Rivets American Grill

2307 Oakdale Rd, Modesto
(209) 846-0501

Recent Reviews

Briana Roberts

Great location for quality American food. Great place to meet and catch up with friends. Fast, efficient, and courteous service. This place has a nice atmosphere.

Sherry Underwood

American food here - super tasty. I wish there were more places like this around town. The service was helpful and kind. Prices that are reasonable.

Frank Perez

Excellent service, my wife and I requested to taste 6 beers before choosing and the waiter was more than grateful to assist the request.

Lorena S.

Just sad cause the people working there is good. The food is way over priced though. The owner has 3 other places which confuses me that the food is good other places and about the same on price. The COCKTAILS are joke watered down tasting..... And if you dont like it ......they WILL NOT RETURN IT......YES!!!! So you have to drink a crappy cocktail even if the bartender made it crappy ......You heard me right.... NOT TAKE IT OFF THE BILL!!!!! I didnt have this experience, thank gosh but the server told me before I ordered one of their signature drinks.. I was just shocked that this place has not lost alot of business and it has not effected their other two businesses which is the boardroom and P Wexford but I think the other ones have different owners so maybe they don't go by these rules and even ninos they own and thats all about drinks. I always thought customers were always right that's what keeps the business going right??? Anyways to each their own so Foods okay A little overpriced if you don't like what they have to offer just don't go there I guess cause it is their business and their rules.....they dont have to change at all for anybody. They must be doing something right .....they are still standing strong. Just my opinion you should try your self.

Tanasha B.

I've been trying to come to this place for MONTHS. Each time we've tried it's been SUPER busy, total bummer. But. I was finally able to come in on at Sunday afternoon, and it wasn't packed. I have no idea at all why this place is always so packed. I wanted this place to be great so bad, and it was not for me in the slightest. Our waiter was a COMPLETE sweet heart had no problems with him. I see the reviews talk about the customer service, or lack thereof. That was no problem for us. Our waiter was good, attentive, and very fast. No problems there. A+ We ordered an appetizer, I cannot think of what it was actually called though, but it was an assortment of items. Chicken wings, Deep fried pork, fried pickles, and "quesadillas". This plate was incredibly OFFENSIVE. First of all the quesadilla, was nothing but a tortilla and plastic Kraft cheese that they folded and put on a hot pan. I was not expecting that the first bite, but we didn't finish that. Deep fried pork was so overly fried they didn't taste like anything, I broke one to look inside of it, and it was dark brown and hard, pork should not be fried that long, we also didn't finish these either. The actual crust on the pork bites or whatever had no seasoning in the batter, just fried. I am not a big pickle person, and this was the first time I had tried deep fried pickles, still not a fan. The chicken wings were LOVELY tho, sticky and not too sweet, I should've just ordered those honestly. Onto our main dish, my Mother had a hamburger she DID love it, they cooked it JUST at the right temp, it was pink on the inside with a nice crust. I did taste her burger, it was very good, I almost made her share hers with me. Now my burger, I can't remember the name of it but it had assortments of meats in one, and their house made bacon I believe, and I requested blue cheese, I THINK or it came on it. I don't know, but. This hamburger gave me nightmares. The burger patty itself, I don't know what they gave me, but the texture was SO OFF putting. I honestly felt like it had rubber in it. When I tried to break a piece to taste it, it wouldn't even break, I had to dig my nails in it to break it. I have a texture phobia I am aware, but this I struggled, I COULD not finish it. It was so overwhelming biting into it. When my teeth bit into the patty, it spread so odd like in my mouth after the first bit, I legit wanted to pull my teeth out one by one. Just thinking of it now, and just NO, But the sweet potato fries, are BOMB. There is one item on the menu that would bring me back essentially, and that is the "Let's Get Naked and Start A Revolution". This drink is no BS, it is amazing. Probably one of the best cocktails in Modesto. Our waiter said that it is a favorite, and I understand why. The first sip I was like OK, it's alright. Flavor was it was good, it was there, didn't think it was too strong. But no let it kick in. Drink two of these, I understand the "Naked" part. Could easily see that happening. Whoever made up this drink is a genius. I won't ever come back to this restaurant for food because I know how I am, but I would return for drinks, matter fact THAT DRINK, via Uber though, can't drink this beverage, more than one rather and drive anywhere.

Omar Murcia

An awesome restaurant to have dinner or lunch, the staff is very friendly and polite which is always a plus. The food was exceptional and the service was fast, only too a couple of minutes to order and have it brought to us. I would definitely recommend and return for a great tasting large meal...

