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Providence 5955 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles American • $$$$
5955 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles

“Wow! My son and I ate here for a very special dinner. The ambiance was cozy & finely understated, dimly lit along the neckline of diners to create elegant, artful hyyge -- top to bottom. Our waiter was a poised, warm, & knowledgeable gentleman, educating us and engaging generously with my son -- his commentary and conjecture with easeful comfort and charm. Each member of the staff we got to talk to was equally thoughtful and welcoming, making the meal all the more precious because of these extremely heart-felt connections. The food was artful & delicious, obvi. Overall exquisite. Thank you, Team Providence!!!!!”

4.8 Superb303 Reviews
Dunsmoor 3501 Eagle Rock Blvd, Los Angeles American • $$$
3501 Eagle Rock Blvd, Los Angeles

“Loved everything! The service was warm and friendly, the food amazing and the space is beautiful. The only thing I'd change is the soundtrack volume as it was a very shrieky hip hop rap that was difficult to listen over and concentrate with. Thank you for your hospitality.”

4.5 Superb410 Reviews
Ghost Sando Shop 7801 Melrose Ave Unit 1 A, Los Angeles Sandwich Shop • $$
7801 Melrose Ave Unit 1 A, Los Angeles

“Yes!!! Welcome finally the Dutch crunch bread and all the great choices to along with it!!! Great sandwiches, hefty from X to XXL. Visit this place and treat yourself to a great sandwich!!!”

4.7 Superb392 Reviews


n/soto 4566 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles Japanese • $$
4566 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles

“Lovely spot with incredible atmosphere and food.The food was presented nicely and tasted even better. Would highly recommend the scallop/uni course and the skewers! the beef tongue was our favourite.As for the bone marrow, it was a little shallow and the miso overpowered it.Overall, I’d highly recommend n/soto to anyone looking for Japanese food around the area. Would definitely come again.”

4.5 Superb216 Reviews


Damian 2132 E 7th Pl, Los Angeles Mexican • $$$$
2132 E 7th Pl, Los Angeles

“A lifetime of eating Mexican food, living in Mexico and speaking Spanish fluently couldn't have prepared me for the culinary whirlwind that I experienced last night at Damian. Accompanying friends who have been long time patrons of Damian served as personal tour guides through the labyrinth of menu selections that culminated in one of the most memorable meals I have ever had as a native Angelino. What makes Damian so remarkable is the layers of flavors that appear in every dish and the surprising combinations of ingredients that while seemingly so disparate, create a fusion of flavors that one wouldn't think possible in one cuisine. The service is impeccable and the environment relaxing, intimate and simply world class.”

4.3 Superb168 Reviews
Girl & the Goat Los Angeles 555-3 Mateo St, Los Angeles New American • $$$
555-3 Mateo St, Los Angeles

“Made reservations ahead of time and was seated within a couple of minutes of arrival. Service and food were amazing. Ordered 4 dishes between 2 of us and must say that our favorite was the goat liver mousse. The crumpets that accompany the mousse were the star!Parking: Parking is along the street around the restaurant. May be difficult to find parking if coming during peak dinner hours. Some streets may be dark so be wary of surroundings.”

4.5 Superb504 Reviews

Restaurants by Cuisine

Farmhouse Kitchen Thai Cuisine LA 5560 W Adams Blvd, Los Angeles Wine Bar • $$$
5560 W Adams Blvd, Los Angeles

“We loved the Portland location and had high expectations when visiting in LA. Fortunately, Farmhouse Kitchen lived up to its reputation! We visited over lunch which provided a special menu option with soup, appetizers, and entree. Service was impeccable - so friendly and attentive. We'll be back!”

4.4 Superb228 Reviews
Olivia Restaurant 205 S Vermont Ave, Los Angeles Vegetarian • $$
205 S Vermont Ave, Los Angeles

“This place is very close to achieving what it's setting out to do: provide an elegant vegetarian dining experience. I think that might be hard to pull off in a strip mall however. The food and the art are fantastic but the interior design was poorly executed and comes off looking a little cheap. I went for my birthday but for the price this might have been a one time experience. Updated from previous review on 2024-04-06”

4.8 Superb131 Reviews
Clark Street Diner 6145 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles American • $$
6145 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles

“I was offered an all-expenses paid trip to the "Clark Street Diner" (克拉克街餐厅) on Franklin Avenue. During this All-American™ escapade, I was slyly offered a small bag, containing salt-upon-sea, by a dishevelled, camoflauged Hollywoodian native whilst engourging of the delicacies delivered by this All-American™ "Clark Street Diner" (克拉克街餐厅). I indulged in this salt-upon-sea once entering their one (1) lavatory. This legal and easily accessible substance enhanced my dining experience tenfold. It should be offered at the table, and is my only complaint with the experience. I should not rely on local pathfinders to expand my experience.Vegetarian options: No.Kid-friendliness: The kids were very friendly ! They thoroughly enjoyed my salt-upon-sea.”

4.5 Superb141 Reviews

Recommended Restaurants


Cento 4921 W Adams Blvd, Los Angeles Pasta • $$$
4921 W Adams Blvd, Los Angeles

“10/10Visiting from Vancouver and OH MY GOODNESSThe best food I’ve had in A WHILE!!!My recommendation:- gem salad Is so fresh, perfectly seasoned, amazing texture and so delicious it was the perfect appetizer!!!- tar tar was AMAZING. I recommend mixing it in the sauce before putting it onto the bread that is still warm when they bring it out to you, which is so good. The sauce is a little bit tangy and has a bit of spice, which is perfect and really brings out the taste of the tartar.- spicy Pomodoro pasta was so delicious. The sauce, pasta, and ricotta ratio was perfect.- sweetcorn agnolotti was also so delicious, it was sweet but not too sweet and it kind of pops in your mouth when you eat it and it was very tasty.- banana pudding tiramisu IS SOOOO DELICIOUSThe perfect texture, temperature and consistencyAnd it looks amazing as well. I wanted to get another one but honestly I had to refrain myself from getting two of everything.Highly recommend the food and dessert.Got the drinks too and it was good but didn’t stand out as much as everything else.”

