Taco Bell

26660 Encanto Dr, Sun City
(951) 679-5011

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Scarlett Meszaros

Went to go get some Taco Bell tonight, I ordered 2 black bean crunch wrap supremes.. the first one was made correctly & the second one was a crunch wrap supreme with meat.. I figured since the first one was made correctly I didn’t have to check the second one but I bit into it and ate some before realizing it had meat. For someone who has been vegetarian for 7+years this is unimaginably disgusting. This location has messed up orders before as in missing items, but never to this extent. We will never return to this location. Cross contamination city.

H.D H.

This place is trash, they don't even serve breakfast!!! Bad location as well. Waste of time.

Louise C.

I haven't had Taco Bell in a while. I ordered the Mexican Pizza and two crunchy tacos. All the food was good. Service was very slow. I would go back though.

Crystal talks about the truth

If I could give zero stars I would. Let me say first it's not about the money it's this place trying to get people sick. I order 2 regular tacos cause they said they do not sale half the stuff I wanted even though it was on their menu. So when I got my tacos I said is there hot sauce in the bag and the girl said we only have 2 kinds and I said okay may I have some. So then I left I was on the road decided to eat and when I opened it the taco was soggy and gross. The other one looked better so I was going to try and eat that one. Well as soon as I picked it up it started to fall apart and that first bit was horrible the taste was like putting either meat that was soaked in dirty dish water or meat that was sitting out for a day or two. Like I said not about the money they clearly do not care about their customers since they serve food like that. I know tacos get soggy but not right after u get them from the restaurant and yes it could have been a lot of juice but nope just nasty old meat that would have most likely gave me food poisoning. Very disappointed and disgusted.

JJ Diablos

This is my second time coming here. Walked in and the employee who stood there and very annoyed asked how they can help. I asked for a Taco & Burrito Cravings Pack. He “couldn’t find it” on the POS so another person helped them. However after the other employee left the person at the POS stood there for about another 15 mins idk but he looked high. Taking tht long and talking super slow…idk was wrong maybe he was new??Who knows but the employees need to be trained correctly. After getting my order. I went home expecting my order to be correct and NO. yes I did receive the 4 crunchy tacos in the Pack but to my understanding the Tacos & Burritos Pack comes with Beefy 5 Layer Burritos. They were NOT. They were just beans and shredded cheese. What the hell? This KFC/ Tacobell needs to do better the employees are always rude. I say this as a former fast food employee that these ppl just don’t care.Yeah I could’ve just gone back and asked for it to be fixed but it would’ve been double work for me and for them.

Juliane R.

This place sucks. If you come to this location, just know you wont be able to get certain things ON THE MENU because their "machine breaks down or they're out of it". Ive been here about 3 times now and there was always something wrong when wanting to order something. They're not even close to closing and it would be daytime when they tell you this. Even though I live closer to this location, I refuse to come here and will drive further out for taco bell.

Debbie W.

Music was so loud, we could hear it in the parking lot. Employees refused to turn it down. There was a group of about 15 of us all over 65. We left. This is a retirement community, not a concert hall. Will not be back.

Hilary Kurth

The young guy, working the window was above and beyond with his customer service as for the other employees were sarcastic and rude especially when I respectfully told them the rice in all 7 burritos wasn't cooked... at all thank God I didn't break a tooth. ?

Briezy M (munewhisker)

Went for a quick order last night after a long day at the water and ended up coming back with a Cheesy Gordita crunch with no meat and spilling out Spicy Ranch all over our other food. It was like half a bottle was emptied on it. Pretty sure it was purposeful. Doritos taco was cold. No receipt given as asked (likely also on purpose). Extremely disappointing will not be coming back. Was nothing but nice. No reason to do something so extremely rude.

Mark Olesen (kirKauai)

A bit of a line at the drive thru, however, it went quickly. Ordered crunchy tacos ?, a perfect comfort food, and we snared them down like they were the last tacos in the world.The only down side ? was the lack of Hot sauce. Mild and Fire they had, however, Hot they did not.

kimberly caudle

Love taco bell they to some great items off the list NO GREEN BEAN BURRITOS, MEXI MEXI MELTS, ENCHERITOS.

Rebecca F.

It's obvious this establishment had poor management and very rude employees. Walked up to the counter to order and the woman behind the counter had her head down and literally ignored us for a few min. It was very awkward. At that moment, I should've walked away and went somewhere else. Finally took our order and then come to find out, they had no ice and all their drinks were flat. What the actual heck?! Will not be coming back here and regretting that I stayed and ordered food after being ignored on purpose for so long.

Shalisse H.

If this establishment could be given negative stars it definitely deserves it. They always forget items that you pay for, on top of not being able to get the order correct in the first place. They over charge and the food is never fresh. They take 20+ minutes to get your food out and the tacos are soggy. The last time we went they stated they were out of ice, understandable; however why the heck were the drinks Like hot syrup. Just an overpriced gross tasting food establishment. I stopped ordering KFC from here years ago. Hoped they would be better after the remodel. But they're a total let down. Do better guys. ‍

M Davis

Live close by so keep giving it another chance. I would give 0 stars if possible. Order always cold, never correct, and you can see these young people joking and messing around inside behind cashier. Made us pull over and park for 3 soft tacos and a quesadilla#!? Food was cold and they forgot one taco. If there's a manager. They need to go for training. It's NEVER organized and correct. I tried the chicken!#, yikes it was old and my mother in law made better fried chicken, and she used banquet frozen chicken dinners!!!

Eric F

Had to go and get that Mexican Pizza fix but left highly disappointed! Maybe this location ran out of the fried flowed tortillas and used corn instead. Or this could be a change that Taco Bell corporate made. Not sure but I’ll tell you one thing, this was not the flavor that I at all remember! Instead of that light lip smacking floury crunch, it is now replaced with a simi crunchy / simi soggy corn shell that pretty much sucks in my opinion. If you’re going to bring back an item from the past… Be sure it tastes and is made like the original or else it’s nothing but a knockoff counterfeit!

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