Ordered a pie for my son in laws birthday fed ex overnite delivery. Ordered at 5 AM Thursday It arrives on the next Monday. While I realize that this is also a FEDEX thing It would have been a good business practice to be honest with when the order would arrive. No tracking available from Julian pie company to check on either. I sure hope this pie is worth almost $50.

Penelope P.

Delicious!! Homemade delicious pies. If you order a slice, they come with ice cream and caramel. If you order a pie to go. It comes with complete instructions on how to cook it and it still just as delicious. I highly recommend.

Hillary F.

The staff here is so rude... I really enjoy the pies and there is a vast variety to chose from but the staff is just terrible.

Breanna B.

Friendly service, amazing pie! Just what I needed on this fine fall day! Will return for more soon.

Herabelle Febhe Ceniza

First time in Julian and of course we wouldn't miss eating their famous pie at the Julian Pie Company. We went there upon arrival to check out what we would order and then just come back when we're on our way home. It wasn't too crowded yet at around 10:30ish AM. When we came back at around 12:30pm, there was already a long queue outside. Waiting time didn't take that long though. Service was just right. Place was clean. It is pet-friendly too, but pets are only welcome to stay at the patio, not inside the dining area. The place is small but cozy. We tried the original apple pie topped with vanilla ice cream and oh my goodness it was the bomb ?. We also tried the boysenberry apple pie, it was a bit sour for me but still good. You must try their pies at least once! It's really good!And oh, bathroom is clean!

Rachel M.

My three positives and a negative because the world needs more positivity: + it's a popular place and the line does move + there is some seating outdoors + the other customers are lovely. Everyone is happy to eat pie - incredibly rude staff. When I asked if they had milk for the coffee the server said yes- but in fact it is only creamers. The pie is just ok The larger Julian Pie Company (outside of Main Street) is much nicer with more available seating and pies that are actually warmed up

Tsakani NO Stress

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