Roger's Deli & Donuts

295 E Middlefield Rd, Mountain View
(650) 965-2204

Recent Reviews

Jennifer G.

Great selection of breakfast sandwiches and donuts!!!!! They need to clean their outside places to sit though.

Thuy N.

Donuts here are delicious along with their breakfast sandwiches. However, I ordered a Thai ice coffee today and got just regular thai tea. Pretty disappointed and I'm sure I repeated myself twice when I placed the order. I guess I will have to make some coffee now to make a thai ice coffee.

Rahul Bobhate

I've been to Roger's Deli innumerable times. The most compelling food that I've eaten here is their bagels. I just love their Asiago bagel along with jalapeno cream cheese. Also, their breakfast sandwiches are a true delight. The avocado, egg and cheese on a croissant is definitely something that you should try.

Valerie H.

Best sandwiches in the area. Great pastries, too. One visit and you will keep coming back. Well worth a try.

Kyla M.

I'm so thankful to the staff here for serving amazing food especially during the covid outbreak. Everything was delicious and the staff were very kind to my husband who placed the order. We'll be back again soon :)

Alan Z.

This place is my fav. Get the Dutch crunch bread. Breakfast not bad either. Donuts are a plus. Great location on the corner. Can't miss it.

Natasha L.

Came here with coworkers. Bagel was nice & fresh. They also had my favorite sparking apple juice. Yummy AND they had hand sanitizer!!

Rachael Sass

How can you not love Rogers?? The sandwiches are sooo good! I love the hot pastrami on their ridiculously decadent jalapeno roll. Hubby loves the BLT. Don't be intimidated by their tall ordering counters and screens everywhere. Just walk up to someone, tell them what you want, and then walk over to the register to pay. Also, don't make the mistake I did of trying to use one of the monitors as a touch screen. It's not a touch screen. I tried. I looked like an idiot.

Suwei Wu

Love this place. Been going there for over 12 years... unfortunately less in the past few years since I have moved away. My brother still lives close by so whenever I go and visit him I make a point of stopping by. They bake their own breads, bagels and pastries there or at least I can see the bread and bagels rising. The breakfast plates and sandwiches are delish and inexpensive. I love their meatball.sub and fondly remember that that was what I ate right before going to a big job interview when I was 3 months pregnant. I didn't get nausea and I did get the job! I think of that sub as a good luck charm...silly, huh?

Rohan S.

They never go wrong with their breakfast sandwiches. Service is pretty fast and the food is pretty good. Turkey-Egg-Cheese on croissant is my favorite. It's a bit heavy for breakfast but ideal for lunch. I mostly end up sharing it. Haven't tried their lunch sandwiches enough to leave a comment. Coffee, muffins and donuts are good but could be better.

Aniket K.

Our choice of breakfast deli for the last 10 years. Enough said. . Great selection of omlettes, fresh ingredients, quick service, great indoor and outdoor seating.

Nessa R.

I absolutely love their bagel sandwiches here. When we lived closer, my husband and I would stop by on the weekend(ordering through Yelp, of course since this place gets pretty busy in the mornings). So much yummy goodness with the bacon and avocado and they never skimp out on the ingredients. Plus the people behind the counter are friendly and professional and I can tell have a passion for making their customers happy. I can tell they have so many regulars they take care of. I know that even though we've moved, we'll definitely still be making our way over here when we crave for it :)

Julio V.

This place has delicious breakfast sandwiches and amazingly delicious donuts. Their service is great and food always comes out on a timely matter no matter how man my customers are waiting.

Dave Jenson

Good sandwiches, breakfasts, drink selections, and donuts too when you wish to indulge your sweet tooth. Very efficient in getting orders out during their peak lunchtime hours; great when you want a quick bite to eat.

Gary Branson

Where do I begin? I had an onion bagel with garden veggie cream cheese, tomatoes and bacon. The bagel was toasted to perfection, crispy without stabbing you in the gums.

Shawn White

Rogers deli and donuts is definitely a traditional donut favorite. There's sandwiches are very good quality and huge for the price! This place packs them in seven days a week! A very popular local stop.

Jamir Humphrey

They serve big portions and for affordable prices. helpful owner. I recommend this place.

Rosie Way

If you are a big fan of donuts, definitely should come to visit Roger's !

Joe D.

Was told Rodgers made great sandwiches, rather disappointing. Just 1 slice of meat - really? Well I tried it, won't be back.

Mariya Filippova

This is out to-go place for breakfast. Everything is freshly baked and you can't beat those prices! I love their donuts and they got a great selection of those. Bagels are really good too and you can get them with breakfast options like cheese, eggs, avocado, etc. Coffee is okay (I prefer Clocktower Coffee in 2min walk). There is plenty of space to seat inside and outside, though inside is usually busier and more hectic

Kyla McCarthy

Their donuts, bagels and sandwiches are delicious. The service is fast and they have ample outdoor seating. It’s family friendly and they have a decent number of high chairs. I am docking two stars because they have gotten my order incorrect 3 times in a row. Their food is very good so I’ve just eaten what was given to me but it would be nice to actually eat what I order.

Mario Borroto

Good prices, big drink selection, good food. No complaints. Gets a little hectic in there but nothing you don't get used to after visiting a few times

Dan B.

This place is awesome. Breakfast is amazing and reasonably priced with huge portions. Deli sandwiches are also fairly priced, huge, and delicious as well. Highly recommend Rogers for a quick bite if you're in the area!


