5526 York Blvd, Highland Park
(323) 206-5020

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Haley Iglesias

This subway horrible customer service!!! Today worker was being rude saying he will not take my orders that I’m banned. Since I didn’t say have a nice day back after I said thank you. He was having an overwhelmed day but didn’t need to put it on the customers waiting !!

Rhiz Rodriguez

The staff are always friendlyFood: 5/5

John Mathews


Alejandra G.

The young lady Jade working here is absolutely friendly and such hard worker. Got my order done super fast. Great service!

Kat Deranged

Was ok employees a bit lazy and slow but good

Joanna R.

Bad customer service, I had to walk out because the lady, got me mad and she need bad comment in Spanish think I was not going understand her. She need to learn customer service or fired she is so rude. I can see I am not the first person complaint about her. All I have to say f*** that lady. I not care if she older but she crossed line.

Jose Luis Ruiz

Great place to get a Large sandwich, I come here 3 times a week to buy Some lunch or occasionally some Dinner. The staff are friendly and have always made the subs I order exactly the way I want them weather it's in person or online with the app. The hours of operation have changed due to the pandemic so make sure you check the website or check here on Google for the time changes. They accept cash and debit/Credit card as a method of payment.

Randy Jauregui

The service was quick and efficient .

Add G

My sandwich tasted like cleaning chemicals.

wanDUH C.

Wow. The service at this location is fricken BEYOND TERRIBLE!! the lady was very very rude. Like she had a bad day and was taking it out on us with her d*** attitude. I ordered a SUBWAY CLUB. this lady did not know what goes in that. She was putting bacon in it. I stopped her and told her I ordered the SUBWAY CLUB. And theres no bacon in it. EVER. unless requested, which I didnt. So she was giving attitude taking the bacon out. Then she proceeds to put my sisters and I sandwiches on the tray to toast. Which she didn't even ask me if I wanted it toasted or not. I'm like hold on..what meat did you put on there? She said ham and Turkey. SHES WRONG AGAIN!! she missed the roast beef! So now I'm one layer of meat less and paid for full price. I wish she had a damn name tag on her uniform. But maybe theres a reason why these workers here at this location doesn't have name tags. And as I was eating the sandwich I noticed there was no cheese!! W.t.f.?? Did she pull the cheese out along with the bacon? Does she get some kinda recognition for using the least amount of cheese of the day?? Fricken ayeeee.. So on the receipt. I was hoping her name would be printed on there..but NOPE! Like are these employees all anonymous because the service is that bad? We complained to corporate and we get offered A FREE SODA OR 2 COOKIES. ARE YOU SERIOUS?? that's...not even close to the cost of the sandwiches. So sad. Maybe that's why I haven't gone to subway in a long time until tonight only because it was the closest food spot by the laundromat. That lady needs to get some customer service skill training. And she needs to study the menu. Go to Subway University or some crap. Bahahaha

John Martinez

I really liked the way Emily treated me, a true professional and expert in sandwich preparation. I recommend this restaurant

sandra herrera

I love this subway great customer service they are all very cool people at this subway

Dirty Shizno

I love this Subway, everyone is friendly, fast and helpful, I don’t like going anywhere else!

Edwin Guerra

Service is average, the soda machine was not working, they gave me a bottle soda, was not cold?

Add Luv

My sandwich tasted like cleaning chemicals.

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