Your pizza Stop

27192 Sun City Blvd h, Menifee
(951) 301-6770

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Sean Carter

Decent pizza. Love the dough flavor. Sweet and chewy.However. I wouldn't mind if the pizza was actually crispy when I ask for extra crispy. And honestly, wayyy too much cheese. Not sure if it's the moz they use, or the grated parm, but the plain cheese pie is too salty. Using less cheese would have actually made this much better.With lots of vegetable toppings, I think the amount of cheese they use would make a decent pizza. But for the plain cheese pie... it's a 6/10. I would eat it again. It's ok pizza.Better than Domino's or Papa's though? YES. Absolutely.

Rupert Connell

Fast, hand-made pizzas. ?The 2 slices + can deal at $4.99 is excellent value, and ready in less than 5 minutes.Food: 5/5

Lori Y.

Excellent pizza and meatballs! Tossed salad was a nice large size but dripping in water ... otherwise it was a great meal! This is our favorite new pizza place in town!

William Y.

The pizza was all dough, tasted like the cardboard box and toppings were not fresh. We saw all the stars and wanted to give it a try but after first piece realized it wasn't good.

Hubert D.

Best and easiest local pizza! Always friendly and great food! Super nice staff and perfect service!

Theresa W.

I have been going to this place for over 5yrs I drive 18 miles one way for their pizza. My friend and his wife also just love their pizza. and get it every week. I buy the large or extra large bring it home and freeze it. Pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner yum...

Anneka J

Best pizza in the area. Moved out here in January and have tried a few. This place is, by far, the best we’ve tried.

Venesse F.

I can't believe I never knew this pizza spot is so close to me. It's so good! My family wanted deep dish pizza, so bad. We ordered a Chicago style pizza, Sicilian pizza, pizza bread, jalapeño cheese bread, a calzone, and wings. Nothing was a disappointment and you can't beat the price. Delicious. They don't skimp on toppings and for the Chicago style the toppings went all the way to the crust. I didn't get to take a picture of the jalapeño cheese bread because it was devoured so quickly. Over the phone and inside the establishment, the employees were very kind and friendly. It's embarrassing that I thought only chain pizza restaurants were near me. This is definitely my go to spot for pizza from now on and I love that it's a mom and pop.


I eat out 2-3 times a day 7 days a week and I gotta say " This Pizza was GREAT! ' tonight was the 1st time here & it was well worth the 20 min drive each way!! I'm definitely coming back again and again!! ?Food: 5/5

Ida V.

Staff is slow n rude. Don't expect your food at the promised time. Even on slow days. As I sit there waiting the whole place desperately needs a steam cleaning. The guy that is there all the time must be from NY cause he is rude af.

Dionysus K.

Their spin on Chicago Style pizza is delicious. The Calzones are also excellent. Your Pizza Stop is my favorite pizza spot!

Tara B.

Excellent pizza and service! Being that I am from Chicago I am rather critical of pizza. I prefer thin crust pizzas versus deep dish. The flavor was excellent! I highly recommend this pizza place. I will be returning and maybe try the deep dish next time.

Michele B.

They are friendly and accommodating with very good food and choices. They are very busy with no sit down and a bit of a wait time. I recommend calling in ahead. Their prices are midline. I don't like their early hours. I've never before seen a pizza place close SO SO early on a Friday and Saturday night.

Heather Barron

Pizza is alright. But when a customer calls to ask for pizza dipping sauce after spending $60 and they can’t be bothered to even ask the name on the order. Lo and behold when the delivery comes… no dipping sauce.Yet AGAIN. Ordered 5 personal pizzas for delivery. Called right after I ordered asking for pizza sauce on the side. Wasn’t delivered. And the pizza tastes like trash.

Albert G.

Tryed out the pizza it's good crust needs to be thicker the middle is soggy thought it would be better

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