Jersey Mike's Subs

4260 Long Beach Blvd, Long Beach
(562) 428-7000

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Awesome #13

Mary M.

OMG! This place is so good! I always get my usual and the staff here always recognizes me and takes the best care of me. I've never been disappointed, and even if something is missing, they take care of it immediately! I love the fresh meats that are carved off the roast! I'm salivating right now thinking about it, I can't wait for lunch tomorrow! They offer a rewards program, so after so many subs you can earn a free one! I don't frequent a lot of restaurants a lot but this one I proudly do! It's so close to my house, I'm super lucky! Go get a #9; "Mike's way", it's so worth it!

Nesh Moreno

the club sandwich mikes way! super good.

Tara Lee

Awesome service, fair prices, awesome food. Will definitely go again.

Merry Contrary

I like that they slice the meat and cheese to order, and the bread! I could make a meal just out of the bread.


I love this place food tastes so fresh.

Fernando G.

Wonderful service, Amber is very kind and fast. Definitely will be back. The #42 is really delicious and made with care.

Pat Hamilton

Good but their new app is garbage

Lizette Lyman

I love these sandwiches. The bread is delicious and the meat is real! Highly recommend!!

Briana S.

Jersey Mikes is out of Subways league. Everything is crazy fresh and good. The service was outstanding, I don't recall his name, but the brotha at this location makes you feel like a guest on a first class plane to tasty. And they have 2 for the price of one after 5pm. Can't beat that.

Bryan A.

Gotta say been coming here for 3 years now Prices have went up by a couple bucks and the quantity and quality of meat has went down They used to give a hearty sandwich Now they weigh the sandwich with the bread. Meat no longer covers the sandwich but just camouflaged the bread. At this point it's just yet another sandwich shop that has succumbed to corporate profits and no longer cares about serving the quality sandwich the company was built upon. A giant sandwich at the length of over a foot long should contain more than a half pound of meat and cheese. The slices are thin and the veggies are heavy. Sounds a lot like the model of subway except for twice the price. Sad to say but mike is becoming a corporate slave just like everything else that used to be good. Overpriced for what you are receiving at this point

Elizabeth Rosa

First an last time coming here husband paid $15 for a Philly cheese an it had no flavor

Jonny E.

I just called this store to ask a few questions, Samantha was the employee that answered the phone. She was very helpful.

Andrea May I.

I'm extremely grateful for Markquan! It was my first time eating at Jersey Mike's and he was nothing but helpful, kind, and patient with me. Honestly, it takes me forever to choose from any menu when I do eat out but he found my sandwich in 30 seconds! I appreciate your customer service. Will be coming back soon!

Robert P.

Girl who made this sandwich did not want to be at work. As a result, I got the nastiest sandwich I've ever received from them. Management is going to down hill there.

Meg W.

This has got to be the friendliest fast food restaurant I have ever been to. Everyone was promptly greeted and Mona handled the cranky man ahead of me with great direction and a smile. The team behind the counter had efficient and respectful communication with each other. It takes a lot to impress me in that regard and they did. This is a great example of what the industry standard should be. If Mona is not the manager, she should be! I got the #43, chipotle cheesesteak as a wrap. They only had wheat tortillas, wasn't thrilled with that and most other locations cut the wrap in half but they didn't. Minor notes compared to my great experience!

Moniecia W.

Quan has great customer service ! made me smile while taking my order. Thank you for your high energy and good vibes. I'll definitely be back

Brandon S.

My first time, I tried a hot sub (idk why) it was a Philly cheesesteak, from JERSEY mikes, in Long Beach CALIFORNIA lol. Establishment was very nice, everything was fresh and smelled amazing. But the philly steak taste like turtle sh** I don't think I'll ever eat here again.

Brynner Ramos

Great location! Great food as always! Served with good customer service. The only downside is the parking. Not the establishments fault though.

Tina O.