4.5 Superb320 Reviews


Bavel 500 Mateo St #102, Los Angeles Middle Eastern • $$$
500 Mateo St #102, Los Angeles

“probably the best non-casual middle eastern restaurant i’ve been to. appetizers were top tier, packed with flavor and elevating classic dishes with unique pairings. drinks and service were solid but nothing too memorable. outside of drinks, prices were also pretty reasonable. overall, if you liked bestia, would recommend bavel as well and would come back to take others (just skip on the mains)!raphaella: smoky, savory, tasty drink but not top tierhummus avocado tahini: must try! don’t usually like hummus but the avocado made it lighter and creamier. pita was so fresh.chicken liver pate: enjoyed this dish. ingredients were fresh and sweet sour savory combo hit. bread was amazing. ranked lower in our list overall but still tasty.grilled prawns: must try! perfect charred flavor and well marinated. salad pairing was perfect to balance out the prawnsoyster mushroom: fav dish of the night, don’t skip this! never had mushrooms this way before. crispy, juicy, grilled with slight smokiness.malawach: we were full by the time this came out but it was okay. forgettable.lamb shawarma: disappointing. dish was well cooked and ingredients were fresh but lamb was too salty. would give it another chance.”

4.4 Superb735 Reviews


Mirate 1712 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles Mexican • $$$
1712 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles

“This past weekend, I had the chance to visit Mirate without a reservation. Given it was Coachella weekend, I imagine it's usually tough to get a table here without a wait. Right from the moment we walked in and were directed to the bar area, I felt like something special was about to unfold. The environment was both open and lush, creating a sense of bliss similar to the feeling of being on vacation. The drinks menu was impressive, and I thoroughly enjoyed the La Soñadora, a clarified milk punch, out of the two I tried. We ordered five dishes, and four really stood out. I would definitely order the pork belly tacos, kampachi aguachile, jalapeño cornbread, and the baby gems again. We were too full to try the churros, although we wanted to. Our server was wonderful and played a big part in making our afternoon at Mirate a 5-star experience.”

4.2 Good635 Reviews

Restaurants with Delivery

Haidilao Hot Pot Century City 10250 Santa Monica Blvd Ste 2610, Los Angeles Hot Pot • $$$
10250 Santa Monica Blvd Ste 2610, Los Angeles

“From 11-5pm weekdays. $1.99 only for the Angus Beef. $4 off the pork bone broth. Unlimited sauce bar as well. Great deal.The sauce bar has , shrimp crackers, corn salad and wakame.I love it.”

4.6 Superb891 Reviews
Aunt Yvette’s Kitchen 1743 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles Ethiopian • $$
1743 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles

“What an amazing dining experience! From the minute you walk in the door- the detail in the decor, the service , the food- beyond incredible! The artwork is stunning- even the bathroom is worth visiting for the beautiful wallpaper and decor. The setting is intimate and warm. You can feel the love from the servers and the love put into the food. The flavors are so unique and delicious. There is something for everyone- vegans and carnivores which we had some of each at our table. Each dish was as good as the next. I was hesitant about ordering the trout but it was the stand out dish for me. The delicate, moist white fish inside the crispy skin. I couldn't get enough! I never knew Ethiopian food had scrumptious desserts- to die for! The food is so delicate and healthy that you feel great afterwards despite probably overeating. Can't wait to go back!!”

4.9 Superb152 Reviews


Meteora 6703 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles American • $$$$
6703 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles

“This jungle sanctuary is worth every dime. The decor is amazing, the service is excellent and the food is exquisite. Everything at Meteora is memorable; whether it's the à la carte menu or the set menu. The sweet pea hors d'oeuvre or the risotto entrée or the rib eye (the wagyu is advised) or the chocolate ganache with sorbet for dessert. Every dish leaves an unforgettable taste in your mouth. We were lucky to be served by Gina but then, everyone who brings a dish is super helpful. Thanks Meteora for this unforgettable culinary experience.”

4.4 Superb505 Reviews

Outdoor Dining


A.O.C. 8700 W 3rd St, Los Angeles Wine Bar • $$$
8700 W 3rd St, Los Angeles

“Food and wine selection at AOC is very good. The service is what stood out most. I dined here Monday night and the hostess was very kind. Michael our waiter really made our night. He had great menu and drink recommendations and his positive attitude was so infectious it really made our night. He really set the standard for amazing service. We will be back asap to see him!”

4.4 Superb383 Reviews


Hippo 5916 1/2 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles New American • $$$
5916 1/2 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles

“Food was amazing! The service was bad! Very expensive but I expected to be better taken care of. They were fully staffed but no one seemed to be working efficiently. We were 8 and none of the food runners ever knew who ordered what. They had to ask on every plate they brought. Not just our table but others as well. I don’t know if they have busboys as our table was never cleared. Plates upon plate stacked up. No one asked if we wanted a second drink and the glasses were never picked up. When we ordered dessert we had to move the 16 empty drink and water glasses to one side, gather the bread plates, wipe everything down and wait for our desserts. It was a busy night but not too busy for bad service. I kinda expected more than diner service at such an expensive restaurant.”

4.4 Superb86 Reviews


Holbox 3655 S Grand Ave c9, Los Angeles Seafood • $$
3655 S Grand Ave c9, Los Angeles

“Holbox is a must try for anyone who has even the slightest inclination for uni.The food at Holbox really is five stars but their food rating is four stars from me out of [maybe] no fault of their own.This entire market is alcohol-free.I am certain there will be more than a few who agree with me that a great ceviche really isn't that great without booze.”

4.8 Superb156 Reviews

Online Reservation Available

chi SPACCA 6610 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles Italian • $$$
6610 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles

“Make sure to ask questions, as the menu looks small but features some very distinct items. Get the smaller steak. Yes, it's still big but you and your eating buddy can finish it. We loved sitting at the counter. Everything was !”

4.5 Superb198 Reviews
Mr. T Los Angeles 953 Sycamore Ave, Los Angeles French • $$$
953 Sycamore Ave, Los Angeles

“Excellent service in a nice ambiance in this French Japanese fusion Starters were ok - main course very good Chinese Branzino along with my Duck a'la orange - acceptable wine list good pairing - appreciated French speaking servers and desert was delightful - overall 4 stars and will return Good value and a pleasant experience overall”

4.5 Superb192 Reviews
Guerrilla Tacos 2000 E 7th St, Los Angeles Tacos • $$
2000 E 7th St, Los Angeles

“How this place isn’t the most talked about restaurant in LA will blow my mind. Incredible. Fantastic. I would eat here everyday if my wallet could afford.Get their Lomo Saltado taco and you will dream about it for the rest of your days. You’ve been warned.”

