Taco Bell

1214 Avenida Cesar Chavez, Monterey Park
(323) 980-0741

Recent Reviews

Bunnie Martinez

My grand son Andy Sanchez loves the Dorito taco.

Josh Silva

Real fast food. Cashiers are very friendly and energetic. Drive thru was really quick for an already popular fast food choice.

Jose Iraheta

Horrible experience! Received my order incorrect and when i called the supervisor gave me attitude and did not want to correct our order told me that I was lying.

Denver Ayers

Would definitely recommend eating here. Great mood, delicious food, great service. Great work.

Zulema Garcia

Clean, employees very helpful, and

Cristero V

One of the cooks has a disgusting habit of whistling while preparing the food. I heard and saw that fool and I was outta of there. Will not be returning in months or years. Hopefully, the cook has stopped whistling by then or is replaced.

karen zelaya

I hate the taco bell in Monterey Park the lettuce taste weird, also I hate the fact that they obligate you to use the touch screen order when you don't want to especially when I'm telling them that I need a receipt they get disturbed when I tell them I don't want to use the touch screen. It's a customer's satisfaction, whether a customer wants to use it or not they shouldn't mind. It's ridiculous.


Love the Nacho cheese Dorito Taco, Nacho Fries, & 5 layer burrito.

Travis B.

How hard is it to say no sauce, your receipt says no sauce but your nachos are F'ing swimming in it. I mean it's not rocket science its fast food.

Jessica Cedeno

The guy in the front, he does an amazing job in customer service. He has the patience for everything. He is so kind. I honestly haven't seen a person like him in customer service. The food is amazing and sometimes it gets really busy because of the college being right across the street. But other than that, the food is always hot and good! They also do a quick job and the place is spotless!

Bee c

The employees were so friendly and the staff looked like they worked well together. Place was clean. Restrooms were clean as well. Usually taco bell has some restaurants where your food is sloppy. This time I felt like my tacos were in order. Food was presentable.

2 Dads Vlog

Very busy but cashier was handling it very well great customer service

Janie E.

This is one of the worst customer service experiences I've ever encountered at a Taco Bell, and I am a regular Taco Bell customer. Waste of time. I won't be returning here.

Carlita S.

Horrible service. They always get the order wrong. Horrible nobody stop at this location it will give you a headache

Melissa L.

I love this taco Bell . Usually they are nice and quick in the drive thru. I like that they repeat your order to make sure they got it correct. This year they have hired some awesome workers very nice and smart . Just don't forget the hot sauce please .

Johnathan Vang

I tried this spot before with a friend and I am hooked since then. I loved the great mood and flavorful food and drinks. They never disappoint.

Espen Molvik

Possible for self-service, drive-through and check out desk. Fast service of delivering of the orders. Good fast food always enjoyable to eat. Staff is very helpful for helping out with how the self-service works and how to choose the different options.

Jim Ikari

What is there to say? Taco Bell is Taco Bell. I come here if I just want a quick cheap snack. The dollar menu has quite a variety and is actually a good buy. This location is always very busy being right across the street from ELAC.

David Luis


Dora Fernandez

Good food, but too many homeless allowed in and out of the place.

Little nightmare

Great service fast friendly,

Raymond Escalera

Great coffee they make each cup fresh for you as you order it if coffee is fantastic

Lawrence Guzman

They sell the Beefy Frito Burrito for 1.10 awesome price when your on the go and on a budget.

Katherine K.

It is across to ELAC campus and the 60 FWY. I have been there many times. My last visit was after sending my parents to the airport and I was just too lazy to cook for myself that day. My order was nice and affordable. I enjoy this location, many shops around. The waiting staffs are cheerful and welcoming.

Lina D.

I rate this place one star because everytime my husband comes they mess up his order. It's his favorite place to go to and it's nomore than a minute away from our house but today was the last straw literally. We noticed they were forgetting to give us our straw. Today we went an ordered only two drinks nothing else still no straws and when asked for some straws the employee said "We do not give out straws unless you ask for it" Why would a multi million dollar food chain not give it's paying customers a straw automatically when they order a drink ????? No consumer would ever purchase a product that they can not use or in this case consume. Let me buy this delicious, refreshing drink on this hot day just to stare at it LOL extremely dissapointed your going to lose a loyal customer.

