Donut Place

5476 Del Amo Blvd, Long Beach
(562) 429-7206

Recent Reviews

erika gonzalez

I love ham and cheese always fresh.

Mylie Orozco

These are my favorite donuts ever!

Terri R.

I love this place, the donuts are the best donuts I have had in years. They are NOT greasy... Fresh and Delicious! I tell everyone I know to go there because I know they won't be disappointed. The owners are friendly and gracious. Give yourself a treat and have fresh donuts from The Donut Place on Del Amo Blvd. in Lakewood.

Jenny M.

great customer service, always have a conversation with the people there. softest, fluffiest donuts in the world!! 476272/10 recommended

Courtney M.

My son decided this was his donut shop a couple years ago (he was probably about 10 at the time) and if he asked for donuts, they could not be from any other shop. Even as basic as his order is (maple bar and maple ring). Their donuts are always fresh and light and taste amazing. My favorite is the bear claw. What I enjoy equally as much as the donuts is the owners' friendliness. They are always so cheerful and I am greeted with a smile and excellent service every time

Simoa Dev

I want to be donuts, but you're closing the tomorrow maybe it will August of this donut, open door?

gustavo pena

The donut place always has freshly baked donuts and the service is 2nd to none

Larry DLR

Always a great choice of donuts, been coming here for a long time,


I enjoyed the coffee ❤️

Matt Hacker

my favorite donut shop around, and one of the best old fashion with icing donut around in my opinion

Tona H.

Look out, they like to overcharge. Three plain glazed donuts, s ham and cheese croissant, and s medium sods for 9$. I was not given or offered a receipt. The quality was poor also. Stale donuts and an extremely dry croissant lacking cheese and featuring poor quality ham.The kind of baked goods you bite once and trash. I would have done better eating my 9$. Awful experience.

cynthia h.

So sad. First time here because I moved to this area and ordered one dozen donuts for my family's gathering. When I opened it looks like the older Asian lady stuffed all donuts in here and smashed all of theIr cute heart donuts and chocolate. It was embarrassing opening this box I almost wanted to throw it away.

Destiny F.

First visit and they were super friendly and very accommodating. Helped me take my order to the car since my hands were full with my 1 1/2 year old and even gave him some donut holes to take home. Will be back again.

Kathleen G.

Fresh baked donuts and a good variety. Service always very helpful with a smile and lots of kindness. If you go there often they warmly address you by your name.

Bobby C.

Today was my first visit here and I didn't expect to be greeting with such warmth and a smile. Now a days many places forget how to provide customer service, let alone to connect with customers. Was there no more 5 mins and in that time frame the lady who helped me, greeted a few different customers by name and knew their orders. A cup of coffee, a buttermilk donut and great customer service never paired so well.

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