Taco Bell

2628 S Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles
(310) 815-1792

Recent Reviews

Gustavo Rodriguez

Please stay away if you can! Taco meat tastes doubtful.

Naomi & Alessa

Always fast, good & friendly staff...let's tip fast-food for good service...something missing from the below standard food at way above prices!!!

Ric Kong

Small store in a convenient location. Good for take out.

Luke David Johnson

I like this location because the food tastes the way it should! Very fresh food, friendly management. Thank you!

Lyn W. Stone

I love the food in here. I love your taco!

Jessi Phong

Very good location since this is near from our place!

Amantha Bagdon

Place your order ahead of time on the app! Super easy and tons of customizable options. They allow you to grab as many sauces/utensils/napkins as you need so don't worry about them not putting any in your to-go bag!

Freddy Hernandez

They never give me the right order. Every time we would go there and I would sometimes ask for a taco with no lettuce or burrito with no sauce and you think that they would take it out, but instead they leave it in even though you've told the cashier face to face. And I'm pretty sure everyone has been through something like this, but every time I go there, they do the exact same thing

Phil Archer

They switched up the loaded grilles, but it's an easy lunch.

Aria B.

I called in to simply find out if the restroom is working because it was broken the last days. And since I am working from site to site it is hard to find a restroom. The woman rudely shouted if this was seriously the reason what I was calling for. I was mentioning that the restroom was broken before and I wanted to know if it is working now, but before I finished my sentence she hung up on my face. So rude this staff and is not suppose to be for a nationwide franchisee.

Shaun Ramage

I tried to stop by on my afternoon dog walk in the middle of what should have been lunch and there was a handwritten sign saying the store was closed. This kind of service is unacceptable.

William L.

This is a standard taco shop. Okay but nothing special. As a senior citizen I prefer places that have a senior discount.

Piper Smith

Good service. Quick food.

Oceana Dickenson

I just love taco bells yummy food,fast service & friendly employees too!

Jack Cohen

I had a soft potato tacos and it was excellent and the guy in front was absolutely nice and fast.

Scott Plank

Tacos are your best value.

Malcolm Johnson

The food is usually pretty good and what you normally expect from Taco Bell. Your order comes out pretty fast and they usually don't make any mistakes. My concern is with the staff at this Taco Bell. They don't smile. They don't say Hello. Welcome to Taco Bell. How can I help you. Everyone looks either upset or totally disinterested that you stopped by to patronize their restaurant. People skills really go a long way.

Candy Dulce

Very poor experience this evening with management at this establishment. I normally would not leave a review like this because I am familiar to the ladies that work here since I am a loyal customer and come here 3-4 times a week, unfortunately the Manager seems to think that she can talk to me as if I am her employee or relative simply because she I am there often. This evening, I was parked in the parking lot for about 10 mins, I hadnâ??t walked in to buy anything yet, she cane and knocked on my window and went into a random tantrum about how other customers complain about no parking spaces? What does that have to do with me? I am a customer, and the parking problem is not my problem. I went inside to order and I asked her to please keep it professional because I am a customer trying to order and I am not one of her relative or employee that she thinks she can talk down to, tonight, 06/19/19, between 8:35PM - 8:50PM, after I said this to her she decided to turn her back on me and not take my order, like a child. I stood there quietly waiting in disbelief that this grown woman, manager of this establishment, was acting like a child, and decided not to take my order simply because I reminded her that I was a customer and not her relative or employee to not talk as if I was. It was very unprofessional and childish of her to act that way.

Sherri H.

Be careful and always ask for a receipt. Went into Taco Bell on Robertson on Sunday and ordered a Box Nacho Supreme for $5 +.00.When asked if I wanted a receipt I said no. On Tuesday when I checked my bank statement I noticed there was a charge to my account for a purchase on Monday for almost $15.00. Went to the location and spoke with Lita the on duty manager. She stated I would need to talk to store manager. She took my name and number. I gave her the transaction numbers. Waiting for a response. P.S. This is the 2nd time this has happened, to me. The first was at a donut shop on Lacienega and Guthrie. Times are hard and people are desperate. It might just be an Coincidence, but you never know. Be watchful

Roman Pierce

I've been to different states & ate at a Taco Bell & this is the only one on Robertson in W. L.A. that shrunk their supreme crunch wrap. LMAO It was good, the place was cleaned but not very spacious.

dj mokes

They have the best 5 layer burritos. Very clean spot

Nicolas V.