Kimberley Brown

They do not serve breakfast. Open @ 11. The staff was very friendly and checked on us frequently. They have a large menu. I had the French Dip and my mom had a Reuben. My sandwich was ok. Mom's was better. She paid $2 more for the wedge fries I just had the regular ones. Both were good. I enjoyed my fries more than my sandwhich. They also have a large whiskey selection. My mom and I both thought their prices were high. Mine was $20 + $4 tip.

chris amato

Food was Great , service was Great, would definitely go back again. Love the atmosphere, very chill, not uptight. Games and Live music.

Lori B.

Friday night dinner out; got here at 6 thankful we did to get a seat before the crowd came in. My drink was a Mexican Standoff~ only complaint about it was it wasn't large for the price. It did come out in a cute cup. We had the Shortrib Tacos which were flavorful and very satisfying. Our order also was the Fancy Burger with amazing taste from The blue cheese crumbles. I had the garlic fries which were ok but at a $2 up charge not worth it when regular fries would have been just as tasty.

Jared C.

Probs a decent spot to grab a beer and watch a game but my lunch was just ok. I had the near sweats, the pork belly was just fat and there was so much cheese that everything was super wet. The guy serving us was really nice and on it!


I could go on and on about the amazing food here. I have to say, however, that the employees at this restaurant are an absolute delight every time my family and I visit. They are always accommodating, attentive, and friendly to their customers. I wish I knew the waiters and waitresses by name, but I'll say this: Thank you to the entire staff at Rivets for providing a stellar dining experience! Personal favorite- Garlic fries with the garlic burger.

Skylynn L.

The Cobb salads here is seriously amazing ! The serving is huge ! I was able to get full eating it and then still had nearly half left to take home and that's itself was a whole meal too. Definitely coming back any chance I get

Salina S.

The food was great and decent priced ..I love coming here for girls night out they have a huge variety of beers in two and thier deep fried zucchini stick are to die for.

Diana Self

I wish I had takin pictures. My meal was delicious!! It was a busy Saturday night my friend and I decided to just sit at the bar. We ordered a veggie burger with mushrooms garlic and cheese the French fries were crunchy yet soft every fry was perfect! Oh my it was the best ever!! We had great service sitting at the bar. Very attentive even though it was packed. I highly recommend Rivets!

Michaela P.

This past Friday I was in town visiting family and stopped into Rivets for dinner ( my FAVORITE place ). Our waitress Haley was absolutely amazing. It was so so busy but she didn't make us feel rushed AT ALL. 2,000 stars for customer service from Haley! I can't wait to come back into town and visit Rivets again. I will 100% be requesting to sit in Haley's section.

Eny S.

Worst costumer service !!!!!!!! Seems like they think they are doing us a favor for getting you anything . Hailey was our waitress she had and attitude up her A- - . Rolling her eyes and trying not to make eye contact so we don't ask for anything . The staff there seem stupid the bus boy was so sweet . These people have no training in costumer service . Food is good but you have to give service with a smile , y'all need some new people or something.

Melinda Bratz

The staff was very friendly service was a little slow but worth it once we got our food! Big portions and very flavorful! Have never had a bad experience there.


Service was great. Hostess and waiters were lovely and upbeat. Guilty fries were amazeballs. Definitely coming back!

Amy B.

Great food, huge portions and even better service!!! Rattana was amazing! Super attentive, had great suggestions and was just all around amazing!!! Had the smoked brisket sandwich and tots and so huge I had to take the second half home! Will for sure be back!!! This will be my new go to spot when visiting my mom!! ! Loved it!!!

Cheyenne K.

Love coming to this place for a bite to eat and have a few drinks! Jake, our bartender was great! He recommended veggie options and made the best drinks, definitely coming back but only when he's working!

Charlie Justice

A great place to unwind after a long day. Good food, good drinks and friendly service.

Francisco Lopez

Food is pretty good. Good environment to have drinks with friends or co-workers.

Ted Smernes

BEST burgers in town!!!

S Brown

I was there to hear the band on Saturday 7-13 evening. First time there. Had a good time. Food was good. Waitress/Attendant was very attentive. Very nice. She made the atmosphere pleasant. I would go again for the food and the band.

Jericho O'Brien

Absolutely wonder! Great selection, fantastic service and awesome food! Will definitely eat here every time we are in town! ð???ð??

Barry Saugen

First time here. Seen it for an long time. Man did we regret not coming in earlier. Food was awesome, service was great and atmosphere was wonderful. Will be back for sure.

Shari W.

Love this place!! Cobb Salad & West Coast Chicken Sandwich are my fav's!! Anxious to try a few more items too.... !! The beer selection is awesome. Service is always outstanding.... staff is great!! Cool atmosphere too!!

Audra R.