4.5 Superb102 Reviews

24 Hour Restaurants

Mother Wolf 1545 Wilcox Ave, Los Angeles Italian • $$$$
1545 Wilcox Ave, Los Angeles

“Where do I begin? The reception by the lovely group of charismatic hostesses... Our amazing waiter Gregory?…The warm greeting from manager, Josh? It was all an overwhelming dining experience from start to finish.A round of Prosecco followed by a Rosso pizza was a complete surprise The occasion was my mother’s birthday (which I never disclosed to them), and she has never felt so well taken care of in her 75 years! The lamb chops perfectly cooked over fire, hefty salad perfectly seasoned and dressed, fresh pastas perfectly timed and desserts to die for.When the smoke cleared and we were ready to go, mom and pops insisted on finding Josh for a big hug and warm thank you.This post/ review is a late one as Josh is no longer there, but I’d like to express how thankful we were and give the restaurant and team the best review we can. We have been back since and our experience has been the same!!! Thanks a million, Mateo and Dania”

4.3 Superb174 Reviews
33 Taps Silver Lake 3725 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles Sports Bar • $$
3725 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles

“Bridget seriously made my night!!! She’s honestly so kind and has infectious energy; the best server at Taps!!! Ask for her and you won’t regret it, she took awesome care of our group. Thank you, Bridget! <3”

4.7 Superb200 Reviews
All Day Baby 3200 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles Cocktail Bar • $$
3200 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles

“Hands down the best breakfast biscuits I've had. I stop here every single time I'm in l.a. I finally tried something new and ordered the ADB Loco Motto, and it didn't disappoint. The drinks were strong and good. Get there early because it's a neighborhood favorite and fills up fast. The space is cozy, and parking is very limited.Parking: I only saw metered street parking, and there weren't a lot of spots available. You may have to park down the street and walk down to the restaurant.”

4.2 Good122 Reviews

Takeout Restaurants

Pine and Crane DTLA 1120 S Grand Ave Suite 101, Los Angeles Taiwanese • $$
1120 S Grand Ave Suite 101, Los Angeles

“The ambience is great! Very nice and homey spot. The staff was very kind too. We ordered a bit of everything.Pros:Prices are very good for all the dishes. Nothing was over 15 dollars on the menu. The shrimp wontons and pan fried pork buns were the best items with the most flavor. The beef roll was huge in size. Great for people that enjoy cucumber and thicker slices of the meat. The bean curd salad had a nice bite and flavor to it. They also have sparkling water on tap!Cons:Parking is bad. Getting street parking is like winning the lottery. The other option is to pay for parking which can range between 10-30 dollars. The dan dan noodles and sha gua mian did not meet our expectations. The noodles seemed a bit overcooked and a sauce/acid could have given the dish more of a balance in flavor.Our table marker was taken off the table a little early and that's when we saw on the receipt that a missing item was added incorrectly. Our server fixed it promptly so that was great.”

4.5 Superb675 Reviews


Lulu 10899 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles American • $$$
10899 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles

“The influence of Alice Waters and David Tennis is at play in the $45 prix fixe 3-course lunch, simple, elegant and delicious. The rest of the menu, except the desserts and cocktails, looks to be uninterestingly pedestrian. Recently, a salad of thinly shaved manchego, mint, beets and radicchio first course and a perfectly cooked Sea bass, very plump clams, broad beans, and fennel second course in a seafood broth lightly seasoned with dill were superb, as were desserts that our waiter allowed us to substitute for the third course. Highly recommended for lunch.”

4.3 Superb91 Reviews


Oste 8142 W 3rd St, Los Angeles Italian • $$
8142 W 3rd St, Los Angeles

“We had the most delightful experience at Oste. The food was exquisite; showcasing the true essence of Italian cuisine. The pinza, in particular, was a standout - perfectly baked and topped with delicious ingredients. What truly elevated the experience was the exceptional service. They were not only knowledgeable about the menu but also incredibly kind and attentive, making our dining experience truly memorable. I can’t wait to return for another culinary journey.”

4.5 Superb164 Reviews

Drive-Thru Restaurants

TABLA BY SOFI RESTAURANT 8108 W 3rd St, Los Angeles Greek • $$
8108 W 3rd St, Los Angeles

“Weird, but the place was dead----and i mean dead----at peak hour on Saturday night. My wife and I were the only ones in the place. The ambiance/bar was upscale but quaint. The service---by the owner and wait staff---off the charts great. Food was also very good. Had the moussaka and my wife had shrimp. Everything was tasty. Hard to explain why there was no one else there.”

4.8 Superb308 Reviews
Jun Won Dak 4254 1/2 W 3rd St, Los Angeles Korean • $$
4254 1/2 W 3rd St, Los Angeles

“Always love a place with a few items that are done really well. Tried the Samgyetang and GalbiJim, both were phenomenal. Hands down the best galbijim levels above Seoungbukdong and the portions are way larger. Great Banchan too.”

4.8 Superb80 Reviews
Howlin' Ray's Hot Chicken - Chinatown 727 N Broadway #128, Los Angeles Chicken • $$
727 N Broadway #128, Los Angeles

“The Best Hot Chicken in SoCal... Chicken sandwiches are the best here, along with all of their sides. The staff is extremely friendly and super energetic. They need to open a spot in the Inland Empire please! 3 hour wait line here can be worth it.”

4.7 Superb171 Reviews

Fine Dining

Spoon & Pork 2121 Sawtelle Blvd, Los Angeles Filipino • $$
2121 Sawtelle Blvd, Los Angeles

“Best upscale Filipino food on the Sunset strip!Will definitely be back.Try the lechon kawali and chicken skins! OMG! So heavenly!Our server was great and very sweet and seemed to genuinely care that our experience is nothing short of superb!”

4.3 Superb88 Reviews
Maccheroni Republic 332 S Broadway, Los Angeles Italian • $$
332 S Broadway, Los Angeles

“The crew seated me quickly and went above and beyond to ensure my dinning experience and meal was incredible. Special shoutout to Arturo for modifying my meal! I would definitely recommend!!”

4.7 Superb161 Reviews


Alcove 1929 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles Cafe • $$
1929 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles

“Friendly neighborhood order at the counter kind of place. Go for lunch, dinner, or just a coffee it doesn't matter! Great patio and a mix of people working, meeting up, or just having a good time.”

4.6 Superb110 Reviews

Cheap Eats

Propaganda Wine Bar 950 East 3rd Street, Los Angeles Italian • $$
950 East 3rd Street, Los Angeles

“An underrated spot, delicious pizzas & tapas with great wine pairings. The food menu doesn’t have a ton of options but the quality makes up for the quantity of selections.”

