El Pollo Loco

4501 Slauson Ave, Maywood
(323) 771-1199

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Jazmin Rivas

I ordered a double chicken tostada, I had never had chicken so dry and it was so burnt it Was bitter they also didn’t even put the rice in my tostada, did not have guacamole or sour cream

Christian Rolando

This is the second time I go to this spot and it is awful from customer service to the food. I ordered a salad and it had old nasty Lettuce and they get bothered when you ask for condiments don't come here choose a different pollo loco

Chris Martinez

Great location. Parking is a little difficult. The place was clean and wasn't so packed with people.

Gus Tavo

My experience here was just not pleasant as they just didn’t seem prepared to begin with. I came in for a nice loco lunch box for my lunch break and I go in and there’s already a line which wasn’t too bad until I realized there was short staff. Everything was just unorganized with there being one worker for cashier and finalizing orders. I go up to order and I was already told there were only black beans so I had to change my lunch option and ended up with the salad so then I get the salad and they had no lime cilantro sauce either so I couldn’t even enjoy that. Then I started to eat the salad and noticed some chicken pieces burned and the avocado barely ripe so it wasn’t even the soft taste as usual. Overall, it wasn’t the best experience but I feel as long as they get more staff or even just prepare more then it can be better.

estela perez

Not a good place to eatCashier's and cook to slowMissing staff to serve the dishesDid not have tostada's shellsOr to make burritos.No spoons, napkins,And dine in area too dirty.

Michael “CAKEMOVESMIKEY” Jimenez

This has tonbe the worst managed Pollo loco ever. 2 times in 1 week, I came to order through drive thru, and they ran out of chicken, then I was stuck in the drive thru line for 10 minutes just trying to get out. Smh.

Veronica C.

I hate they don't have chicken ready. Why? Is there a cook making them all day long? Why do they run out, not just Cudahy location but Maywood location. It's ridiculous that I have to go searching to both locations on the same day and both are out of chicken. Chicken is delicious but come on!

Ms. HoneyJack ..

OMG. the only reason I went here today, is because KING TACO across the street was crowded, and I wanted some tacos. I hardly ever check the yelp or reviews with there is a spare of the moment driving to a fast food place. I need to change that.. UGH.. I went to the drive through , I ordered 2 tacos El Carbon, with the green avocado sauce and lemons.. when I get to the window I get the two tacos with the red salsa.. that is NOT what I wanted as far as salsa.. and NO napkins. I'm like REALLY!!.. I asked ( Geneye ) atleast that is the name on my receipt. where was the green sauce and lemon.. she said they are packing it now. I asked her, well are you going to give them to me, I will wait, she then starts telling me I only can give you two.. I was like you NEVER gave me one. I just want the green sauce don't care how many I get. Then she gives them to me, I had to then ask, what about the lemons.. she with attitude goes in the fridge and gets me the lemons.. Then I had to ask for napkins.. I felt like I was bugging her for the simple things that should have came with my order. They wont have to worry about me again,, I will just leave before noon and get to King T before they get crowded.. UGH.. And, I don't need the generic, please contact us so when can make it better email from corporate. You guys have enough bad reviews to get someone to that location and train your employees better. and I don't need the 2.00 or 10.00 I'm sorry coupon and have to be subjected to a bunch of questions from the call center. My receipt number or check number is ChK1360, if you need to research the incident. I'm DONE ! ! !

Ruby C.

Don't ever go to this location!!! The worst service ever!!! They don't have chicken or other items that they feature in the menu. Never going back!

Sandra L.

Horrible service. The wait time is way too long even when I ordered for pick up. It said my order was ready and it wasn't. By the time I had to pick up doors were locked and I literally had to knock hard AND call in order to have someone open the door. I should have just cancelled my order.

Gloria E.

The worst service I ever had! Most of the time they never have any food and they make you wait in line to find out they have nothing you want which is so frustrating and a waste of time!!! I don't understand why they're even open for business if they can't take an order and when they do happen to fill your order it's a chicken soup without any chicken or a chicken salad with 2 or 3 pieces of chicken if you're lucky. Don't waste your time going by their especially if you're very hungry.

Leo Almazan

They really need to improve everything in this Place!Fountain Drinks taste Bad.The meal preparation taste kind of OK. But they need to work hard on the everything

Erick n.

I'm a resident and more than 7 times I've gone when there suppose to open they never do! 10qm They tell me come back at 12pm like really.. Today i went and they tell me they open at 10.30 when Google says 10am. And when they do they don't got no chicken! You guys have horrible management. Mexican lady. Zero stars fam.

Pablo R.

Trash ass location and management is trash! They are never open or they don't have chicken to cook what the hell is going on. Get it together or at least put up a sign that it's closed. Every time I go I have to guess if it's open or not on a regular working day and working hours that's unacceptable. I will not be going to this location anymore.

Kim Medina

This place was very unprofessional, I ordered a pollo bowl. And the rice was not cooked correctly, the chicken was burnt badly. The workers took so long to make the food. There were flies everywhere, there tables were dirty. The workers looked very unprofessional and they couldn’t even use a cash register.

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