Mariscos Martin

13430 Valley Blvd, La Puente
(626) 330-5722

Recent Reviews

Sweet Cunt

Love the food. The sevice is ok. Restrooms need to be maintained better.

Benjamin Tinsley

The lunch menu was simple and quickly prepared. They even accommodated by wife's VEGAN needs.


Fish was too dry and the salsa had no flavor, not as good as other say. Travel a little more to the real Mexican flavor in the South.

Hector L.

Best filete a la diabla any where , for my taste. Frijoles Fritos in lard are the best.

Leslie Q.

Been coming here for about 4 years now. Food is always great. However service is poor and wait times are long. Also a little more on the pricey side. Still a spot my fam and I go to. Filete Sarandiado is a 10/10! Tostada mixta as well. Give good portions on their tostadas, enough for about two. Overall, I would recommend for ppl to try it atleast once.

frozen pods

bro eat some acro here it is amazing, the gass just goes down so nicely!

Erik Avila

The level of service here has declined over the years. Most recently, this place has wasted my time during holidays when attempting to place orders over the phone. If calling a few days in advance they ask that you call the following day and when calling the following day they state that they are no longer taking orders. They need a clear cut system for holiday orders. If you cannot handle holiday orders please say so upfront and stop wasting people’s time.

Claudia Quintana

We love Martin's. I loved that they are adhering to social distancing, working at reduced capacity, 6 people per table and one empty table between customers. The waitresses are wearing face shields and masks. They are doing their best.Our waitress was friendly and accurate.The service is not always fast, this is not fast food. Service may not be their strongest selling point, but the food is delicious and worth the wait. We always get the Filete sarandeado and fish ceviche tostadas. today we tried the fried red snapper and it was on point!

Jose Escobedo

Even a small place good service although I prefer take out just given them a call

Cela Garcia

love this place its no one out can do the same pesacdo sarandeado

Eddie V.

Been coming here for Twenty Years ceviche is awesome. If you like heat aqua chili. Nobody can beat there fillet fish, Garlic fillet Then we get to the Sarandeado fillet, can eat it as It comes, or put a little more heat on it witch taste like a smoke flavored chili it's my favorite. A true Jem. A great place

Lizette Castro

The service was terrible. I was told the wait time was 40 minutes and I was okay with that. I definitely wasn't okay with waiting 1 hour and 40 minutes, all we ordered where two fillet plates. To make matters worse the waitress was was not wearing a mask which only further shows how much they don't care about their customers.

Lizette C.

Their service is terrible!!! I understand that there's a longer delay on orders with covid-19 (they have always taken a long time) but this is ridiculous. I was told my order would only take 40 and I was okay with that. But I was not okay with being told one time and and waiting double, 1 hours and 40 was what we waited for and it was only two filete plates. I would have gotten my money back if I where the one picking it up. To make matters worse the worker was not wearing a mask that took my father's money, and I know the majority of the clients are 45 and above, wich only further shows how how they don't care about their customer.

Mauro Gonzalez

The only thing I go get here is their Filete Sarandeado, it's amazing! and I get it to go, this place is not a place I like to eat at, not my vibe. Everything else is mediocre. But if you go, u must get the Filete Sarandeado, its the best of its kind.

Irma Hernandez

I love their Pescado Sarandeado and all the Seafood

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