Came here several times and I like this place: good sandwich, Mike's Way is awesome (except I don't like mayonnaise so I asks for mustard), good environment, and friendly employees - 5 stars. This place is also by the gym, Mod Pizza, Trader Joe, etc. so it's convenient. Beware of 5-7pm peak hours. @Jersey Mike's Business Owner: You're welcome.

Chasen Tedder

Awesome sandwich shop. Fresh bread, fresh meat, fresh cheese, fresh vegetables. Friendly staff. Clean restaurant.

Why BryBry

Great location! Great food as always! Served with good customer service. The only downside is the parking. Not the establishments fault though.

Sandra McLachlan

Good food, fast service

Sandy M.

First time visitor. Place was kind of empty but the sandwiches were good. I like boar's head meat.

chuck flores

Great food. great service. great employee s.

sean s.

I left a review on yelp and I received an email to send them date and exact time I was there. I emailed them back and no response, like I would make up a review! Pathetic.

Ruth U.

Lemme just say I love Jerseymikes and this location in particular because I work closer to the one on willow and still will drive all the way to this place because the service and subs are usually just so much better and I feel the love. But today I called in an order like I usually do. I also usually give them a little longer than the estimated time they tell me, just in case. Today left a bitter taste in my mouth, I get there and they were just starting my order which is fine, I get it, they get busy. I didn't get a sorry or a rush on my order and when I was charged I was still missing a whole sub that almost got packed without mayo and bacon. The best part! I felt like I was being brushed off and that's not what I've come to expect from this location. Just saying it left me a little disappointed.

Freddie Pepper

Always impressed with the service here!! I work for Verizon and we have monthly meetings next door and they are always so helpful! We come in with 15-20 people and they are always efficient, timely, and overly accommodating. Thank you!

bedtime butcher

Love the chicken bacon ranch

Jessica M.

One of my favorite place to eat when I'm in a hurry to go to work. Customer service was beyond today. I'll be back

Lisa Szabo

Very disappointed, have not been here in a long time and what a mistake to go there today. Had my sandwich Mike's Way, turned to pay my bill in the meantime. Got back to work and my entire sandwich is a soggy mess, the bottom layer of the sandwich was so soaked I had to throw it away. What happened?? Used to be so good. Never had this problem before. Don't think I will be visiting this place any time soon.

BobandMargie G

A little pricy compared to Subway, only ate takeout once Philly Cheese and it was OK, not exceptionable

Still Water Runs Deep F.

Awesome service and I truly appreciate it!!! On point for each customer that was in front of me and behind me. Very consistent and systematic. Very good experience. Got the BOGO Offer.

Fisherman Joe C.

Awesome service and I truly appreciate it!!! On point for each customer that was in front of me and behind me. Very consistent and systematic. Very good experience. Got the BOGO Offer.

William B.

When done right, JM has the best Italian Sub's of any chain. This is the best JM you can ask for! They know service and quality!

Meomi O.

First time here and wasn't really sure what order. Kayla was super sweet and helpful I really appreciated that she took extra time to help me out! Thank you!

Lizz B.

I enjoyed the sandwich here. I got the philly cheese steak. I use to work at Subway and I can tell the quality of Jersey Mikes surpasses Subway by a long shot. However, there is a higher price to pay. At Subway, you can get a footlong for about $6-9. Here, you get about half that for $8-9... I am not a big sub person but I wanted to see what the hype was so I tried it. The service was really good and I got a free cookie for it being my first time and for checking in. Probably won't go here often due to price and my lack of excitement towards subs, but if you like subs, this place deserves a try.

Van Lancaster

I really like their sandwiches. Bread is fresh and they are generous with the portions

Samantha T.

Too expensive!!! payed 13 dollars for a BLT, chips and drink. The bacon was dry. Should've went next door and get a pizza. Never again wasting my money on mediocre sandwhiches.

Shirls S.

Just look at the picture: WOW! I ordered the CA club sub, in a tub ($10.65) and added lots of jalapeños, banana peppers, relish and pickles. It was delicious! I usually get it as a sandwich, but decided to get it as a salad and it did not disappoint! Line was a bit long, but the employees worked really quickly to get everyone in and out the door.