Guacamole Grill


12612 Del Amo Blvd, Lakewood
(562) 403-6868



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Love this little place across Target! Such a nice lady behind the counter. Nice clean restaurant. Soo good tacos! I used the salsa, oh baby! I'm coming back for more! If you like my review, please click the Like button. Thank you!

The food is great. The 1 star is for them always getting my order wrong every time I call in for pickup. It's beyond frustrating and I'm always so disappointed when I don't get what I orderedThey need to have someone who knows how to communicate and take orders over the phone.

Once again this place doesnt know how to take a correct order!!!! My family has been coming here for years. I called in to order 2 very simple beef taco plates with rice and beans. The lady had a hard time understanding the order. I knew she didnt understand me correctly. I even asked her to repeat back my order. She didn't know what i was saying shw kist kept saying "ok goodbye 10 minutes" uuugh.. I sent my son to pick it up. Comes home with 10 tacos ‍ this full review

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