4.8 Superb117 Reviews
Wolfsglen 1071 Glendon Ave, Los Angeles Fine Dining • $$
1071 Glendon Ave, Los Angeles

“Our server was helpful in deciding what we should order. Started with delicious arancini. We ordered cauliflower steak w/ a wonderful sauce underneath. Also got schwarma encased in homemade pita. Followed by donut holes that came to the table piping hot. We will be back!”

4.4 Superb191 Reviews
Bacari Silverlake + Bar Bacari 3626 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles Mediterranean • $$$
3626 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles

“I absolutely love Bacari Silverlake location! Not only is the atmosphere incredible but the customer service is exceptional. I was just there for my birthday on Tuesday night and my server Kevin went out of his way to make it seem like a special occasion and helped contribute to making my night memorable! Thank you so much Bacari and Kevin!”

4.2 Good1101 Reviews
Majordomo 1725 Naud St, Los Angeles New American • $$$
1725 Naud St, Los Angeles

“A David Chang restaurant in LA. I've been to his Momofuku restaurant in NYC and loved it so I naturally had to try Majordomo.You have to plan ahead to reserve the short rib special and it is amazing. They cut it tableside and serve it lettuce, kitchen, and radishes. Such a good balance of flavors but the prime rib by itself is very flavorful and smoky.The Bing is also a must with the cultured butter and honey. This is seriously addictive. We also had the mussels with the crispy rice which was also delicious.Overall, the vibe of the restaurants was great and the service was excellent. Highly recommend.”

4.6 Superb102 Reviews
Hatchet Hall 12517 Washington Blvd, Los Angeles New American • $$$
12517 Washington Blvd, Los Angeles

“Incredible date night spot! Vibes & music were great all evening. Service was attentive but not overwhelming… would highly recommend!Of course we had the corn bread… it lived up to the hype! Followed that up with the Meatloaf & Trout which both had very unique flavors. We ended with the brown butter chocolate chip cookies & date cake… incredible!!Also the drinks are expensive but it’s LA so it’s to be expected… we really enjoyed ours.20% service charge built into total at the end of the meal!Parking: We valeted - $15 - very easy”

4.3 Superb125 Reviews
Pine and Crane Silverlake 1521 Griffith Park Blvd, Los Angeles Taiwanese • $$
1521 Griffith Park Blvd, Los Angeles

“This was one of the two places i visited on new year's and by far the better of the two restaurants!So happy with their lu rou fan!!! Realmy brings me back to taiwan. The other dishes: dumplings, tantan noodles were on par with what I've eaten in Taipei and Tainan, and dare I say better. The only difference being the price, nearly 10x, but that's the reality of living in LA.My friends were happy as well, and it was a great way to introduce some of them to my culture as well. Thank you Pine and Crane!”

4.5 Superb124 Reviews
Found Oyster 4880 Fountain Ave, Los Angeles Seafood • $$$
4880 Fountain Ave, Los Angeles

“We love Found Oyster!!! It’s like this restaurant was made for us!! Really good wine list with different varietals than some other local places, and orange wines! Every employee is genuinely happy to be there, and they are all knowledgeable and well versed! The food — Wow!! Everything is small and shareable, which is what we love ♥️♥️”

4.3 Superb273 Reviews
Omakase by Osen 3503 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles Barbecue • $$$$
3503 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles

“Top 10 best meals I've had in my life. The service was outstanding, every plate was incredible, unique, layered, absolutely perfect. We were legitimately sad when we took our last bite. 10/10”

4.4 Superb165 Reviews
Superba Food + Bread Hollywood 6530 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles American • $$
6530 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles

“Kind of hidden away in the slightly shady feeling streets south of Hollywood Blvd is this gorgeous cafe/restaurant.If the weather's nice try to get a table outside, otherwise inside is just lovely.Apart from the awesome breads, the salads and sandwiches are amazing. Try the grains bowl for something filling, healthy and delicious! The service is super friendly and intrusive, just the way it should be.Highly recommended.”

4.5 Superb120 Reviews
Vicky's All Day 5410 W Adams Blvd, Los Angeles American • $$
5410 W Adams Blvd, Los Angeles

“This place was cool. It was bright, loved the bookcases and the owner took the time to come out to greet us. We had a delicious dinner. The crispy mushrooms and lettuce wrap appetizers were really good. Add a pizza, salmon tacos and a mushroom burger, we had a feast!! We’d definitely go back again.”

4.5 Superb284 Reviews
Kato Restaurant 777 S Alameda St Building 1, Suite 114, Los Angeles Taiwanese • $$$$
777 S Alameda St Building 1, Suite 114, Los Angeles

“Simply amazing fusion good influenced w Taiwan local food taste (taiwan arguably has best street food :).. ). Amazing presentation and tastes that remind me of various well known dishes in taiwan. We added 2 extra dishes on top of the 9-course meal…. Simply amazing experience.”

4.5 Superb74 Reviews
Gritz N Wafflez 1243 S Alvarado St B1, Los Angeles Brunch • $$
1243 S Alvarado St B1, Los Angeles

“Food and atmosphere were amazing. Collard green dip? I was reluctant but it was delicious! Shout out to our server Pope! Amazing aura and energy. I highly recommend.”

4.8 Superb194 Reviews


Gwen 6600 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles Fine Dining • $$$$
6600 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles

“This visit was my second time in 2 weeks. This time we celebrated my sister birthday. Couldn't think of a better place to celebrate this occasion. The New York was cooked perfectly rare. The scallops were amazing and sweet. The charcuterie plate was fantastic and of course the potatoes cooked and duck fat with the vinaigrette dressing fantastic. Couldn't have had a better evening if I tried. Oh, of course the best service in town.”

4.3 Superb112 Reviews
Jeong Yuk Jeom Korean BBQ LA 621 S Western Ave #100, Los Angeles Korean • $$$
621 S Western Ave #100, Los Angeles

“After eating here for the first time, I told my brother (who I ate with) this is definitely the spot to bring the parents. A couple months later, we brought mom and dad. Enough said. Service and quality of food were really good. Highlights include marinated prime short rib, aged prime tenderloin, steamed egg, and Korean chimichurri sauce.”

