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3016 Washington Blvd, Marina Del Rey
(310) 301-7278

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Dined here as a party of 6 and chose a table in what is ostensibly the inside section but is still pretty airy. It was a chilly night but there are heaters toasting your back even in this area, which some of our party actually found made it too hot. However, onto the important stuff. This is a busy area and a bustling street. The restaurant has a parking lot but to use it, and you will probably need to if you are driving here, will cost you $8 for the compulsory valet service. Not too expensive and efficiently done although I always feel a tinge of resentment about the compulsory nature of such services, but still, no big deal. We had a reservation and I suggest you do as well, it is busy. At least it was this Friday evening and I suspect is usually so. However the service was efficient and friendly and we didn't have to wait. Our server, Ian, was extremely helpful and affable which always helps matters. Others have mentioned the frequently replenished garlic bread, hot from the oven, which drew rave reviews from the table. We were warned that people tend to consume many of these to the possible detriment of their appetite for the rest of the meal; advice that was roundly ignored by my party as we went through at least a couple of platefuls. Fairly traditional italian but a varied and fairly large menu. You can stick to the old favorites if you like, or branch out and we all chose something different and everyone thoroughly enjoyed said choices. I had a 4 cheese ravioli in a peso sauce with sun dried tomatoes that I very much enjoyed, although I confess to feeling a pang of disappointment that I hadn't picked the gnocchi with ragu that my neighbor chose which looked delicious indeed. Service was pretty speedy, which made me wonder whether they wanted to hustle us off the table, but I don't actually think that was the case. The owner checked with us regarding our enjoyment of the meal and we had a fun, albeit short discussion with him before making use of the aforementioned valet service. All in all a loverly meal, convivial atmosphere which is typical of Italian restaurants of course but not too loud to limit conversation. Pricey? We paid $250 including tip and some alcohol which for a party of 6 in LA didn't strike me as too bad at all. I would definitely enjoy eating here again

Monica Rotondo

Excellent food and service. Everyone there was so nice, helpful and awesome. The food was reasonably priced the portions were good sized the never ending garlic knots are hot and delicious and always being refilled. The place was clean, nice outdoor seating. Would 100% return there if I ever came back to California.Parking: On street or had valet for $8.00

Lynisha Smith

Great service. Garlicky knots just keep coming!!! Substitutions were accommodated. Just not able to provide separate checks for a large table. Service was on point!

Steve Veidemanis

I went to this restaurant with my family for my 40th birthday and had a lovely time.The restaurant has a lovely patio and has a very unassuming vibe to it.The bottomless garlic knots were awesome and you have to be careful not to fill up on them! The cocktails were tasty and the food portions were great and tasted awesome.My only complaint was our waiter asked all his tables apart from mine if we had a special occasion so I missed out on getting happy birthday sung to me however I think I’ll survive such a snub.Definitely recommend this restaurant!

Theodore C.

Overall the food was mediocre. The service was not great. What was great was the guy with the "Garlic Knots" Not to offensive but the recipes at C and O need updating the competition is too high for them to continue to use old recipes and no seasonings.

Lauren W.

We feel like family when we're here. Great food and ambience! Attentive staff who are knowledgeable. Kenny is our favorite and our go-to guy who has always taken care of us forever. Grateful for the ongoing brotherhood.

Cyn F.

I absolutely love this place . I bring everyone here , my favorite thing to order is the penne arrabiata with Italian sausage . Ofcourse the garlic knots is the reason we keep coming back . I can rave about this place for days love it . However I am taking one star away for this one experience I had . Our waiter was this girl I think she was new because we had never seen her before . However I asked her for a glass of wine and she asked me for my ID . Ofcourse this is standard but why didn't she ask the girl sitting next to me who looked young ?? Iike if you're gonna do your job make sure you actually do your job and ID everyone . Don't pick and choose who you're going to ID . I felt profiled because I just watched you not ID the girl next to me who looked the same age if not younger .. this just threw the vibe off and she just had such a bad attitude. Unlike the older gentleman we usually get who is always so attentive and kind and cracks jokes .

Leen J.

LOVE LOVE LOVE! This is my go-to when craving Italian food or whenever friends want to go out for dinner. I love the vibes and the outdoor seating area is super cute. Food never disappoints and bottomless garlic knots. ENOUGH SAID.

Dustin N.

C&O Cucina had the worst service I have received from a restaurant in a very long time. I came in on a Sunday afternoon with my grandparents because we read reviews about how great their garlic rolls and food in general were. For a restaurant that prides itself on its complimentary garlic rolls, the last thing I expected was to get a haughty side-eye from the waiter when my family asked for some. Keep in mind that they definitely knew we were there because we were seated right in front of the kitchen entrance, watching them constantly pass by while blatantly ignoring us. Even when we ran out and my grandma asked for more, they would only give us one or two. How can you treat a party with two elderly people like that? At the end of our meal, we asked a waiter if we could get 2 or 3 garlic rolls to take home and they said we had to buy them, 6 for $2.50. I had no issues with that until after they charged me for it, a woman sitting at the table next to me asked for the same thing and was just given them on the spot. $2.50 is no big deal, but actions truly speak louder than words here. It is just absolutely disgusting that the waiters would do it right in front of us. The entrees themselves were decent. There wasn't really anything special about the flavor that made it stand out compared to the other Italian spots around. An extra message to these horrible waiters, tipping is a COURTESY and not a privilege. If you treat my family like that, what makes you think you deserve a tip?

Amy F.

I can never get enough of this place! Anywhere that has an endless supply of garlic knots (delivered free every 5mins) is my slice of heaven. Service is always excellent here, staff are so patient and friendly! There does seem to be a parking lot at this location, but we parked on the street without checking if it was free or paid valet. It's great for family style if you want large portions to split and to try a little bit of everything. Plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. Food is always fresh, delicious, and great leftovers if you can't eat it all!

Richard D.

I went to C&O Cucino for my birthday dinner and it was a great dining experience and atmosphere. We made a same-day reservation and were sat immediately when we arrived. Our server was terrific and let us know about the unlimited Killer Garlic Rolls in our first interaction. We took advantage of this and probably got around 6 plates of the rolls. I got the Rigatoni Al Forno, one of the more popular dishes, and it was well seasoned and tasted amazing even after eating all of the garlic rolls. They also sang happy birthday and embarrassed me, but it also came with a complimentary tiramisu, making it better I guess. Overall, the experience, service, and food were amazing. I will definitely be back whether I'm celebrating a special event or just straight up hungry.

loukik b.

Good food and service. The best thing is they have lot of vegetarian options with pasta and pizza

Rosalae S.

We went for dinner with friends Great garlic bread Salads were great

Rebecca Y.

I came here on Saturday at 6:00pm with my fiancé and we were seated right away! As soon as you check in with the staff, the ambiance and service is great. I thank the staff for their hospitality and hard work. This place truly never disappoints. But besides the great service, the food was yummy! I got the Eggplant Parmigiana and my fiancé got the Chicken Marsala and it was absolutely delicious and Flavorful. We will be back!

Bob S.

Always outstanding food especially the pizza dough rolls. They make a nice strong drink at the bar and we are planning on going back again and again

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