Rivets American Grill

2307 Oakdale Rd, Modesto
(209) 846-0501

Recent Reviews

Shanen B.

My favorite restaurant in Modesto. Peanut butter and jealous burger is to die for! Huge burger made how ever you like your meat cooked. Pepper jelly and peanut butter on a cheeseburger. Sounds disgusting but I assure you, there is nothing that tastes as good as peanut butter on a hamburger! Lol And the serving of fries they give you when you order ..... their potato fries are not too salty. Just right. I always feel so full when I leave this place.

Jaxen Frederick

I really loved their dishes. I always get good customer service here. The place is well kept and the workers are always very kind. Will come back again.

Patricia E.

A big shout out to Rivets. We went in yesterday for lunch. Of course we ordered our favorite sandwich, the Drunken Turkey. It was delicious as always. But what we were most impressed with was their preparation for reopening after SIP due to Covid 19. All tables are separated from each other with installed plastic separators. The server was masked. We could see other tables carefully cleaned with a spray disinfectant and paper towels. Such a great job and thank you for keeping our safety a priority.

Gail P.

Just had the fried pickle hamburger with a salad. Pickles were crispy and juicy. Burger cooked med so it too was juicy. The blue cheese dressing accented the large serving of salad greens. Excellent.

Sheryl B.

My husband and I have enjoyed visiting Rivets several times in the past. During this COVID-19 issue, we have been using our favorite local restaurants for takeout a couple times a week. Recently, we decided to see how they would handle takeout. So we ordered the Drunken Chicken sandwich with the onion ring upgrade (extra $2 and totally worth it) and the Bbq Tri tip with coleslaw and fries. I asked to have the coleslaw on the side to add at home and it was packed separately. The pick up and payment process went smoothly and we really liked our order. It was hot and delicious. We will definitely use Rivets again for takeout and, of course, visit again when restrictions are lifted. Give them a try! A shout out to Austin who took our order and provided a positive experience.

Echezonah H.

Yummy great service only hv 4 stars cause my item I wanted was out of stock but the fish n chips peanut butter jelly burger and chicken strips (kid ) were the bombbbbbb.

Kayla I.

Their food and service was amazing . We had a group of 10 and there was not 1 person who was unsatisfied, we e love all fell in love with this places food

Bonnie Bosch Tysland

I'm not a whiskey drinker and we went for lunch today, so I can tell you that the food the 3 of us ordered was delicious!! Lobster Mac and cheese, American ruben and their fish-and-chips were to die for! Couldn't eat all of it either because the portions are so big. My husband and son had a couple of glasses of whiskey each and really enjoyed it and I enjoyed the service that we got. Thanks so much and next time we go up to visit our son we will definitely go there again for our meal

Allen Coffin

Really good food. Place is pretty dark though. Saw an older gentleman using the flashlight on his phone to read the menu.

Patty Shannon

Had a wonderful surprise party here tonight, and everything was perfect! Great food, great service... everybody seemed to love the atmosphere. Thank you Rivet's for a great 64th Birthday!

Danna Capps

Service was great! Food was so good! Atmosphere cheerful

William P.

I have been to rivets several times and was always so good. Went in today and wife had a burger that was great i ordered the brisket sandwich i have had it twice before and was great but today the meat was so tuff i could not bite thru it. Told the waiter if all the meat was like this then i would have something else he brought me another brisket sandwich same to tuff so i ate my tots and left the sandwich-on the plate the waiter looked right at it when he handed me the bill did not say anything or offer a discount so I paid and left. Will never go there again!

Melinda B.

This is the second time that we have been in here and the service was horrible!! it took 10 minutes after we were seated to put in our drink order and then finally an employee that saw that we were sitting there looking around finally came over and said that he was sorry that our waiter was busy but he would take our order. Another 25 minutes later the food arrived and we were asked if everything looked ok and did we need anything else? That was the last we were spoken to until the check came...we were not asked if we needed refills or if we needed anything else at all. The reason for the 3 stars is because the food is always GREAT! i had the Fort Knox burger as usual..I always say I am going to try something else and don't...with the onion rings and my husband had the Ortega burger with garlic fries and everything came out hot and very flavorful. So I guess what I am saying is if you want great food this is the place...just don't be in a hurry or expect any friendly service.

