Papa John's Pizza

2307 Oakdale Rd Suite 803, Modesto
(209) 575-7272

Recent Reviews

Sa Ta

I ordered two pizzas through the website. I waited 40min, drove over after it said it was ready online. When I got there (~50min after ordering) they said they hadn't started it yet (it wasn't busy either, seems like they forgot my order). Management/owner didn't seem to care about the inconvenience.

Cleveland Crowley jr

Papadias are excellent

Arielle Herrera

Everytime I go everyone is super nice especially the manager! Always kind and caring, and the pizza is always A1!!! Can never go wrong!

Denise Brown Eyes Martinez

This was our 1st time visiting and having pizza & garlic bread.... Im not a huge fan of pizza but i can see myself coming back to enjoy it.... Thank you for experience

Steven F.

Terrible location ran by incompetent management. Ordered on line. Order was wrong when delivered. Called to inform them. Owners blamed it on me. Completely incompetent business people who have no business in the restaurant industry.

Catherine H.

I was granted Papa Johns Dough for my birthday in the amount of $20, so I placed a order on line at this location because the one near me closed. I received a phone call about 10 minutes later that they would not honor the gift, because I had never been to that location. Completely rude about it. I CAN NOT BELIEVE THAT THE DISRESPECT OVER BIRTHDAY DOUGH!!

Matthew Henry

Really affordable and tasty pizza! Haven't had a bad experience

Kay Perl

Amazing, fresh and fast! This papa johns is good!

Nikki Romo

Excellent food and customer service.

Raja A.

Exceeded expectations. Pizza is tasty. Whenever in town, this is my default pizza place from now on.

Miguel T.

I actually really enjoyed their pizza . I own a small business and they delivered to my store and my daughter approves this pizza. I have been ordering from them not only for my customers party but for myself too. Today, I placed a 10 pizza order for an event at my place and customers were complimenting the pizza and that they never knew about Papa John. I hope to bring you new business Ron. Thanks for your swift delivery service and great tasting pizza.

Melina Yvonne

Just delicious 😋 and their butter sauce is kicking

Melina Mendiola

Just delicious 😋 and their butter sauce is kicking

Kurt Kondrad

The food was delicious and I got it quick.

Pedro209 Garcia

Cashier was so friendly and pizza was great!

Erica Morris

Well im am cooking my pizza in the oven cause it was raw ,like so raw. Thought the whole point for me ordering pizza was so I didn't have to cook!!

Sarah Hernandez

My family and I love Papa John’s pizza however, we stopped ordering from the one on Oakdale Road and go all the way to the one in Tracy for pizza. This is because the last time we went to order pizza from the one on Oakdale Road, the owner was being a total jerk to my husband. We had ordered through the app taking advantage of the specials the corporate app had available, plus we were going to use the rewards money we had (and still have) from ordering from Papa John’s. Well

Fernando Rodriguez

really good specials amd good pizza

Fernando Rodriguez

really good specials amd good pizza

Mateo Dominguez

First time pizza is good

kathy wheeler

Great pizza and they also deliver out to riverbank in about 15 minutes.

Bradley Johnson

Update: It looks like it changed owners. The new manager has dirty clothes on and handles the money and looked like going back to making the pizzas without handwash or gloves. The employees looked ok still when they are there, but I don't want to order here now if he is going to be touching my pizza and you never know.

Yaljfir Kafei

Fast service and friendly people

Samantha K.

Probably my fault for ordering pizza on super bowl Sunday, but it was awful! My poor delivery driver looked busy and chaotic he forgot the cheese sticks, he goes and calls his boss who tells him I guess they can take it off my order and then comp me next time or some bs like that, I felt bad for him and just said no big deal.... but the pizza itself was cold and tasted disgusting. We're in the middle of packing to move so I wanted something quick and easy that wouldn't take my time away from packing... I ended up throwing the pizza away and ran thru a drive thru to get everyone food... utterly disappointed a frozen pizza tasted better then whatever I seemed to get delivered.

Jodie Heaton

The only issue i had the person who made the pizza didnt wear gloves

Krystle Kraft

Excellent Pizza!! The only pizza I buy!!

Joe O.

First time I had Papa John's it'll be the last time I have Papa John's , they say realIngredients, ya right! Lol Rate it right there with Caesars, you always tell real pizza parlor by if they have a slicer the back these ingredients were brought in from someplace rude staff two !!

susie o'hanlon

The sauce tasted strange this time.

Ashley T.

I love this location! Always exactly how I ordered it exactly when they say it will be ready! But really it's the service of the staff that I love the most! Thank you for the great service my family and I come back for exactly that!

Daniel R.

My friend order without knowing how bad it is and more of the same garbage. Called to tell them and the worst customer service Ever. Never Eat here This place will only steal your money.

Jennifer Bailey

Great pizza, great customer service and would recommend.

Adam Smith

Dont go here!! Indian franchise, went there 6 months back the guy gave me burned pizza went to asked he said that's how it look. THE OWER IS INDAIN NOW...PIZZA SIZE SMALLER.BURNED OR NOT THEY DONT WANT LOSE THEIR PROFIT

Vanessa M.

The pizza and cheese sticks were very good. This was my first time going to any papa johns. We went very late and ordered our pizza there and waited in the car. When the food was ready they came out to my car to give me my pizza. That was very nice! Nice service and great food. Two thumbs up!

Todd Lamb

Nice owner

Mr Bill P.

Ordered Three pizza delivered, got raw goowee crust, couldn't find pepperoni, an olive we're total of six cut olives, chicken an veggies pizza also raw crust, in edible, No response to at least say We are sorry, even when I called to discuss

Geri J.

They are prompt in getting your order ready. My experience is I can pick up rather that take the quess of when delivery might arrive. They are located in a place easy to get in and out off. The staff works hard to make you a good pizza. They are prompt in answering their phones, They have excellent coupons if you watch for their specials. They are a little more expensive that the take and bake but as a hard working housewife I appreciate the chance to get a pizza ready to eat.

Ray N Hannah M.

This is not a good location. Waited over 40 minutes for my food because THEY messed up the order and thought it was funny. Really? I won't be back to this location due them not doing ANYTHING to make it right.

Joe V.

I like Papa John's but this location on Oakdale road is horrible! Because I ordered online and got a "deal" on my large pizza, I was only given 2 packets of cheese and peppers each. When questioned, the employee stated the owner only allows them to give minimal of each out when you order and use a "deal". Ridiculous!!! The one on Tully road used to give me free garlic sauce and a handful of cheese and peppers. My friend asked if the napkins were free and took a large amount and the employee stated he would flag my name so I couldn't order from here anymore, even though I actually didn't take the napkins. Will never recommend or order from this location ever again. Will take my business elsewhere since they want to be cheap and not take care of their customers. So please, do yourself a favor and go somewhere else.

Brett S.

If you have a coupon, they will not honor it on the phone although it says nothing about "online only" on the coupon itself. Then you go online and the code is not accepted. I will pay more and order from someone else. Hopefully local fundraising organizations like the one I bought my coupon book from will not do business with them any more. 0/10

Kayla M.

We celebrated my son's birthday party at Extreme Paintball yesterday and Papa John's was recommended by them. With only an hour and a half notice, Papa John's delivered 10 extra large pizzas! The pizza was so delicious! They offer a discount for parties at the park so the price was even better than expected! I would highly recommend Papa John's to anyone, especially big parties at the Paintball park.