Papa Pho and Grill

5007 McHenry Ave, Modesto
(209) 491-4845

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Austin Tuers Gray

Good food for price, very filling with diverse selction. Friendly staff, would recommend

King Woo

My friends and I had dinner here five days ago after we played cards at the casino next door. I reviewed this restaurant before on Yelp and even posted pictures of our dinner but somehow Yelp deleted my original 5 Star review. I give this place five stars overall due to the food being so deliciously good and cheap, restaurant itself is so nice as well as the server. I highly recommend this place if you’re in the area. We will eat here again soon!

Ricky Loveland

Amazing service and food was delicious. Plus they had the game on their TV which helps.

Gio RN

Really good Asian cuisine.. I love their chicken skewers.. they also have lumpia.. I have my friend pick up food from there and I am never disappointed

Katherine De Sá Campos

Great food and wonderful service!

Desiree Calton

The chicken skewers are really good and only $3.00 each.

Art Sanchez

Only been open since May. I loved their BBQ Pork (really tasty) and my wife really enjoyed her Thai food.

William B

food is bland. not good. girl at front is a problem, not professional. nothing special so add this to the list of another boring vietnamese place in modesto. their menu is a bit confusing also with the American selections. do not recommend and will not go back.

Nes Espinoza

Best broth I've had in Modesto. Friendly service. Thank you.

Sean Werle

Nice spot. Delicious pad thai and the Thai iced tea is of course like dessert.

Justin Linares

Great service, great, flavorful food, and great pricing.

Hollie G.

This place is a joke. When you call them it goes to voicemail and then every time some immature sounding girl answers the phone and the connection is HORRIBLE. She fucked up my entire order either because she's dumb or the phone connection, I'm not sure which? I asked for the chicken plate and they gave me red meat, which I DO NOT eat. Their egg rolls are previously frozen and taste like such....trash. There is a good food crisis in Modesto and this place is NOT helping the situation. Also, a Vietnamese place shouldn't have pad Thai (a Thai dish) or fucking burgers....what?! Try just making good Vietnamese food first because you don't even have that down. Update: woke up with the shits the next day. That's all I have to say.

Sandrine C.

WOW! This place rocks! Just ate here tonight and the food was amazing. The lumpia were hot, delicate and crisp; the fried chicken wings were CRISPY, tender, and soooo tasty; the boneless pork was grilled to perfection; the Pho was simply elegant and delicate, not too salty (like some places in town); and the Thai iced tea was purrfect! The place was clean as can be, the food came quickly, and was very hot and fresh. Our Ethereal and Diaphanous serving nymph (Franchesca!!!) was an attentive and angelic delight throughout our meal, never letting our water glasses go empty and making sure that we were very happy AND she has so much FLAIR!

JasIn X.

This is my 2nd time coming here I tried the beef pho and pad first time like last week ago I think. Now I'm trying the papa fried rice and seafood pho is good. Anyone in the area check it out.

Anthony T.

So my wife and I decided to stop at this new spot that just opened, Papa Pho on McHenry. I ofcourse had my doubts. My wife on the other hand is an optimist her 4 it. I will say I was pleasantly surprised. The food was good and the prices were reasonable so we ordered a few different things. The chicken wings were great, the chicken skewers were absolutely spectacular and the mini lumpia was good to. We also had Pad Thai, spring rolls and egg rolls. The menu is small but it's a great inexpensive tasty date night bite stop. The owners are so friendly and determined to succeed. Shout out to Francesca & Ricky. So stop by give it a try. I know we'll be back this weekend.

Tosha F.

Had a great first pad thai experience at this restaurant. Great food for the price. Extremely attentive service. Great job, and continued success.

Justin L.

Wanted to check this place out and give it a try for it being a fairly new restaurant at this time. I ordered the combo fried rice, the fried chicken, along with a taro smoothie. The food was spectacular and did not disappoint whatsoever, the combo fried rice was very flavorful, the fried chicken was nice and crispy, and their smoothies do not disappoint. The menu is priced very well, the restaurant is clean and simple with great service. The workers there are very polite and "down to earth", and really care for their customer's satisfaction. Ordering my food did not take long at all, and the food came out at a decent time with great quality and quantity. My experience at this new restaurant was great overall, and I look forward to my next visit. I would definitely recommend this restaurant if you're in the area! The only Con I have is that I forgot to take pictures of my food! Next time.

Money M.

Drove passed the Card Room today and noticed a New Pho Spot. So, I had to come in and check it out. Loved the Pho! I love me some bone broth and it hit the spot. This is my new, go to spot in Modesto. We also had the fried chicken wings, they were friggin' delicious. I almost wanted to check to see if my pops was back there frying them bad boys cuz it took me back. The Papa Fried Rice is amazing! Bacon and hot dog fried rice it was ono (delicious). So far, it's the best I've had at any restaurant. If you're on the go and no time to dine in, I would definitely grab this for to go and the wings. I believe they had bbq sticks too which I will try next time I'm in cuz who doesn't love meat on a stick. My wife also had the pad thai and she loved it along with the pork lumpiang shanghai. Whenever pad thai is on the menu she could never pass it up and she devoured it. The food is amazing and the service is great! No long wait time and the server is very friendly. Very clean restaurant and they also have a bigger dining room in the back for bigger parties. My wife and I will definitely be back.

Aaron B.

Return visit with friends food was great ordered the same dishes pho and papa pho fried rice enjoyed it allot there teas are also very good can't say enough about the service very attentive and courteous place is very clean and nice decor open later then most this is a plus

Annette L.

This place has great food, great service , delicious meals fulfilling too always a smile on workers faces

Lisa F.

This place is Pho-nomenal! The service is top notch, we were cheerfully greeted and the server was very attentive. The pork skewer was tender and flavorful. The egg rolls were generously sized, crunchy rolls of goodness. The Papa Pho was herbaceous and filling. I'm excited to return for the burger which looked amazing! Lots of bang for your hard earned buck

Makenna Kardos

Amazing place to eat! Really nice staff especially the server Lexi, she is super friendly and great! My new favorite place!