Lynae H.

My husband and I went into this place for a later lunch, had attitude the minute we walked in from the hostess cause we wanted a clean booth not a hi top. Sorry made you do your job . Got seated was looking at menus, another guests got seated and their beers right behind us. Still no drinks or anything conversation at all. Waited a few more mins then left. Rude as hell workers need better customer service. I'll be telling everyone I know!! my rating is a negative obviously my I had to put 1 star.

Carla Zepeda

The most amazing burger I've ever eaten, it was a flavor explosion every bite. Service was great and you get a whole plateful of food.

Anthony D.

I've been to Rivets America Grill at the very least ten times. Everything I've had at this restaurant has been absolutely amazing. From the meat sweats to the nachos. And the variety of burgers is absolutely insane. They are all absolutely delicious!!

Katy Boyer

Very large portions, reflected in price. The 80/20 burger was great and the onion rings move and crisp. Service was quick at lunch. We could have split it.

Steven Haudenschild

I must have come on an off day. The food was bland, dull and greasy. I had the sea food platter which I couldn't finish. The people were good, though made no comment on seeing the full plate returned. I won't be back.

Hector Castaneda

Awesome menu, great food, massive selection of beer!!

Ruth M.

Um, yes and yum and more please!! We've been looking for a good burger spot in our new town and man, we found it! They have an 80/20 burger!!! Let me shout that- THEY HAVE AN 80/20 BURGER!! 80% beef/20% bacon. I mean- take all of my money!! We came in on a weekday afternoon and it wasn't very busy. The young man who greeted us was adorbs and so friendly! The portions are humongous! And literally- I wanted like 90% of the menu. The fries, sweet potato fries, wedge thingys and onion rings are all so delish and their portions are huuuuuge! We've already been back for a to-go order! And heck- we might go back again tonight! We aren't drinkers, but they have a gazillion beers on tap and I'm guessing are known for their whisky selection as well. The only thing!!! The one thing!!! They were having an "owners meeting" at another table, that was wrapping up by the time we got there. But OMG- one of these guys talked SO loudly NON STOP for at least 20 minutes. Just about random things, (not business related). But it was soo distracting because the rest of the restaurant was pretty quiet and the other people at his table were not even answering him back or acknowledging what he was saying. Dude- get the point... When he finally left, it was a much better vibe and we could eat our food without hearing about this mans personal plans for the next week. But- overall, this place is bomb. You should run, not walk to this hidden gem!

Connie Marie J.

Service was good, alcohol pitchers were a really good deal, but the hours online need to be updated. Online it says they close at 12:00. So we came in a little before 10, ordered a pitcher, and then around 10:30 they said last call for drinks was at 10:45. When we asked what time they closed, our server said they were basically closed...which was an unclear answer. I felt unwelcomed staying, so we left and couldn't finish our pitcher.

Ambara MaGee

Had date night with my boyfriend here over the weekend. The food was great and and I enjoyed the cocktails!.

Jennifer Huffman

Relaxed atmosphere, yummy food, and bottom line - the kids like the food too! Large variety of beer and drinks. It's a great non-chain option in Modesto!

Jon A.

We've had nothing but amazing service here. Very attentive staff. Their food is fantastic as well. I've compared every sweet potato fry I've eaten to theirs and nearly all of them fall short! I love the variety of this I can get here, and the flavors have always been great. The live music (and occasionally other entertainment like the very entertaining and kind magician) they regularly have is a nice bonus!

Alejandro Lemus

Came across this place by chance and had a surprisingly good time. Food was good and plentyfull. Had live music and great service. The margarita pitcher was a great choice at a good price for 2 people.

Christiina S.

We really like this place. Simple, little details such as the spring mix is always clean and dry, never a slimy bit in a yummy salad. Plating a dish on two plates if we mention we are sharing. I can't stray, I always get the clams, but hubs and I mix it up on the sides/appys and he often orders some new entree. He has not been disappointed. The staff is well trained, very courteous and accommodating. Much appreciated. We are not big whiskey or beer aficionados, but their selection is impressive. The atmosphere and clientele are chill, so if I had young children I would be comfortable bringing them here for a good meal.

