Domaine LA

6801 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles
(323) 932-0280

Recent Reviews

Tamara Quinn

Great place in Saturday nights especially when Mike Moody is performing on stage. Hang out, drink wine and there's a taco cart outside.

Deena Hoskins

I usually visit this wine shop to grab some drinks. I love to chill and relax here because the place itself was so cozy and classy. The staves were very pleasant and accommodating as well. This place is really good to chill and relax as well. This shop is my go-to shop to have some glass of wine.

Bianca N.

We had been on the search for over 2 years for Susucaru wine. We've searched high and low and unfortunately could never find this in our area or even close. It's always sold out when we try to have it shipped as well. Made a trip from San Diego today for 2 bottles today after finding out they had it ! Placed an order over the phone and it was placed outside for pick up! Nice and easy :) after opening up a bottle and trying it, definitely worth the drive ! Thanks !!

Ali S.

Worst customer service on top of price gouging. I saw that they had one of my favorite Bourbon which I always buy elsewhere and I asked for their price. Oh boy....300% higher than other vendors retail price, on one item, is high enough for me to think that's how they are with all their pricing. This is what I am thinking. In the age of information that we live in, people know or will find out the right prices for what they are quoted. Once that trust is betrayed or they feel they are being robbed, they will never come back. If the MSRP or retail price is good enough for the honest retailer, then should be enough for these people. So shame on you for gauging!

Christiana Loredo

I went to this place a week ago to buy some bottles of wine. I was so fascinated by the huge range of wines that they had. I mean they every bit of everything that you needed. From wines to whiskey and beers. This place is really awesome. You should try to visit this shop and get amazed by their wines.

Katherine Green

I love this local wine shop! If you want to simply hang out with friends over a glass of fine wine, this is a perfect place. A variety of choices and their pastries are good esp croissants and macaroons. You can bring your friends, business associates, and relax in their old-world ambiance, which is Instagram worthy. The price is reasonable too!

Qiana Pinkston

Domaine LA offers a fabulous selection of alcoholic spirits in the non-wine variety. Scotch, gin, vodka... you name it, it's here. If not, they can do all the leg-work and get it for you and to you. And yes, you'll see classier stuff than what your local CVS offers.

Lesley Gantt

Domaine LA has become my de-facto goto wine & spirits store here in LA. They do not have a huge everything under the sun approach like Total Wine; but they are definitely large enough to host a very wide variety of well curated wines & spirits. Because of this, I actually end up ordering from Domaine LA.

Rodriguez Betsy

We stopped and had a tasting at this wine shop. They have the best wine out of the ones we sampled on the strip. We ended up biting the bullet and buying the six bottles special since my wife and I couldn’t make up our minds over what ones we liked the most. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for good wine. You need to try the peach wine, which is by far the best one I’ve tasted.

Elsie Webster

Are you looking for a solid shop to find new craft beer/wine, particularly because you're visiting from out-of-state? Let me save you some time and recommend Domaine LA. I've read the reviews, I've looked at the other places (trust the ratings), Argonaut is the right move. I state this as I sippeth an imperial peanut butter porter in my hotel room. Go.

Anna Walker

Atmosphere is great, the owners have an extensive love and knowledge of wine and are super friendly! I'll be going back!

Jane Thomas

A very customer-friendy, family-run place. My best place in town to enjoy exquisitest wines.

Cedric Gardner

It is still my favorite place in the world to taste wine. Highly recommend it!

Meghan Alexander

I'm so happy to have finally discovered this incredible sanctuary for beautifully curated yet affordable wines.


Wonderful shop with excellent customer service. I can be difficult with wine and by no means eloquent in describing what kinds of wine I like. In other words, I am a client with special needs. Jill is a class act and her wine experts are as well. Both Erica and Julian were so kind and helpful and sent me home with some great choices. The people working here are passionate about wine AND sending people home with options they love. Its rare, especially in LA, to find a wine store with both quality product and service, minus ego and judgement. Thank you

Amelia P.

I've been coming to buy wine from Jill for 10 years, and I've learned so much from her and her staff over the years! I love how they support smaller wine makers and they have an incredible selection!

Emily Exoras

The experts here always take the time to listen and recommendations are always spot on. My go to place for high quality alcohol and I've never been disappointed.

John Osgood

Best wine store in LA.

Ella Washington

Great place to experience the natural and organic wine movement.

Sh S.

This winery is really amazing They have all kinds of wines and the staff was very friendly and knowledgeable about the wines there Highly recommended

Loretta G.

Thanks to Jenny Lewis for working with Domaine to sell her wines, I have been introduced to this wonderful place! I have been there twice in the last month and look forward to going back. Great selection and and very knowledgeable staff!

