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I will never return. I went in this morning with my 4 year old son, had a older $20 bill that was in circulation, the lady that was helping us said this is old and I agreed. She then says it looks funny, I said compared to the new bill yes it does. Line is getting longer, she says it looks funny, I asked her donâ??t you have a way to check bills? Youâ??ll see itâ??s real, she say it feels funny.. Iâ??m going to have my husband check it. Proceeds to take the bill to the full review
Went here last Saturday and bought three doughnuts while I was on lunch from work. The young lady to help me was kind, but only thing is she dropped the doughnut on the floor and to be honest, I didn't see if it was the same one she gave me or not. A few hours later I got home and got a doughnut to eat and then decided to rip the bag open (to cut a large chocolate doughnut in half) and I saw a small black thing like rat poop (I've seen rat poop before to know what it full review
Ok i wanted to like this place because its down the street from my house and i like to support small business but come on quit being so damn cheap and put some filling in the ham n cheese croissant .. i just paid $6 bucks for a donut and a ham n cheese and got home warmed it up took one bite and was like here we go again no damn ham n cheese if your like me and u pay what fells like way too much for a donut these days then please put what i paid for in it HAM n CHEESE .. sad full review

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