Jameson Castaneda

American food at this spot - very tasty. Came in on a Thurs. The staff was friendly and observant. It has a nice interior. Kinda of like a place in Houston that I enjoyed.

Gene George

Great food ...nice fast friendly staff...great beers and whiskey...fried pickle chips are the best I've ever had

Obalit K.

Came in and got food at the bar. Him and the other bartender were hella cool! They always make my food hella good and the service is great. The tri tip sandwich is so good

Beth S

American food, so tasty. Came here on a Friday I think. Staff treated us so nice. It has a nice atmosphere.

Doug Buchanan

Peanut Butter Burger! OMG!! It was delicious. I was a little nervous to order... but so glad I did. Crazy good... with bacon and jalapeno jelly!!

Anthony A.

If I could give more than 5 stars I absolutely would, the food is good & the beer is cold, I request the same server every time, Haley H. is very attentive, she's great at suggesting the perfect thing to eat & has never messed up one of my orders! Give that girl a raise!

Katelyn C.

Haley is so awesome! Amazing food options and even better service will be back again thanks to her.

Jamie B.

I wish I could give zero stars. I should have had a clue since the place was empty. I ordered a margarita that was mostly ice and very weak. I was charged $13.50. I brought this to the attention of Haley H. the server, since I've been here before and haven't had this terrible experience. She had a bad attitude and said, "What do you want me to do about it?!" I said, "I'd like to speak to a manager." She got the bartender who argued with me over the amount of ice and begrudgingly brought me another drink with the appropriate amount of ice/the margarita that should have been made in the first place. With poor quality drinks and service, this place, I predict, won't stay in business long. Epic fail, rivets. You just lost two customers and word of mouth is effective!

Briana Roberts

Great location for quality American food. Great place to meet and catch up with friends. Fast, efficient, and courteous service. This place has a nice atmosphere.

Sherry Underwood

American food here - super tasty. I wish there were more places like this around town. The service was helpful and kind. Prices that are reasonable.

Frank Perez

Excellent service, my wife and I requested to taste 6 beers before choosing and the waiter was more than grateful to assist the request.

Shawna M.

Wow! What a fantastic meal.from beginning to end. This was my first visit and I have to say that I have found my new French dip spot. Finally a thins sliced sandwich. My biggest complaint with these sandwiches have always been the thickness of the meat and having to chew forever and ever with each bite. This sandwich was delicious and the side of chips were gone! Homemade fried potatoes that come with a sauce my husband enjoyed but I did not. I am not a fan of onions at all. But, the chips dipped in ketchup worked fine for me. I will definitely be back. I will come back and give 5 stars if I get a perfect meal more than once..want to make sure it's not a fluke.....your 5 star awaits

Ben S.

Service was good. Rings were good. Sandwich was not. Got the sticky icky. Too sweet and not spicy enough. Very disappointed. Most other burgers have been good in the past. I will still return just not for that sandwich.

Lorena S.

Just sad cause the people working there is good. The food is way over priced though. The owner has 3 other places which confuses me that the food is good other places and about the same on price. The COCKTAILS are joke watered down tasting..... And if you dont like it ......they WILL NOT RETURN IT......YES!!!! So you have to drink a crappy cocktail even if the bartender made it crappy ......You heard me right.... NOT TAKE IT OFF THE BILL!!!!! I didnt have this experience, thank gosh but the server told me before I ordered one of their signature drinks.. I was just shocked that this place has not lost alot of business and it has not effected their other two businesses which is the boardroom and P Wexford but I think the other ones have different owners so maybe they don't go by these rules and even ninos they own and thats all about drinks. I always thought customers were always right that's what keeps the business going right??? Anyways to each their own so Foods okay A little overpriced if you don't like what they have to offer just don't go there I guess cause it is their business and their rules.....they dont have to change at all for anybody. They must be doing something right .....they are still standing strong. Just my opinion you should try your self.