4.3 Superb112 Reviews
Pizzeria Sei 8781 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles Pizza • $$
8781 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles

“I came around 6pm. The place was busy. I was told wait will be 40 minutes, luckily they gave me the small table right away.I got the special Margherita, it was excellent.There are 2 Margheritas, one uses regular mazorella the other one uses fresh buffalo mazorella. I had the special one. It was glorious.”

4.6 Superb164 Reviews
Surawon Tofu House 2833 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles Korean • $$
2833 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles

“excellent flavor and portions. I really enjoyed their side dishes so much I asked for thirds (and got the stink eye lmao).they're a little busy, with like 2-3 servers for 15-20 tables.”

4.6 Superb89 Reviews
Carlitos Gardel Argentine Steakhouse 7963 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles Steak House • $$$$
7963 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles

“In a city full of big name and high profile steakhouses, this one is the BEST. I've been multiple times but am highlighting last night's food selections. Starters included pork belly empanadas, a burrata dish with imported heirloom tomatoes and finally, scallops resting in some sort of creamy sauce made and sent from heaven. We ordered three cuts of steak for our party of five to share: 2.5 lbs of ribeye cap, a New York strip and a skirt steak. All cooked and seasoned perfectly. Sides included sautéed spinach, creamed corn and fries. Accompanied by multiple red Argentine wines, selected by their expert.The service is exceptional, as is the food. For passionate meat eaters, it's simply perfection.”

4.5 Superb250 Reviews
Budonoki 654 Virgil Ave, Los Angeles Izakaya • $$$
654 Virgil Ave, Los Angeles

“A next level dining experience. The ability to deliver dish after dish that could stand alone as signature dishes at nearly any other restaurant while combining the refinement and attention to detail that comes from years of experience in fine dining with a fun energetic atmosphere is truly special. I wish I could have tried even more. Well worth a trip. I will certainly be back again and again to share this experience with many friends.”

4.7 Superb119 Reviews
Here's Looking At You 3901 W 6th St, Los Angeles New American • $$$
3901 W 6th St, Los Angeles

“This place is wonderful. Killer food and amazing drinks. The atmosphere is gorgeous and chill. The staff are some of the kindest people you could meet. I can't wait to go back.”

4.3 Superb226 Reviews


Saffy's 4845 Fountain Ave, Los Angeles Middle Eastern • $$$
4845 Fountain Ave, Los Angeles

“I’ve heard about this restaurant for a while and I finally got the opportunity to dine there. Was blown away! The 18hour short rib is divine! Highly recommended Saffy’”

4.2 Good461 Reviews


Horses 7617 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles American • $$$
7617 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles

“The aesthetic here is quite beautiful. Made by a graffiti artist Kacper Abolik, horses and other subjects adorn the walls as you eat in the back room. Many dishes make a correlation to horses as well. The hot plate is a horse shoe. The butter is molded into a horse. The details really make the experience. The cocktails and wine selection is lovely as well. It's a great place to go for date night!”

4.1 Good104 Reviews
Hamasaku 11043 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles Sushi • $$$
11043 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles

“It's ok. There is nothing bad but nothing extraordinary either. Just another very expensive sushi place. We had high expectations after seeing the reviews. We ordered the tasting menu but comparing to some other places who have this option, this place did not impress us. That's all we have to say.”

4.6 Superb87 Reviews


PZK BBQ 7311 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles Diner • $$
7311 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles

“It was great to eat with family!!I chose All U Can, and the meat quality was better than I expected. In particular, the brisket and marinated ribs were really good.The staff were friendly and I enjoyed my meal to the fullest!!The valet parking fee was $10, which was too expensive, so I used street parking nearby.”

4.7 Superb267 Reviews


Mazal 110 N San Fernando Rd, Los Angeles Mediterranean • $$
110 N San Fernando Rd, Los Angeles

“My fiancé and I have put Mazal in our rotation of FAVORITE places. It's not just the food, but since it's yelp..... THE FOOD: I'm new to the vegetarian lifestyle, and started reluctantly under doctor's orders. Mazal has been a revelation! Tal and his staff prepare vegetarian dishes that taste amazing because they were always intended to be vegetarian! Fresh fennel salad, hearty beats with cumin, silky humus and baba ganoush. And mushrooms so perfectly grilled that they taste - dare I say - MEATY, like a mushroom should! So yes, the food is supurb. But that's not the reason we come back. Nor is it the reason we decided to celebrate our recent engagement with them. Mazal feels like a home. The decor is warm, the patio is beautiful and spacious, and Hanni, Tal, and the rest of the staff are kind and welcoming. So, I suggest you come for the food, stay for the people, and come back for both.”

4.6 Superb149 Reviews
The Park's Finest 1267 W Temple St, Los Angeles Filipino • $$
1267 W Temple St, Los Angeles

“If you want good Filipino food from a family owned cozy staple in Filipino town then this is the place to go! Came by here during a visit to LA and it was recommended by some friends who live in the neighborhood and I was not disappointed at all. Here are some takeaways:EnvironmentThis is a small cozy restaurant that has a family style vibe to it. A great welcoming energy, we felt right at home. We stopped around midday during the week so it wasn't a lot of people there. Overall it was relaxing and warm - great for lunch with friends or if you're alone and want to grab a bite to eat.ServiceOur server happened to also be the daughter of the owners. She was great and was happy to share some of the history of the restaurant with me. She was very helpful with telling us about the food and giving us recommendations. Great service!Food and drinksWe had a little bit of everything - and all of it was great! Here's a run down of everything we had:MAMA LEAH'S COCONUT BEEF ADOBOANN'S CORNBREAD BIBINGKASTEAMED WHITE RICENOEL'S SMOKED GOUDA MACSAN PABLO PULLED PORKEverything was delicious. The coconut beef (amazing!) was great with the steamed white rice, the mac and cheese was tasty, the pulled pork had a lot of flavor and the cornbread was warm and sweet, but not too sweet. Again - all the food was great.OverallLovely family owned restaurant. So glad that we stopped by here. If i'm ever in LA again this will definitely be a place I'll visit again. Great food with a great story.”

4.8 Superb89 Reviews
Cara Restaurant 1730 N Western Ave, Los Angeles American • $$$
1730 N Western Ave, Los Angeles

“Very pleasantly surprised by the meal. Ambiance is great, perfect music volume. Great looking outdoor space, but i never felt outside. The food was the real star of the show. Service seems to start slow, by design. They give you a moment 5-10 minutes to settle into your table, before the "show" commences.”

