Taco Bell

1214 Avenida Cesar Chavez, Monterey Park
(323) 980-0741

Recent Reviews

Miguel Contreras

Quick and easy. Food was warm and responsibly served.

Alejandra S.

I recently received a $15 gift card to Taco Bell and was excited to use it since I have always loved their simple tacos but hardly go and buy some. However this place has made me feel so happy and I totally want to start coming way more often. I order to type of tacos the simple ones and the Dorito shell tacos. Both were really good and everybody was very polite. Even the manager was so polite and friendly. Super clean for as far as to how other fast food restaurants are. Honestly by far one of the best experiences I have had which only added to the already good day I was having. I would love for this place to get some recognition! I'm so lucky to live near here. Hope they keep up the good work and get more clients!!!!

Aracely A.

I go to this taco bell regularly and the customer service is great! They are very friendly and always willing to help you out. I always order the regular crunchy tacos and the doritos crunchy taco. Those are my classic favorites. Very affordable. I'm not a big fan of their breakfast items, the lunch options are better.

Daniella A.

Hate to leave a bad review because I've always loved Taco Bell but WHERE IS ALL THE MEAT IN YOUR TACOS !!! You are suppose to be famous for your tacos but I've been disappointed in my last several visits ...... more lettuce than meat so horrible .... customer service at this location is AWESOME THO!

Adrian Maldonado

Chelupas are the reason for such amazing sensations in my mouth

Damaris E. O.

The manager in turn JOHN is horrible at costumer service. I got my receipt for 6 tacos and I paid $24.02 it didn't add to the amount on my receipt he was very rude when I was explaining the receipt he didn't even say anything about the extra money for the adding steak. He didn't specify that the steak was extra money , and when I asked for an explanation they sent me through the drive through .


The service is very slow took 20 minutes to get some nacho fries. They had this one really nice lady but everything else was horrible. The lights went out and they didn’t even ask how I was but the first thing they told me was to get out.

Elaine Ramirez

Went inside and ordered to go, friendly service and fries absolutely superb.

Richard Montoya

Ordered a couple of steak burrito supremes. No meat inside the burrito when I got home. So disappointed.

Evelyn Hernandez

Fast food it okay when you don't have anything else to eat

Jenny Aleman

Clean place, the cashier really polite. Love the original tacos

Jason Munroe

The food was actually fresh and good, but poor service.

Danielle P.

Most disgusting Taco Bell I have ever been to. Workers are not wearing hair nets nor gloves when handling food. They are taking their time with every order. Being the only customer there, I left before I was able to get my order after 20 almost 30 minutes of waiting. Terrible Taco Bell and very filthy tables. Never been disappointed about a Taco Bell or fast food place ever.

Angel V.

This place sucks. They can never get supreme tacos right because they never make them supreme! This is the second time in a row I order supreme locos tacos and they do not show up supreme. I'm the fool though for not checking every damn taco while I'm in there drive through to ensure they are actually supreme when they hand them to me. Whoever I just called to complain to was an ass. All he could do was have me drive back and have the tacos replaced. I am not about to drive back at my own inconvenience for something they can't get right in the first place. This Taco Bell sucks, and I love Taco Bell! Never visiting again. I'll let another franchiser take my money.

Mario Flores

Chill spot... Quick.. Better than other Taco Bell locations

Sergio Zermeno

My wife and I always coming to Taco Bell and try new items that Taco bell come out.

Victor Gonzales

Love love the food here... Mexican food with a more modernized feel. Prices are reasonable too.

Giovanni S.

Orders 4 rolled tacos , first one was crispy and fresh , second one something was wrong with it , bit the 3rd one same they were stale and had a funky taste , well so much for rolled tacos this season , I'm done , even the color is off looks stale

Destiny J.

I only have one star because that's all we could have give ... but to be honest I didn't like the way I was treated , the manager(girl) gave us an attitude they didn't tell us what the burritos came with so we assume just bean and cheese and when we told them no onions it was less that 2 minutes after we ordered that we told them but the food was ready and her response was "we'll throw it all away ,they didn't say anything " but with attitude.... honestly this is rude and unfair

Bunnie Martinez

My grand son Andy Sanchez loves the Dorito taco.

Josh Silva

Real fast food. Cashiers are very friendly and energetic. Drive thru was really quick for an already popular fast food choice.

Jose Iraheta

Horrible experience! Received my order incorrect and when i called the supervisor gave me attitude and did not want to correct our order told me that I was lying.

Denver Ayers

Would definitely recommend eating here. Great mood, delicious food, great service. Great work.

Zulema Garcia

Clean, employees very helpful, and

Cristero V

One of the cooks has a disgusting habit of whistling while preparing the food. I heard and saw that fool and I was outta of there. Will not be returning in months or years. Hopefully, the cook has stopped whistling by then or is replaced.

Jessica Sanchez

The guy in the front, he does an amazing job in customer service. He has the patience for everything. He is so kind. I honestly haven't seen a person like him in customer service. The food is amazing and sometimes it gets really busy because of the college being right across the street. But other than that, the food is always hot and good! They also do a quick job and the place is spotless!

karen zelaya

I hate the taco bell in Monterey Park the lettuce taste weird, also I hate the fact that they obligate you to use the touch screen order when you don't want to especially when I'm telling them that I need a receipt they get disturbed when I tell them I don't want to use the touch screen. It's a customer's satisfaction, whether a customer wants to use it or not they shouldn't mind. It's ridiculous.


Love the Nacho cheese Dorito Taco, Nacho Fries, & 5 layer burrito.

Travis B.

How hard is it to say no sauce, your receipt says no sauce but your nachos are F'ing swimming in it. I mean it's not rocket science its fast food.

Jessica Cedeno

The guy in the front, he does an amazing job in customer service. He has the patience for everything. He is so kind. I honestly haven't seen a person like him in customer service. The food is amazing and sometimes it gets really busy because of the college being right across the street. But other than that, the food is always hot and good! They also do a quick job and the place is spotless!

Bee c

The employees were so friendly and the staff looked like they worked well together. Place was clean. Restrooms were clean as well. Usually taco bell has some restaurants where your food is sloppy. This time I felt like my tacos were in order. Food was presentable.

2 Dads Vlog

Very busy but cashier was handling it very well great customer service

Janie E.

This is one of the worst customer service experiences I've ever encountered at a Taco Bell, and I am a regular Taco Bell customer. Waste of time. I won't be returning here.

Carlita S.

Horrible service. They always get the order wrong. Horrible nobody stop at this location it will give you a headache

Melissa L.

I love this taco Bell . Usually they are nice and quick in the drive thru. I like that they repeat your order to make sure they got it correct. This year they have hired some awesome workers very nice and smart . Just don't forget the hot sauce please .

Johnathan Vang

I tried this spot before with a friend and I am hooked since then. I loved the great mood and flavorful food and drinks. They never disappoint.

Espen Molvik

Possible for self-service, drive-through and check out desk. Fast service of delivering of the orders. Good fast food always enjoyable to eat. Staff is very helpful for helping out with how the self-service works and how to choose the different options.

Jim Ikari

What is there to say? Taco Bell is Taco Bell. I come here if I just want a quick cheap snack. The dollar menu has quite a variety and is actually a good buy. This location is always very busy being right across the street from ELAC.

David Luis


Dora Fernandez

Good food, but too many homeless allowed in and out of the place.