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24528 Sunnymead Boulevard, Moreno Valley
(951) 488-9485

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Carlo D.

I had the Boat noodle soup and overall it was okay. On first taste, my first thought reminded me of a generic beef soup, possibly close to the taste of instant ramen. When I say instant ramen flavor, I don't mean the .25 cent American version you get from Stater Brothers, but more of the higher quality instant ramen packets imported from Asia. I just didn't get that classic boat noodle flavor I'm used to. I've gotten other dishes here like the pad see ew and pad Thai and it's not bad food. I'd say give it a try

Claudia M.

First time going to this Thai restaurant. I was greeted when I came in. Order my food to go. When I got home and served my food I was impressed. Very well cooked and the taste was amazing. I will return.

John b.

I love this place, specifically for their drunken spicy noodle!!! I get it every-time and it's absolutely delicious! The veggies are well cut and so flavorful, not to mention I love spice so much and their level 5 spicy level is soooooo gooooooooooood!!!! It's that spiciness with a good flavor that makes your brow sweat and has you breathing sharply to cool your mouth but you keep eating despite the spice because it's so good!!! If you don't like that level of spice, level 3 is good with a nice kick.... And I'm sure level one is good too (never had below level 3)Again I love this place so much and come here all the time I had to buy their HOT chili oil (best decision I ever made to put on everything!!!!)

Cristian M.

This is a gem! We absolutely love the Thai food! The staff is friendly and my pick up meals is always prepared correctly and to perfection!

Chantel L.

My favorite dish is the spicy fried rice have been going here for a few years. I've tried at other restaurants and it does not compare!

Bianca A.

The best Tom kha soup in town! Love it so much can't have enough... quick service and clean place

Rebecca W.

1) Food - we recently ordered Pad woon san, crab fried rice, and the Tom yum soup. - Pad Woo San: 3* their pad woon san is so different from other Thai restaurants. Very simple and blend. The chicken in it is so dry. Usually, I am crazy about pad woon san but not this one here. - Crab fried rice: 2* Very very disappointed in the crab fried rice. Crab meat is fried together with scrambled egg so you can't really see or taste the crab. And the scrambled egg is way overcooked. But for the rice, it's way undercooked and tough. So we had to microwave cook it for several mins by adding some water. - Tom Yum soup: 5* still the bomb!!! Super delicious!! Must have every single time!! Hope they can improve on the pad woon san and fried rice coz I would love to order them again. 2) Staff - we only order to go so the encounter is not that much. Anyways, they are very friendly and very detailed oriented. I really like how they always summarize your order in details at the end of your order to double check.

Tracy S.

Delightful! Family business. The lichee drink was very good! Lunch specials come with soup or salad and this soup was superb! The pork dish was too spicy for me I asked for level 3 to try it out but it was hot! I will try a a bit less on my next try! The dumplings are hand made here!

Gwendolyn L.

Friendly service , very clean and nice atmosphere. Loved all the vegan options offered here from drinks to veggie plates , soups and much more . Everything had a great flavor profile and loved you had the opportunity to get it even spicer if you wish . Will be back to support this small business. Ordered the Thai tea which was delicious ( vegan ) , lunch special photos are below which was a good size for the price of $10.95 each you also got a choice of soup or salad with your lunch special . We got the Tom Tom soup which was a delicious lemon type soup .

Vicki M.

The BEST Thai food in Moreno Valley!!! Mouth watering, melt in your mouth, crab Rangoon, with spice levels of 1 thru 5, for at least the entrees that I've ordered. From tender spicy beef salad, red curry, spicy seafood did not disappoint. The flavor of the mango juice drink makes you travel to a tropical island of your choice I highly recommend this place if you're looking for delicious, affordable Thai food with entrees that can feed 2 people, and by far, the most welcoming and friendliest staff

Alisea It’s me!

Such friendly people. So kind. The food? I cannot get enough of it! It’s so delicious and the prices are exceptional! Thank you so much for the delicious and healthy food! We need more places like you! ❤️Parking: The parking lot is huge. Park anywhere you like. Just perfect!

Andrew Barron

This place was so delicious. I didn’t miss the meat at all because of the flavors of the food and it being cooked so well.


Delish ! Highly recommend. Ordered Coconut soup and Spring Rolls. Very fresh and tasty !

Lisa Just Me

The most delicious food! The nicest people you can meet. The prices are perfect. I love the peanut sauce. So so good! Everything I have tried is so good. The food is always ready when I arrive. Go check them out. You’ll thank me. Watch!? Always a very good meal!

Deborah Jordan-Buriel

I love everything but the chow mein. I mean, it's good, but they give maybe 1/4 cup's worth of noodles with some steamed vegetables. It's not worth $14 for that tiny amount! Most places give a full box of noodles. Plus, they put rice on the side. I've never seen that before - rice on the side of noodles. Just give more noodles!

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