4.2 Good383 Reviews
Melrose Umbrella Co. 7465 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles Cocktail Bar • $$
7465 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles

“Went in for some cocktails before dinner on a Wednesday night and it was chill. Living for my espresso martini and my hubby got a dirty martini ? stepping inside felt like we walked into the past with the original tables chairs and architecture.”

4.3 Superb99 Reviews
Melanie Wine Bar 8310 W 3rd St, Los Angeles Wine Bar • $$$
8310 W 3rd St, Los Angeles

“"Melanie Wine Bar is an absolute gem! From the cozy ambiance to the exquisite selection of wines, every visit is a delightful experience. The staff are knowledgeable and attentive, always ready to recommend the perfect pairing for your palate. Whether you're a wine aficionado or just looking for a relaxing evening out, Melanie Wine Bar is a must-visit destination. I highly recommend it!"”

4.7 Superb67 Reviews
Angelini Osteria 7313 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles Italian • $$$
7313 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles

“One of the most authentic and reliable Italian restaurant in Los Angeles. The food has been consistently superior and delicious. What makes it even greater is that it is never overpriced like some other pretentious eateries. I have been there many times and I will go there again!”

4.2 Good335 Reviews
Santo Silverlake 3822 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles Japanese • $$$$
3822 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles

“Quality comes with a price if you want to treat those taste buds to great tasting very fresh sushi.... then check out Santo... When food is great and quality is outstanding, then it's worth every penny... agree!?... This place will have you making your next reservation right after you leave, lol.... (maybe not, but it's the type of place that you will be back for more... Staff is great, friendly and they make you feel at home... Original Santo is located in Mexico City, and if you know the CDMX vibe, then you know this place has that... Great vibes all around, background music playing upbeat music. Place is small, so outside sitting is available to enjoy a nice day or to people watch down Sunset Street... or sit next to a stranger and maybe start a conversation?!... Parking can be a hassle, street parking only, and silverlake can get crowded, so be patient Awsome, top of the line sushi with a unique flavors Definitely recommend this spot!! When you go... Enjoy!!...”

4.6 Superb134 Reviews


Manuela 907 E 3rd St, Los Angeles American • $$$
907 E 3rd St, Los Angeles

“Always good. It's just always good. Great environment, relaxed but it you want to be fancy you'll still fit right in. Good service, great drinks, good food. Superb people watching. Everyone's preferred first date spot. If you arrive early you can visit the garden and say hello to the chickensParking is always the worst so be prepared to pay to park whether you park in a lot or valet just be aware that the valets are going to park your car on the street same as everyone else ?I wish they were open in the morning for coffee, even if it was just a little cart with simple coffee and pastries only.Parking: Parking is always the worst so be prepared to pay to park whether you park in a lot or valet just be aware that the valets are going to park your car on the street same as everyone else ?Everywhere in the vicinity is like that, the curse of a cool neighborhood. And also the city rezoned the parking and reduced the numbers of spots to maybe 1/2 or 1/3 of what there was and made huge unnecessary red zones everywhere, but that's another story ?☕”

4.4 Superb125 Reviews


Ronan 7315 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles Italian • $$
7315 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles

“Best salad that I've had in years. Food was fresh and served by staff that really cared about us and our experience. The atmosphere was relaxed, clean, and welcoming.Vegetarian options: Large selection of vegetarian options. Staff was also happy to make other dishes, like call zone, vegetarian for us.”

4.3 Superb92 Reviews
Good Clean Fun 868 S Olive St, Los Angeles Wine Bar • $$
868 S Olive St, Los Angeles

“Such a cute little wine bar in the heart of DTLA! My friend and I decided to catch up over early dinner here. We ordered the coldbrew martini and the non-alcoholic prosecco. We also shared the caesar salad, meatballs, piquillo peppers, and the margherita flatbread. Everything was delicious and tasty. We were pleased with everything we ordered. There's indoor and outdoor seating available. Our service was efficient. There is no free parking available, but we paid to park in a lot nearby.”

4.6 Superb75 Reviews
Wife and the Somm 3416 Verdugo Rd, Los Angeles Wine Bar • $$$
3416 Verdugo Rd, Los Angeles

“Very cozy diner with great atmosphere. Love the food with seasonal ingredients and creative flair, all very delicious. Great for friends gathering and a big menu for a lot of choices with different price point.Will love to come back if i was in town again!”

4.4 Superb72 Reviews
Violet L.A. 1121 Glendon Ave, Los Angeles French • $$$
1121 Glendon Ave, Los Angeles

“We found Violet's from another yelp review. We arrived just in time to secure a table on their lovely patio. The ambience is great. We had attentive service and the food was well prepared. It is a limited menu for lunch. We found their Nicoise Salad and burger very tasty and fresh. The dinner menu offers a few more options. We will definately be back..”

4.3 Superb167 Reviews
ROOTS Indian Bistro 7265 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles Indian • $$
7265 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles

“BEST Indian food I’ve EVER had. The ingredients are so fresh, you can taste the quality. The staff is also so so sweet and kind every time I go. Can’t recommend this place enough !”

4.7 Superb187 Reviews
Azai Hand Roll Sushi 8036 W 3rd St, Los Angeles Sushi • $$
8036 W 3rd St, Los Angeles

“Azai is a great new spot for hand rolls and sushi! They give you a lot of fish in the hand rolls and there's a really good variety of items on the menu. The yellowtail and tuna nigiri were delicious and my favorite was the yellowtail jalapeño yuzu sashimi special. Save room for the mochi ice cream for dessert!”

4.9 Superb215 Reviews
Yxta Cocina Mexicana 601 S Central Ave, Los Angeles Mexican • $$
601 S Central Ave, Los Angeles

“Really delicious food. Tiny outside eating area. Valet parking, which is good because this isn't a neighborhood where you'd like to be walking around at night getting to your car.Kid-friendliness: NoWheelchair accessibility: Yes”

4.6 Superb119 Reviews
Bottega Louie 700 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles Italian • $$$
700 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles

“There is a separate dining area and a separate area for dessert. It is best to make a reservation for meals, but walk-ins are also available. It's large, spacious, and has a high ceiling, creating a very hectic and noisy atmosphere. All the food was delicious. If you just want to eat dessert, you can buy it like in the food court system and then sit down and eat it if you find a table.”

4.4 Superb271 Reviews
Jemma Hollywood 1717 Vine St, Los Angeles Italian • $$$
1717 Vine St, Los Angeles

“Fun little date night restaurant! Service was good but the food was even better! I would recommend making reservations to guarantee your spot. Fresh pizza, pasta, and salad. Overall great experience and would recommend to others.”