I am not one to review a business unless it completely amazes me or disappoints me. In this case, I was highly disappointed in the service provided at Rivets. I have been here several times and food is always great. Actually the service has been great the previous times I have made a visit. My friends and I have been wanting to get together for the longest time. Yesterday was the date when we could all meet. To begin the visit, the restaurant had maybe two other groups and 3-4 people at the bar. So in my mind, the service should be stellar. Our waitress was good. I believe her name was Hailey. Two of us got there first. Then after a bit, another two friends came. It took us a bit to place our order due to our excitement of talking. We placed our order, and I was surprised at how fast our meals came. Food was great. It would've been nice to be notified of any deals going on for the day. Especially for drinks. My drink, which was good, was way overpriced. It was $13 for a small sized cocktail. Hailey then asks if we needed boxes for leftovers. She pretty much rushed us with everything. We were still working on our meal, but we still got them. She then comes over and states she is clocking out, and asked if she should transfer us to another waitress or if we wanted to pay now. We decided to pay. She thanked us. I'm guessing this was for her tip. So we have our other friend, last one we were waiting for, join us and she asked for water. We are there a while talking, place is still somewhat empty and not one staff member came to check on us. Dirty plates still at our table. Needing more water, we flag a waitress(Smash?), for some. She seemed annoyed with that simple request. So I watch her go to the bar, get a pitcher with water and ice. She comes over and placed it on the table. We looked at each other and were surprised that she did that. Not that we couldn't serve ourselves, but that is her job. We would understand if the place was overwhelmingly busy, but it was not. In observing other staff, there seemed to be a uniformity in personality. Not that they have to be overly happy. But when people go out to eat, we want to have a pleasant experience. We felt that we were annoying the staff members with our requests and presence. Overall, it was not a pleasant experience. My friends and I will think twice about getting together here again.

Eddie Slater

Great service. Great beer selection. We've been here a bunch of times and it's our go-to local spot. West Coast tacos are really good. I love their sandwiches as well. I intend to try their entire menu.

Chris D.

Just wanted a hamburger fries and a shake for dinner. The burger was awful. Like chewing a well done meat product with no flavor. I could only eat half of it and I was done with it. Fries and shake were good but don't order a burger.

Maureen D.

I had lunch with my husband and granddaughter today at Rivets. The atmosphere seem tired and shabby and the waitress, Taylor, seemed bored except when she was chatting it up with some people at the bar. I had to flag down another waitress in order to get a refill of my cue tea. My husband had the meatloaf sandwich with fries and both were hot and delicious. I had the pulled pork sandwich which seemed to have been reheated once too often. I ordered the homemade chips which were delicious Our granddaughter had a veggie burger with garlic fries which she said was fine The meal was VERY expensive and maybe with better service it would have been bearable. Sadly we will not be returning

Eddie S.

Discovered this place down the street and we're here all the time. Great food. Great service. Great beer selection. Their West Coast tacos are probably the best tacos I've ever had. They have an all-you-can-eat taco bar on Tuesdays. Pair them with a Taco Truck lager.

Mary A.

This is across the street from where I live great place good atmosphere foods for everyone really good luv the homage chips staff is fun and friendly

Barbara Vela

Don't bother showing up about 10pm on a Friday night..it was dead, music was stopping and it took longer to get someone to us then to get our order. The bar would have worked but saved seats didn't allow us to enjoy the bar. Aww well..maybe another time. Food was perfect!

Kat S.

Had such a great experience! Walked in and were immediately seated though it was a very busy Friday night! We sat in the bar area and enjoyed some whiskey (which they have a ton of). Our waitress was quick to appear and placed our drink and food orders quickly. The menu is pretty big and they have yummy twists to their food! I ordered their Garlic-Parm Mushroom Burger it was absolutely delicious, packed with flavor & sauteed mushrooms, huge, and came with a heaping load of fries and housemade ranch. My friend ordered their Sound the Alarm Burger... seriously call 911 because that burger is HOT. Stacked and loaded with all veggies, screaming jalapenos, grilled habanero peppers and a spicy aioli spread! Both were yummy. A live band played the entire night and they were fantastic as well. I believe they were called Johnny & Kelley. Loved our first experience and will definitely be back to try more!! Thanks Rivets.

Breanna B.

Ordered French dip through Door Dash, they forgot the Au Jus. I called and they said nothing they can do. So now I have a $16 sandwich that's dry and the garlic fries are soggy. Such a bummer. Dinner was $50 for 2 people. I expected more.

Vincent Fusco

Again I had a wonderful dinner at rivets I had the shrimp penne pasta it was excellent had a nice kick to it I also had the calamari for an appetizer that was excellent the server Micah he was very helpful and he's a great guy you'll see me again

Rick Minniefield

Awesome place to eat dinner.

Tona Earp

Had the fish and chips tonight for dinner, it was horrible! Service was terrible, had to find ketchup for my fries. Would not recommend! Not impressed. Don't waste your money there, go to Texas Road House!

Lisa R.

I've try this place over and over again and I can't find anything I like. I don't think it's the best food unless I'm just ordering wrong. Try to avoid this place unless it's Last Resort.