Robert J.

I recently received a 20$ gift card to Taco Bell and was dreading using it, as I rarely eat it. However this location has made me feel blessed to have had the opportunity to use my card for a quick lunch. I ordered two items one fresco style and who I'm assuming is the manager asked if I wanted the other item fresco style as well! Super polite, very clean for as far as most fast food joints go and the food was great as well! The patrons and employees especially who again I am guessing is the manager (white male) were extremely friendly. Honestly by far one of the best experiences I've had and only added to the already great day I am having. I overheard this location is corporate so I hope they view this review, would love for this location to get some recognition! I wished I lived nearby so I could frequent this Taco Bell for all my Taco Bell cravings! Keep up the fantastic work:)

Kathy Fernandez

The cost is almost incomparably cheap for the quality of food. Flavorful and juicy.

Danny Ineza

Cant go wrong with some Taco Bell...props to the 5$ comb

jon ly

Staff is friendly at this location and it taste like all the others.

Patricia Trejo

Very good service very good food excellent restroom

Erick C.

I been coming to this Taco Bell for a year or two. I've always notice the attitude of the employees and they are very rude. It doesn't bother me, but when it comes down to my food I get greedy. They recently installed a monitor inside to order food in order to avoid a line. It's a smooth system but what's the point if they are still gonna get your order wrong? I had order a 5$ box and exchange a few items. I got my box and checked and what do you know an incorrect order. I wanted to get my correct order but my Uber was outside and I had to leave unfortunately. But I basically got ripped off and paid extra for no reason. The attitude of the employees are just nasty. In all honesty this is my first actual yelp review and I really don't recommend this Taco Bell to anyone.

Nadine Whitlock

It's taco bell, the food are all the same; it's pretty good for fast food.

Laura P.

When you wait in the drive thru for over 20 minutes I guess it round be nice if you got what you ordered. Simple 5 layer burrito 2 taco supreme Dr Pepper But you get Bean & cheese burrito 1 taco supreme Dr Pepper. Well at least they got one taco and the Dr Pepper right

Ernie Carrillo

Oh so Good!! The evening staff that night were professional and very friendly. Food was awesome and the deals were too. Could you please turn up the temperature in the dining room? Overall, worth my trip as a trucker! Thanks Guys!!

Sara Hilliard

This taco bell location is terrible. I have never once received food that was hot or made how I ask. What is so hard about no onions???? Everytime I get fiesta potatoes, they are hard as rocks. The burritos are always cold. I'm not sure why this location is so bad. It sucks because it's the only taco bell in my area.

Erma Niicassiou

First time here very nice n helpful people here food was good. I recommend this place

Jack Frost

Taco Bell is your typical fast food imitation Mexican food restaurant. The price is relatively inexpensive and the portions liberally reasonable. However, this place is for people who enjoy Mexican food that is not Mexican food. It is fusion Mexican American fast food that is popular on Super Bowl Sunday...and on a budget college kids.

J H.

Two stars for the naked chicken chalupa. I'm just very curious what is so funny and important that I had to be on hold in the drive-thru for chit chatting? The important conversation happening in the background as I was ordering must be so hilarious that repeating "one naked chicken chalupa" three times loudly, could still be misheard between all the laughter. How does "one naked chicken chalupa" sound remotely like "a mountain dew?" These workers must have extreme financial security because they seem to not worry there are shoppers reporting their service :).

TheDarkMysteryMan .

I've been going to this local Taco Bell restaurant for the the better in over 15 years. This place provides a very high-quality level of fast food and delicious tacos. Also this place has been recently renovated making it much more up to date. The inside chairs the restroom and even the exterior having an outside eating area, this place is fascinating. It's popular with the kids near the local high school it's now one of my personal favorite restaurants to go when I want a quick bite.

Katie C.

Definitely not coming back. I got a huge stomach ache after only eating 2 tacos. Very slow on receiving my 'to-go' meal too.