4.6 Superb116 Reviews
Bar sawa 111 S San Pedro St sawa, Los Angeles Sushi • $$$$
111 S San Pedro St sawa, Los Angeles

“Hidden away in the city of Los Angeles is this amazing bar that serves one of the tastiest omakase. Entering the bar, you see a bar top that seats approx 10-12 people, with a open kitchen vibe. My partner and I had a great time. The Sunday crew was very nice and attentive, engaging with the customers and making things fun! The selection of fish was amazing, definitely a different experience compared to other omakase establishments I've been to.Parking was very easy since they provided easy simple instructions on their website :). Will definitely visit again on a Sunday ??Parking: Easy to access garage and the elevator close by. Very nice :)”

4.6 Superb49 Reviews
Lumière 2025 Avenue of the Stars, Los Angeles French • $$$$
2025 Avenue of the Stars, Los Angeles

“Had a lovely brunch here for Easter - it's a La carte which is different than the usual Easter brunches we have gone too but the food was great - we had shrimp w grits special. My parents loved the salmon and the country fried steak. The pasta for the kids is fresh so it does take longer. The ambience is great as they had live music and the spot is so pretty all wicker chairs and lush green.”

4.3 Superb147 Reviews
Luv2eat Thai Bistro 6660 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles Thai • $$
6660 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles

“Portions are very large so keep that in mind when ordering. The crab curry was delicious - you can get it de-shelled too which is quite helpful! The spice level is crazy spicy so a medium is whoa, hot. Moo ping (pork skewers) was too much pork for my boyfriend lol, which is never a thing!”

4.5 Superb152 Reviews
Hanu K BBQ 2999 W 6th St #104, Los Angeles Korean • $$$
2999 W 6th St #104, Los Angeles

“This place was awesome. First of all, Lena our waitress was so kind and willing to explain the menu to us as this was our first time. The food was delicious, I recommend getting a combo so you can try many different things. Not only was the food good but the experience was amazing as well. Lena cooked the meats on front of us (she cooked them perfectly) and you could add seasonings and sauces. Additionally, the sides are brought by ROBOTS. My little sister loved this and couldn't stop giggling every time a robot came by and dropped of some kimchi which was free with the combo. 10/10 would recommend. We will definitely be coming back soon! Thank you Lena!”

4.7 Superb166 Reviews
Levant Bistro + Bake Shop 2112 W Sunset Blvd Suite JKL, Los Angeles Gluten-Free • $$
2112 W Sunset Blvd Suite JKL, Los Angeles

“The place is gorgeous, especially if you love a nice terrace. The food... Is it because it's the only middle Eastern gluten free place, or is it because the ingredients are fresh, or is it because the preparation is perfect, or maybe it's all the small details... I think it's all of the above, one of the best middle Eastern places in LA, and the best gluten free one :) enjoy their manahish!”

4.8 Superb119 Reviews


Camphor 923 E 3rd St #109, Los Angeles French • $$$$
923 E 3rd St #109, Los Angeles

“The initial attraction to this restaurant was simple. A Michelin star, and there's a cheeseburger on the menu?!? Sign me up. The decor and ambiance of the restaurant was modern, minimal, and comfortable. We were greeted with a delicious amuse bouche of creme fraiche and green onion with some sort of crunchy vessel holding it together. Then we moved onto the baguette, which, while delicious, I would probably pass on my next visit. Then came the onion tartine, which, in my opinion, was the highlight of the meal. Perfectly blistered gruyere cheese over caramelized onions and delicious fresh bread drizzled with a duck fat reduction tableside. Think of it as a perfectly executed inverted French onion soup. Then came the burger. Upon arrival, it was announced as a 50/50 blend of ribeye and duck, smoked gouda, and caramelized onions on an incredible brioche bun. I've had a lot of burgers, and none of them even came close to this one. Perfectly cooked, lovely char, and incredible flavor. We ordered the Madeira mushroom risotto as a side dish, and that was delicious as well. Every course was perfectly spaced out, and the wait staff never missed a beat. The overall experience was faultless, and I can't wait for another special occasion to return.”

4.2 Good101 Reviews
De La Nonna 710 E 4th Pl, Los Angeles Pizza • $$
710 E 4th Pl, Los Angeles

“The caesar salad is pretty under rated!!Been a few times and noted either happy employees or grumpy rude employees theres no gray area there. But food is very great ?”

4.1 Good475 Reviews
Mona Pasta Bar 111 W 9th St, Los Angeles Italian • $$$
111 W 9th St, Los Angeles

“An outstanding evening - great food, excellent, informative & fun Server (Thanks, Maria!). Nice vibe. Cozy space. Counter is fun. AND - who would have ever imagined we'd try “Orange Wine” (don't be a chicken like me - it's actually a whole new experience) ?. Really nice.”

4.6 Superb105 Reviews
Master HA Korean Restaurant 1147 S Western Ave, Los Angeles Korean • $$$
1147 S Western Ave, Los Angeles

“One of the most memorable dinner of my life! This is why you save up for a great meal. Elevated Korean food dinning, you don't have to fly to Korea for. Every dish was presented beautifully, artistically and tasted as good as it looked. Even the service was top notch. I hope to come back soon, as I'll dream about this experience.”

4.4 Superb63 Reviews
KinKan LA 771 Virgil Ave, Los Angeles Asian • $$$$
771 Virgil Ave, Los Angeles

“Unforgettable dinner and service. Their attention to detail is impressive, and every dish was well thought out, delicious, and memorable. A+. I'll be back soon!”

4.6 Superb65 Reviews
A FAMILY AFFAIR SOUTHERN 615 N Western Ave, Los Angeles Soul Food • $$
615 N Western Ave, Los Angeles

“I'm a Georgia girl and this is the best soul food I've had outside the south. I would post a picture but the plate didn't make it home. I ate it while I was driving . So good!”

4.7 Superb146 Reviews
Bludso's BBQ 609 N La Brea Ave, Los Angeles Barbecue • $$
609 N La Brea Ave, Los Angeles

“First time trying this bbq spot and it was 5 stars all around! All of the servers are top notch and work together to make sure all customers are taken care of and the food is amazing. Highly recommend topping your meal off with the banana pudding!”

