7350 University Ave, La Mesa
(619) 340-4762

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Monique Beck

They get the drink right. When you find a Starbucks that gets it right on the first go around you go back again to test them. Ok they got it right again. This will become our go to Starbucks.

River Mountainrange

Terrible customer service, baristas making rude comments towards customers and drinks made wrong multiple times

vanessa cunningham

Super friendly staff, clean facility and always enjoy my order.Food: 5/5

Kathy G

Nice to sit inside with friends for coffee!Food: 4/5

Daniel Deetman

Kat and Raymond are awesome always, my go to StarbucksFood: 5/5


Sweet ppl good service & quick, but i cant use my reusable cup at only this location in the area. Hope i wasn’t lied to

T M.

This location does not take pride in makin customers drinks idk if theses are highSchool students running this location or what ' today I came through the drive thru ordered a large car rib frap drink was done so as i ordered it presentation was good but the drink tasted like str8 luke warm milk didn't suck no ice thru the straw I just upset totally lol no cap c'mon Starbucks

Caluchis G.

Walked here since we live close by, arrived at 7:40 pm and were turned away. Three employees were inside, the drive thru was still operating but they decided to close the store. My husband really wanted a coffee so he went through the drive thru and was told they could not take his order without a car, lol. This was just stupid. I would understand closing the lobby if there was only one employee, but there were three, that I could see. No customer service. Clearly they are making too much money and they don't want ours.

Andrew Hyde

Good Vibes and Good Drinks ? and Good Weather

Phyllis Felger

It was shameful. Cafe was dirty & unlike so many others, there was enough staff but they simply stood around after getting my coffee.

Gerson S.

Their hours need updating. Came here at 8:03 and got turned away. (Which is fine since they close at 8:00) But I mentioned to the manager that yelp says 9:00 pm and they should get that updated, she gave me some bitchy hand gesture like "okay, and what?" Mind you I was polite about it and just made a suggestion to avoid customers doing the same thing in the future. L

Christopher Kirkland

The employees of this Starbucks are passive aggressive, rude and do not know how to make basic drinks properly.This is the fault of management. I used to work for Starbucks as a shift supervisor. I know how to make the drinks properly. I trained new hire's and would help them learn how to properly foam milk, use a thermometer, time the shots, etc.This is not a onetime experience at this location. This is the 4th time I have ordered a cappuccino and received a latte with milk foam the size of dish soap bubbles. I finally complained this time and said "this is not a cappuccino" the employee asked me if it was "light and frothy" I explained that I knew what a cappuccino was, and he offered to remake it (no apology). I then received another cappuccino which was still a latte with dish soap sized foam bubbles and not a cappuccino! It was also extra hot.I will not return to this Starbucks, and I suggest everyone try the Lake Murray Starbucks. The manager at that store knows what they are doing. The drinks are always perfect, and the employees are friendly and take pride in their work the same way I did when I worked for Starbucks.This Starbucks store at 7350 University Ave. does not represent the Starbucks Standard and Starbucks should take note.

Nena Salas

Los caffe y los sandwich son delicious


Honestly I’ve never had a bad experience with a Starbucks until I came here. My order was done wrong 2 times! Not only that I was charged more than it should’ve been and twice on my card. The manager on site which was a lady so unprofessional.

Paul Hillery

Very friendly and super helpful staff!

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