I HAD TO WAIT 30 MINUTES FOR MY ORDER OF JUST ONE $1 QUESADILLA!!! When I asked them what is taking so long they said they already called my order and that I was TOO BUSY TALKING!!! What kind of of place would only say your order once and NOT REPEAT IT!! this is why I only go to the Taco Bell in Westchester shoutout to Alejandra she's a real one provides the best service unlike any of these fools here. Have a blessed day.


my friends and i were in this taco bell and after getting our food and eating at the booth we we singing along with the music that was playing. we were then approached â??the managerâ? who told us to quiet down and that people donâ??t want to hear us. we then felt very uncomfortable in the atmosphere and had to leave soon. the food might be good but the customer service is questionable ... 2/10 would not recommend

Big Wave Dave

Good clean place to grab a taco. In my opinion better than most other ones.

C.R Taylor

I can say this much,their nacho fries are way better than McDonald's bacon fries. Also their food doesn't give me the runs anymore which I real like.

Pepe Duarte

Fresh food great customer service and prices

Edward Meza

Was alright. Food was warm, but they forgot to put my chips and cheese in my meal instead of the cinnamon twist.

Eric Bare

So there was a very small situation and the manager was so nice and kind and took care of the situation right away thank you very much always have love Taco Bell now I love it even more

H. J. S.

So this is what happens when you shove 30.00 worth of food into a paper bag. Then the charge you $5.50 to remake the order.

Nicole D

Super fast service, kind staff. Keep it up guys!

Paulette Medwin Carlson

This is a fairly decent Taco Bell. Portions arenâ??t great in size. Iâ??ve had larger portions at other locations but they do a decent job and the food is consistently good

Mack F.

Disappointed with my latest visit I asked for my usual meal with a bottled water and was told by an African american male that they no longer offer that with the meals I would have to purchase it separately. I've gone to other taco bell locations never had this issue until today.Seems like this person is the only 1 enforcing this policy I've asked for water here previously without an issue until I ran into this person. I wouldn't be suprised if this person is the owner of the franchise and is taking it upon himself to make up his own rules.


the cashier was great and very pleasant. The food came out quickly. Was craving some quesadilla and they were able to make it very quickly. Happy with this visit.

Karen Fisher

This is the absolute worst fast food in my area. No taste, burned beans, cardboard tortilla. And who could wreck a taco....? Staff very nice but food has to go. Go to Campos across the street. Itâ??s consistentl good and fresh.

Natalie H.

the bitch with the accent was rude as fuck it's halloween and my son is only 10 yrs old and very excited about hiz costume and the bitch was rude to him telling him to take off his mask . just the way she said was very rude so fuck and fuck this taco bell

Rob W.

Stopped by this location tonight to get some tacos and the customer service was bad. After the guy in front of me was done ordering the employee asked if his order was for "here or to go" and he received a tray for his food. After I ordered the employee didn't ask she just assumed it was to go so i had to get my own tray instead (i did notice that the other customer and the employee were the same race so maybe that had something to do with it idk). They also were out of water cups so they make you purchase a soda cup just to fill it with water. I guess they dont trust you enough not to get soda even though the machine is 4 feet away from where you order.

Penelope R.

Fast service and honestly, tasty food. Despite it being so terribly bad for you it was really good food. I was so hungry at 11 and I came here because it was open and I enjoyed it.

Edy S.

Fun Fact: Taco Bell is actually the healthiest fast food option. Don't ask me to cite my sources cause I'm not going to. I'm gonna go ahead and give this establishment 4 out of 5 stars for three reasons: 1) Its always clean. 2) They have never messed up my order. 3) The staff is friendly. It's Taco Bell, it is what it is and you know what to expect. This particular establishment consistently delivers an adequate Taco Bell experience.

Myla M.

Well, what can you really say? It is Taco Bell...A.K.A. "Toxic Hell" everyone has a craving for it every so often. Seeing cutie pie Josh Duhamel's Web of Fries commercials not only crack me up, but made me want to try them...of course, I did...but I didn't stop there, I also got 2 Doritos Los Locos Nacho Cheese Taco Supreme. I was so hungry that I didn't notice that the person who took my order did not give me a Taco Supreme, (about .75 more) so I ate one taco and then noticed that it was not a supreme, so I went to the counter and told them that I ate one, before I noticed that it was not a supreme, so the guy switched out my other taco and gave me a supreme. What he should have done is let me keep the other taco and given me two other supremes...I was a little disappointed to see the guy just trash the other taco...he just threw it away. I mean, there are homeless people that would have loved that taco. The food was okay...The Nacho Fries were pretty good. They look better on TV. The taco was better.

Luciano O.

Can't beat a stacker box after a night of fun in LA. Viva Taco!! Not a bad place. Got right off at the 10 Fwy and picked up a bite and a drink. Interesting selection here.