4.4 Superb201 Reviews
Moo's Craft Barbecue 2118 N Broadway, Los Angeles Barbeque • $$
2118 N Broadway, Los Angeles

“Be prepared to spend some extra cash for a lunch outing. The line is long so if you don’t like to wait come on one of the weekdays that they are open. The food is good extra rich so beware if you’re the sensitive stomach or heartburn type. So try the key lime pie or the banana pudding because they will run out and it’s delicious!Overall, definitely save this place in your “want to goes””

4.3 Superb126 Reviews
Cabra Los Angeles 1060 S Broadway, Los Angeles Peruvian • $$$
1060 S Broadway, Los Angeles

“Having a delicious dinner, an excellent view, an excellent atmosphere with very professional service was one of the best experiences I have ever had in this type of restaurant. I highly recommend it, especially because of the explosive flavors of the food, something that you are not normally used to but something that you will love and can become addicted to.”

4.5 Superb477 Reviews


Ubuntu 7469 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles West African • $$
7469 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles

“We have been wanting to go for some time, so were super stoked to get here this week. Food was delicious. We loved the okra salad and definitely the Maafe stew. Yum! Definitely recommend those. Mike enjoyed his cocktail. Service was spot on. The welcoming was awesome and our server was kind, friendly, and super excited about the menu. We will be back.”

4.5 Superb131 Reviews
Jemma di Mare 11677 San Vicente Blvd #200, Los Angeles Italian • $$$
11677 San Vicente Blvd #200, Los Angeles

“A fantastic restaurant with the rare combination of great food, nice ambiance, and very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Rarely get excited about new restaurants but this one is on point. Excited to come back for dinner next time.”

4.3 Superb396 Reviews
Park's BBQ 955 S Vermont Ave G, Los Angeles Barbeque • $$$
955 S Vermont Ave G, Los Angeles

“We dined here our first night in LA during Spring Break. For a family of 4, we ordered the Taste Of Parks BBQ. All the meats and aide dishes were absolutely delicious. The service was excellent. The wait staff is great at managing your grill so you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the food. I gave "Atmosphere" 4/5 stars because the inside can get rather loud. I would definitely come back here to eat!”

4.3 Superb394 Reviews
BADMAASH FAIRFAX 418 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles Indian • $$
418 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles

“The food and service was exceptional during our visit to the establishment. We felt great pride being patrons at the restaurant as the owners are from the same hometown. The flavors need to be experienced by all. Definitely a hit!Markham!!”

4.2 Good184 Reviews
Tom's Watch Bar - Los Angeles 1011 S Figueroa St b101, Los Angeles Sports Bar • $$
1011 S Figueroa St b101, Los Angeles

“I come here after work to have a drink and get the nachos I highly recommend it and Kay the bartender Man she is the sweetest very understandable and very kind When you come Go to her She Will Make your Stay A delightful one I appreciate her recommend her yall”

4.4 Superb191 Reviews


Azay 226 1st St, Los Angeles Japanese • $$
226 1st St, Los Angeles

“Came in with my partner and the interior was small and so it felt a bit tight, but the servers knew how to work around the space well! They were also super friendly without being overbearing and the food that we ordered was so good! I got the omurice and my partner got the hayashi dish. I preferred mine over his and their miso soup was paired really well with the omurice :)I would come back again to try their breakfast and bento mealsParking: There are paid parking lots around the area or if you’re lucky, street parking for 1-2 hoursWheelchair accessibility: I don’t think it would be easy for a wheelchair user to be able to dine inside due to the space but if they moved a few chairs around, it’s possible! They also have outdoor seating as well”

4.6 Superb95 Reviews
Vibrato Grill Jazz 2930 Beverly Glen Cir, Los Angeles American • $$$$
2930 Beverly Glen Cir, Los Angeles

“Where do I start with how much I love this place? As a photographer it's a joy and a delight to be here but even without the fact that I've worked there many times... The food the decor, the staff.. if you get a chance to meet Eden Alpert you're lucky. Always kind.... And you'll notice that she's probably having the best time of anyone. The music and the performers are top-notch. It's not uncommon to see some of the top names in jazz.. however don't be surprised if you see Seth MacFarlane doing songs from Sinatra or an Amy Winehouse tribute. Sound mix is even and the perfect volume. Highly recommend the Caesar salad with a plate sized parmesan crisp and the mini ahi tuna tacos and save room for the hot chocolate cake. Food is top of the line and jazz club is elegant and upscale. Can't wait to eat and shoot pics there again soon.”

4.7 Superb137 Reviews
Wi Korean BBQ 1101 Vermont Ave #103, Los Angeles Korean • $$
1101 Vermont Ave #103, Los Angeles

“Amazing quality Korean bbq and fantastic service. The meats are all great quality and good portions. All the staff is very friendly and quick with bringing all the items out. Will definitely be back and would recommend this place to everyone!”

4.8 Superb241 Reviews
Smorgasburg (Los Angeles) 777 S Alameda St, Los Angeles Food Trucks • $$
777 S Alameda St, Los Angeles

“Great grub, gourmands! This place is quickly becoming my Sunday go-to spot for unique, slammin' vittles from passionate entrepreneurs who take great pride in their work. There are so many dishes to try, and I've yet to be disappointed.”

4.7 Superb136 Reviews
Lalibela 1025 S Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles Ethiopian • $$
1025 S Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles

“the street parking was free on a Sunday when i went. interior was dimly lit with tasteful paintings and pieces of art hanging on the walls. it was my first time eating Ethiopian food and the server was very patient with my questions. we ordered the veggie sambusa, which was flavorful and crispy-hot from the kitchen. beware that the green sauce it came with was much spicier than i expected. the star of the night was the veggie utopia. our server poured our lamb and chicken tibs into the middle of the huge circular platter of veggie utopia. very delicious and nice.”

4.6 Superb94 Reviews
Casablanca Moroccan Kitchens 6919 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles Moroccan • $$$
6919 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles

“This place is so authentic it reminded me of home . The owners are so sweet and welcoming and the FOOD is amazing !! The Ambiance was also so nice and relaxing . I recommend this restaurant for a date , group of friends and parties . Thank you again guys for an amazing evening .”

4.8 Superb234 Reviews
Daedo Sikdang 4001 W 6th St, Los Angeles Korean • $$$
4001 W 6th St, Los Angeles

“Went to the lounge for drinks. The bartender, Erica, was very friendly and provided great service, delicious drinks and even got the electronic dart board set up for us to play! Very fun! The atmosphere in the lounge is great, highly recommended!”

4.4 Superb87 Reviews