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2438 E Carson St, Lakewood
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The food handlers can really use some training before they make someone sick !! I came here thru the drive thru the first time but I realized I was missing some food items I purchased so I went the window to explain to them what happened they had horrible attitudes and they tried saying they didn't remember me so once I showed them the receipt and they then said they'll do it at this time I seen the cashier that was taking people money then use his hands that...read full review

Place looks great. Looks remodeled. But went in to order a apple pecan Salad and they're out of pecans! I'm sorry but it's called an apple pecan salad and your out of one of the main ingredients?? Cmon now. Get it together and order your ingredients in advance. Smh

I went to this Wendy's yesterday and as I was digging out fries from the bag I found a piece of hair on it. Never go here! You've been warned... & to top that off I went the day before yesterday and my girlfriend got an order of 10 piece nuggets but instead got 8 so we go inside to tell them and the cashier kept laughing like something was funny. This place picks food off the floor and serves it to its customers & forgers food.

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About Wendy's

Want old-fashioned burgers that are fresh and never frozen? That's Wendy's for you. Quality is their recipe and it shines through across the whole menu. Get a big beefy Baconator and a classic Frosty in chocolate or vanilla. You can also ask them to customize any sandwich just the way you like it. Don't want mayonnaise? No problem! Wendy's makes it fresh so you're never stuck with some old burger that's been sitting under the hot lights for an hour or more. Fresh is the name of the fast food game at Wendy's!