Los Jilbertos Taco Shop

27511 McCall Blvd, Menifee
(951) 430-2899

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Trina Mabunay

We usually order asada breakfast burritos. This was good in comparison to when we lived in SD.. They use hash browns for their potatoes. Could use a little more asada but overall the cheese, potatoes, and egg ratio was commendable. Love their Verde and chunky salsa. Their red was more sour than I would have liked. But not bad. Love how they had chiliquiles.Did I mention it was a drive thru!!! Can't wait to try more. Put more asada in the breakfast burrito please :)

Even H.

Great Mexican food at an affordable price. Staff was friendly and welcoming. I will be visiting again!

Sophia S.

Absolutely loved it here! Staff was great and the food was amazing. I saw that they make their guac FRESH Absolutely phenomenal Definitely coming back!!

Homeysue A.

Crispy tacos 9/10 Chimichanga 8.2/10 Torta 7.6/10 The food here is quick convenient and there is a drive thru the staff is also very friendly and the gas station it's attached too has great gas prices!!

Ed L.

Recently moved to Menifee from San Diego. I tried a few different Taco Shops in the area, Los Jilbertos is by far the best. The carne asada burritos, carne asada fries and salsas are always on point. I usually stop by once a week. Thanks

Jeff W.

I'm changing my two stars to four after trying their breakfast burrito. Pretty good.

Mary Jane C.

I was hungry and stopped at Los Jilinertos one night and it looked like I came too late. They were closing or closed but they took my order anyway. I was so happy they took my order. I ordered the chicken rolled tacos or taquitos. When I opened my box to eat, I couldn't believe how delicious it was and how much food was in there! They really did a great job. They were friendly and amazing! I will definitely eat here again when I'm in that area!


Fantastic experience. Martin prepared me one of the best double asada burritos I’ve had in a long time. Very friendly and food price if very fair. I recommend the burritos for sure . Definitely eat here when I’m in the area. The portions are very good but if you’re like carne asada try double meat on your burrito. I always ask for that.

Tina Shore

Way to much enchilada sauce poured all over my enchiladas and my rice and beans, over flowing out of the box. I just wanted cheese enchiladas not enchilada soup. Stop it with all the sauce unless asked for.

Tammy D.

The food is ok here but the problem is the salsa is so inconsistent. There needs to be a recipe that everyone follows so the salsa tastes the same all the time. The guacamole I got today was so dark and it's 3pm. This is disgusting if you guys have to make fresh guacamole hourly that's what you should do to make sure customers are getting bright green guacamole. Also the carne asada meat has changed. This time it was extremely chewy. I kept pulling it out of my mouth. This doesn't happen where I'm from in Chula Vista. Are you guys doing this on purpose because of the area you serve? Even the Escondido location is better than this one. I hate when I have to write a negative review but it's the only thing businesses respond to. Hopefully necessary changes are made before this community catches on. Lastly the prices are outrageous and the food isn't worth it. Again maybe it's the area you serve. Sucks

Frank Chambers

Rolled tacos amd Carne Asada fries were great. The variety of salsas had good falvor and heat. Fresh carrots and jalapeños also available. Clean place and great taco shop. Restroom was clean too.

Don Tak

Decided to try this newer place out on Taco Tuesday. Got 4 street tacos, including one Cabeza taco to try it out for the first time & it was absolutely delicious! Who knew beef tongue & cheek meat could be so good? Big portions & delicious! The day shift staff was friendly. I'll be back for sure!

Sue Smith

It took the guy 10 minutes to figure out my order when I called in I had to keep repeating everything and he couldn’t find the keys on the register for it. When I got the order home the burrito I ordered with green sauce had a hot red sauce on it so my husband could not eat it. I ordered a taco salad it had plenty of meat but it was tough. This is not the first time They have gotten things wrong but they were new so I kind of just overlooked it. Will not be going there anymore I spent $42 and it was definitely not worth it everything ended up in the trashcan except the french fries!

Jeannie M

The service was the best! The cashier was so nice! The food was delicious! I got an order of carne asada nachos, and I loved the portion. I love how they added ice coffee to their menu as well. :) Will be going back in the future.

Rick W.

First time here and Blanca was the server and felt like my granddaughter was taking care of us. My wife was looking at one of the house soft drinks and Blanca handed us a small cup to taste. We ordered one fish and one shrimp combo and loved them both; of course, we shared one each and loved both. Could not been more surprised and pleased at our visit. Will return.

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