Straight Outta The Grill - PERMANENTLY CLOSED

10939 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles


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Low tier dank. Absolute minimal dankness involved. Okay we see you, on the street , only truck in distance next to every other person out and Alive on Main Street ... in ... SANTA MONICA. Location is only reason why they could snag that 2nd star. Cool I'll get a .... quesadilla. Why not. With one of the dankest meats. Steak? Yeah ! Hmm.... 30 mins later. Chirp chirp holy wow time is a flat circle cause there seems to be no progress. You learn a lot about yourself when you' full review
This is just not good food. Think bad bar food but not as greasy. It mostly tastes like large scale food provider things served up crisipified and luke warm. The chicken nuggets were spongy and salty. The mozzarella sticks had a weird breading and were not fully melted inside. It was kinda like eating string cheese with a room temperature crouton wrapped around it. And it came with a Pace Picante style salsa. I thought it was marinara so made the mistake of full review
Pulled up to a great bar I like, this food truck is outside. First time to try it pics of burgers on the side looked good, ordered one. Take several bites and realize the bacon on the burger is RAW. Halfass cooked on one side, pink on the other. Take it back, point to it saying this isnt cooked, girl is uninterested. says 'oh, you want something else?' "No, just ate raw pork, dont want anything else, I hope i dont get sick." 'So what do you want?' " full review

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Straight Outta The Grill - PERMANENTLY CLOSED

10939 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034
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