Astro Family Restaurant

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2300 Fletcher Dr, Los Angeles
(323) 663-9241

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Astro Family Restaurant will be closing on Monday April 1, 2024

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As you all know, I love supporting family-owned businesses, especially when I grew up going to this place after church since I was nine [church across the street]. Anyhoo, I woke up this morning and invited my friend to have coffee. I thought of Astros because of the nostalgic value. So I walk in and go sit in a booth. The restaurant was practically empty. The hostess, who, if it is the same person I think of, has been there forever and a day. Walks up to me with the menu. I said I just wanted coffee. She told me I had to buy food to sit at the booth. I said no, thank you, I'll have coffee. I had yet to ask my friend whom I was trying to impress with this place. Needless to say, my friend came in and told me she was thinking of having breakfast. I took out my computer to show her a design I was working on, and the hostess rushed to our table, concerned that I would work at that booth. I was annoyed by her rude behavior. I have never been targeted this way, especially at Astros. It was demeaning, but I told her to let me enjoy my coffee. What became more upsetting and apparently clear as we sat there was that we felt profiled, 2 grown middle-aged minority business owners; it's not like we looked unkempt or disheveled. We were just a minority. So, while we sat there trying to move past the uncomfortable atmosphere. We saw people start to trickle in. We noticed the hostess had no problem with them sitting at the booths and ordering coffee. One guy brought out his laptop and set himself up to do him; he was not pressured to buy anything and sat there working on his computer, drinking coffee with no questions asked. Not one of the caucasian people who came in was treated in such a demeaning manner. They were allowed to be in peace, no questions asked; my friend decided against having food because of the earlier scene. I never had my coffee refilled; my friend was brought a cup of water with that IDC energy. The whole visit was a complete disappointment, and it definitely changed my view and memories of this place. When my friend left. I spoke to the hostess and explained that her behavior was unreasonable, and she told me she did nothing wrong. I asked to talk to the owner but was told to wait. I waited a reasonable amount of time and then asked again if he was available. She told me he was on the phone. Then the other waitress informed me I would have to wait a half hour to speak to him. I declined the offer; I had already wasted my time coming here. This is a sad review to leave for a place full of memories for me; so that I am clear, I felt discriminated against and targeted as I have never in my 41 years visiting this place been made to feel less, and my friend sadly felt the same way, never again.

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My father and I enjoy eating here. Lots of delicious foods to choose from. The staff is always friendly and the restaurant has a nostalgic feel to it.

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