Pace Joint

7860 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles
(323) 745-5141

Recent Reviews

Richard Pena

Yuck. No sauce on the pizza, there was actually almost a creamy, slimy something going on under the cheese. I had to tear the pizza slices by hand because they couldn’t even cut it through all the way.

Igor Koyfman

Awesome pizza, mushroom and lox are my favorites. Friendly service too.

Hyun-sik Kim

The staff here is so kind. Piazza was also great. Love this place!

Rachel Thomas

The vegan BLT slaps. This is the best tempeh bacon I’ve ever had., and they give you the nice lettuce and tomatoes. And, service is excellent! ??Tricolore salad is really great, too.

Chris Enslow

Great patio and great late night staff serving really nice wood fired pizza. We thought we were going to carry this out but found out about the outdoor seating and had a great meal. Thanks to the staff for the relaxed atmosphere!

Amy Harris

We do want to like Pace Joint but after 3 fails we can no longer support this business. Our last experience was the worst. We ordered for delivery and the estimated time was 30 minutes (we live 2 blocks away). After an hour I called and they told me the driver was out with the food, 20 minutes later I called and they said the driver never picked up the food and canceled the order. I called again and they told me my order was just sitting there. I ordered directly from their website. I went and picked it up and came home to find that only half my order was there. They told me I would be refunded but they never refunded me, now I have to dispute with my credit card company.

Zhao Chong

I absolutely like this place. They have a great patio that's in the back outside . The salads and the pizzas are all fantastic. Looking forward to trying the others on the menu.

Ashley Garvey

Yuck. No sauce on the pizza, there was actually almost a creamy, slimy something going on under the cheese. I had to tear the pizza slices by hand because they couldn’t even cut it through all the way. Meatballs were dry and the sauce was something your basic white girl would make, so acidic it tasted more like homemade tomato soup. Also, cherry on top, no utensils included even though requested. Try eating meatballs without silverware. That was fun. Overall lack of care, effort and recipes. If you’ve ever had even semi decent Italian food, you’ll be disappointed.

Zoe Bower

My go to turkey burger spot, so good and so fresh! They have a cute back patio too. The ratings about takeout are based on food that’s been packaged in a box, which never is as good right out of the oven. Give pace joint a chance!

yisselle chavez

very nice lowkey spot to eat very private great place for celebrities to go for example. food is very good i did noticed that when i order avocado toast it was very different from last time but it was improved it tasted even better but it was a bit hard to eat not gonna lie but there food is great i still need to try there eggplant lasagna

Breanna Ellison

I really wanted to like this place because the patio and the waitstaff were so lovely, but food wise I gotta be honest. The pizza was very average - not good and definitely not worth the price. I got a little eeked out because as I was eating my pasta (also super duper average and not worth the price), I noticed giant flakes of the pan or something that had stuck and then been released from the pan. It was definitively not shaved mushrooms or meat or anything - it had zero flavor and was just black, like char or the coating of the pan itself. Don’t go here unless maybe you order the cheapest pizza and have accoutrements at the ready to give it much-needed flavor.

Connor Leahey

Save your money, take out here is a joke. Lettuce and 1/2 lb of chicken for $30. I’m going to reevaluate my life now.

Stephany Arias

Immaculate patio! Loved the pizza came out piping hot and delicious. Great service overall. Tremendous vibes.

Joe DiPadova

Just ordered a grilled chicken sandwich, arrived fresh. Has zero, and I mean ZERO flavor. None. Like styrofoam. And it’s not grilled. I think they didn’t use any salt at all. Or pepper. Really terrible.The only reason I’m leaving a review at all is I tried to call and rectify. First call seemed to not connect at all. No answer, just beeping after a while. Called again, they answered, then was left on hold, which it turns out was the beeping. They had answered the phone and put me on hold without saying anything. They never returned to the second call. I get you’re busy, we’ve all been in the weeds, but please, some basic service. If you’re that busy, hire more people. If you can’t get more people, pay more. But as of now the experience sucks.

Vany sin anciedad

I asked for a pepperoni pizza, it didn't have any flavor this place is located at a good area you should try to learn more about making a good pizza!! So you don't go out of business!

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