In-N-Out Burger

7691 Carson Blvd, Long Beach
(800) 786-1000

Recent Reviews

Yesi Hernández

You can never go wrong with their burgers & service. Just remember that the waiting in line can be very long, so try not to go when you're extremely hungry.


In and out is open late night so that's always a plus for a fast food restaurant its one of the best burgers in California. Nevertheless we have to do something about those awful fries. Does anyone agree?

Seandee Earls Gayden

Try their 3x3 animal style ? and a shake.Cooked ?..

Meghan Jarvis

Every single time I order the #3 ask for meat well done and every time I get a pink burger how hard is it to cook a burger well done last time I got a burger pink from them I got sick throwing up i had got food poisoning that's why I ask for it well done WELL DONE

David De La Vega

I always get great customer service at In-N-Out. They do a great job training their staff on how to give great customer service. I think that everyone should have to work in food service for at least 6 to 8 months in their lifetime. I think that would go a long way to improve the way people treat folks in the food service industry.

Jerard Wright

Classic burgers and fries made fast and to order. Simple comfort at its best

Rita VG López

What can I say? A classic burger and the workers are a class act. The quality is consistent regardless if we order a protein style cheese burger or a double double. Oh, and our pups really enjoy the puppy patties!

Bernard Kash

Same delicious burger wherever you go. Yummm

Lily Buckland

We enjoy hanging out. Last night we visited this excellent restaurant which friends told us about. We spent a beautiful time there with high-qulity dishes and an efficient team and a great chef. We put this venue in our list and we shall certainly return soon. We warmly recommend.

Rex Mccarty

Excellent place to get food when in a rush. Their service is quick, prices are convenient, fantastic ambience. Keep up the good work

Maria Valencia

Very good service & delicious hamburgers

Gina R.

Excellent Service & Meal. Line was extremely long wrapped thru entire parking lot. Placed a large order 5 meals. Each meal was a special order. Burgers fresh and delicious made perfectly! French Fries hot and crispy! Drinks cold bubbly and refreshing. Tonight too hot to cook at home. Thank you In N Out workers for a great, delicious meal!

Stephanie Garcia

Legendary burger spot ??... YES SIR

Eduardo M.

The food was good. But this establishment uses to many bags to bag thier food. Seriously who needs a bag for fries, a bag for ketchup and a bag for your burger. I'm surprised my soda wasn't bagged. Everything could have been put in one bag. Imagine how many trees were used in this process....

Steve Ybarra

12 years later still great tasting :)

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