Tyrone Maheia

Nice place to get your wine for the low

Lola-Mae Foley

Fantastic wine store. I never ever buy wine at a grocery store for many reasons one of which is because the big grocery stores only have big boxed conventional wine

Darla B.

This wine store is a true boutique: the product is hand-selected and the staff is 100% knowledgeable about everything here. I found out that the owner, Jill, has extensive education as well as experience in wine and it's pretty obvious. Plus the store is very cute and clean and modern and the location is accessible with parking. I wish all retail stores were like this: I hate the generic, lowest common denominator retail stores that are the norm. This store went out on a limb to be the finest, not just stock the cheapest or even most popular. It is truly for a discerning taste (and no, I don't mean expensive). Treat yourself to a tasting here and end up with a memorable bottle for that special occasion, or just to make today special.

Tyson Timmer

Amazing wine shop. Great selection. Super helpful staff

Jennifer O.

I'll start by saying their product is good. They have a good selection and I've discovered gems at this location. With that said, I've been there a dozen times (due to not being able to find specific botttles at other store or location convenience) and the majority of times the sales people have been short and rude. I've asked questions like "what are you drinking, what's your best seller, which one do you recommend etc" and most of the time I get a tired response. I've been there several times when I'm the only customer and they were rude. After watching the sales people's pattern I also realized I was the only person of color when I experienced poor customer service. The least worse experience I've had is when I know exactly what I want and just walk up to the register. Unfortunately, half the time they are rude there as well. I'll be looking for my wine online or somewhere else.

Rachael Widen

Very helpful staff which great products

Ian P.

Love this wine store. My wine distributor friend from Seattle told me about it. The staff recommendations were on point, and I went home with some unique wines.

Peter D.

Natural wine paradise. Steps to finding a good natty wine: 1. Park in their dedicated lot - LA rarity 2. Participate in the tasting of the day- consider it a pallet cleanser. 3. Pick out wines that you enjoyed from the tasting- but don't buy them! 4. Tell the staff which ones you liked and why (no worries if you don't know why) and tell them your budget. 5. Don't go over your budget 6. Drink another tasting and find a spot at Ludo's next door. Enjoy bitches!

Bommy Cha

Amazing natural wine selection. Natty wine heaven.

Bommy Cha

Amazing natural wine selection. Natty wine heaven.

Chris Alex Maragakis

Superb wine store. I never ever buy wine at a grocery store for many reasons one of which is because the big grocery stores only have big boxed conventional wine. I'm interested in the unique small production wines in which the wine maker has a lot more control over how they are harvesting and making their wine. Hance Domaine LA, plenty of very interesting wines, knowledgeable and friendly staff. they even do wine tastings so be sure to sign up on their email list

M C.

I was tired of being disappointed by my picks from TJs and the grocery store so I asked a good friend how she always had great bottles of wine at her house... "Jill at Domaine LA." she said. I regret not stopping here sooner.

William Stein III

Nice little wine ship. Only carries "organic wines from small producers with limited production". Had some mice wines most of which I had not heard of and some that I had. Bought several to try. Staff was very helpful and had some great suggestions and bad tried most of the wines. Lots of parking. Prices ok.

Nick Escobar

Some of the most informed and nicest people I have had the pleasure of interacting with.

Morgan R.

I have been shopping here for years and it's my favorite wine shop. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, they have a great selection of wines, and some interesting/local/small batch liquor as well. They have wonderful wines at every price point and are happy to make recommendations within your budget or to pair to foods you're going to serve. They have a whole wall of interesting, affordable wines. Even if you just blindly choose something on your own, you are probably going to love it. (Unlike buying wine blindly at a supermarket!) But why buy blindly when Jill or any of the employees can give you a great recommendation?

Todd P.

Visiting LA, we had asked a reliable source at home for a recommendation of a wine store. One he recommended was Domaine LA. The selection was very good and prices seemed a little high but this is California. The value of this store is in the few gems, you can pick up. If we lived close to here, we'd probably frequent it but with the options in California I probably wouldn't go out of my way to buy wines here.

Sean A.

I love wine so I was really excited when I stumbled upon this store. They have a decent selection of wines but as I was browsing I couldn't help but notice a lot of the brands looking familiar. A few of them I know you can get at other stores for significantly less. Anyways that wasn't a deal breaker and I asked the lady working there (might be the owner) to help me find something unique that I wouldn't find at other stores. Not sure what part of that question bothered her but she got sour and responded pretty rudely. I left without buying anything and I won't be back.

Jonathan R.

A little surprised at some of the low reviews.. I frequent this wine store and not only is it excellently curated, customer service has always been great.

Samantha F.

The girl at the front counter has the worst attitude. Customer service is everything. I definitely won't be coming back here.