This is my go to place for take out boxes of coffee, doughnuts, bagels, cream cheese, and other drinks when I am hosting a meeting in the area. The staff is friendly, service quick, and the price is right. I especially like how they always include coffee cups, lids, creamers, napkins, and sugars in my bag when I buy the take out coffee - makes things so much easier.

Rachana Jethwani

The bagels, bagel sandwiches and coffee are amazing. Quick service. Just a bit unorganized.. but that doesnt stop us from coming here!

Kevin J.

Rogers a dirty dog Best breakfast sandwich! - ultimate combo/ ham avaocado peppperjack on croissant. However sometimes they are too fast for their own good and get the order wrong but yea perty awesome.

Peggy P.

Let's be honest. The service is awful. The owners/staff are rude - do they have to be - really? Yeah I know they are rushed and oh so popular but give me a break and smile once in awhile. Come on you are not doing brain surgery - you are making a breakfast or frickin sandwich. Lighten up and be kind. You will get a lot more customers. You should know this by now. Your product is only as good as your service and brand and your customer service is awful. Smile and be kind - your product is really not that great - sorry to say this.

E Z.

I have only been here once. I ordered a Reuben. Their menu says that it includes pineapple. I like pineapple, part of why I ordered it. But, they still asked me if I wanted it. They didn't have to ask. Thumbs up for service and for making a delicious sandwich.

K.g. G.

Around seven in the morning, my wife and i ordered sandwiches (see pictures). Although it took a little longer to get our sandwiches, they got the customers' orders really quick. The food was tasty. I enjoyed the hot chocolate as well. If I'm in the area, I'll definitely come by there again.

Alison D.

I buy bagels for my company, and we come here for our catering! They're fast, tasty, and the bagels are always fresh! Some of the best bagels I've had in the South Bay. They're a mom and pop shop too, and they have a super huge menu of items! Sandwiches, breakfast, coffee! Stop by and support- highly recommend!

Drew S.

Rude staff and mediocre overpriced food. There are dozens of other places in the area that offer better food. They won't get my business.

Lynette C.

I was on my way to another place via GPS. While sitting at the stop light waiting to turn I noticed they have donuts here too. I pulled right in. I was craving a custard filled donut while out running errands. This place definitely hit the spot. It's a deli but they do have a small donut counter, with quite a good selection. The donut was fresh and she added custard right then and there which made it even better. The servers were really nice, it seems to be a mom and pop type place. It was busy but they were busting butt getting orders taken and out quickly. There is plenty of seating. I didn't take pics inside cause I was busy drooling over my donut and couldn't wait to go eat it. Haha I walked outside and saw a number of tables, with it being nice weather this morning I opted to sit at one of the many outside tables. It's pretty clean for as busy at it was. It's sandwiched between a 7-eleven and a Carl's Jr. Its right on the corner with plenty of parking. You can't miss it. I think next time I'm in the area I will try the deli.

Dmitriy G.

My favorite thing to get at bagel joints is cream cheese bacon and avacado. Somehow this combination came out to over $9!!! I couldn't believe it but I was starving so I went along with it. The result was not worth the extra money at all. I know bagel shops I can go to and get that combination with a soda and still come out under $8. Overpriced. Low quality

David July

A great delicatessen featuring a large menu with salads, sandwiches, soups, subs, donuts, breakfast, bagels and coffees. Fast and friendly counter service even when busy. Limited vegetarian options. Large outside dining area with patio tables and umbrellas.

Nathan Null

One of the few fair priced breakfast/ lunch/ donut shops still around. Solid good food, great sandwiches, real donuts and solid pastries. Only downers are the coffee, which borders on weak to tea and the potatoes they serve with breakfast; which or just lazy and bad.

Shari Joy

Built my own pastrami sandwich on a soft roll, cheddar lettuce tomato mustard mayo avo and an egg. Brilliant. Thai tea was delicious too. Ate outside with my friend's doggo, nice and casual.

R I.

The food yesterday was terrible. We bought several sandwiches at a total of $50. The sandwich was mostly bread. The bbq beef was over cooked, had sauce that overwhelmed the sandwich and the meat weighed 1.6oz in a large sandwich. The pastrami was no better with 1.8 oz on a large. Rogers used to make a great sandwich but there is no longer value for what you get. Sadly, you would be better off at Subway. We won't be back.

Elina Dyo

Went there for the first time and would definitely come back! Got the breakfast sandwich on a croissant, which was delicious, and a dozen of assorted donuts. Haven’t tried all of them yet, but ones I have tasted fresh and sweet. All of that I got along with the Thai Iced Tea and it was good as well, a lil too sweet in my opinion. The prices are decent and the service is friendly. Check it out one morning!

Dieter Schweininger

Great neighbor food joint for donuts,breakfast , sandwiches on the go

Kathrin G.

**This review is strictly for the customer service by the older Asian lady; not sure of she's the manager? Anyway, I literally just ordered a dozen donuts for the office and while I was there for 4 minutes, she was yelling at the staff saying "you can't leave you need to do that you need to finish the meat!" She was super rude no smile, bad custom service. " She literally took 2 orders and her response was "You wanna order food? What do you like?" The only reason why I'm giving 2 stars is because the donuts are pretty good! Something needs to change because I'd be damned if someone yelled at me like that; especially in front of a house full of customers! Get it together lady.