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Crystal S.

Only leaving 2 stars because their wine is good, their service however, left a lot more to be desired. While Sarah, who handled my tasting was nice, the co-owner, Sewell was incredibly rude. I came to Hatcher with the intent to purchase bottles as I tried their wine at a restaurant in Angels Camp last night. I was looking forward to gifting a couple of bottles to our family hosting us in AC and to my parents house sitting for us down in Southern CA. When I entered the tasting room (with my husband and 5 year old daughter behind) we were greeted by Sewell's aggressive dog, barking and getting at my daughter. My husband and daughter just turned around and walked out. Sewell made a comment that the dog is nice if they greeted her but that was clearly not the case. I decided to do a quick tasting and make my bottle selections. During my tasting, another family with kids came in so I figured my family could return, when they did this dog aggressively approached my daughter and husband again. My family left again, as to not even bother with this nuisance of a dog to which Sewell said "why do they just keep coming and leaving?!" In a rude tone. How about you get control of YOUR ANIMAL? A place of business is not a place for an aggressive dog. If you claim to be kid friendly yet allow your dog, who is not friendly, in your establishment, then you are not kid friendly or even people friendly. A barking and aggressive dog is not something that contributes to a welcoming environment. I ended up purchasing 5 bottles because I was almost done with my tasting at that point, but I will never return. I had heard from family that the owners, Sewell in particular, were rude and unfriendly, I did not expect this type of treatment. I will not be returning to Hatcher as the other reviews left here were proven to be true with our experience. The fact that several reviews spanning a decade have fallen unto deaf ears shows that they don't care what a customer has to say and that customer service is not their strong suit whatsoever.

Chuck Klein

Liam took good care of me. Yummy wine and a gorgeous setting. Bring your picnic basket. It is beautiful.

C. Haugo

Wonderful wine and excellent service

Renee S.

One of our favorites! A must stop every time we come here. Our groups always enjoy the conversations we have with Sewell! Lola is an added treat! Ignore the reviews from people that complain because this place expects your kids to not run around screaming in a small area with bottles of wine in it, or boozy toasts with screams of "woohoo!" Come in, act right, and you are going to love it!

JillAnn K.

I was a guest at the last event. It was sprinking, thunder and lightening with potential for rain. No cover or protection where we were supposed to eat. Power went out with no apparent generator. Owner was rude to those that moved a table under a cover and told us we needed to get our food last. When we went earlier than apparently he wanted us to, he came to our table and was very rude. And never asked us if we were ok to eat in the dark. Food was disgusting. Cold uncooked pork, tasteless apple sauce, cold tasteless pasta. Wine wasn't all that either.

Donna S.

The wine is good, too bad the service isn't the same. You can be meet with an Egocentric "gentleman " serving you. Poor customer service. He even treated his employees rudely in front of customersThe Cave feeling walking into the tasting room is cool though.

Kris I.

Went during the Witch Walk. There were only 2 other couples in there but we were almost ignored. She was nice but barely had any interaction with us. Wine was ok. I bought a bottle just to waive my tasting fee, the fee was either $20 or $25.

Marcy T.

We were in Murphy's for a 50th birthday celebration and we were excited for our 2nd day of wine tasting. Someone in our group had been there before and said the tasting cave room was kinda cool but the last time she went the guy who was pouring was rude. We went in anyway soon after opening and was immediately told very upfront and in a very angry tone by the guy behind the bar that it's was $20 per person for a tasting. We had 6 in our group and with only a few white wines on the list I asked if some could buy a glass of just white. He then very loudly and what I thought originally was sarcastic says NO we don't do that but you can go down the road to the winery and have that experience. Keep in mind that there was only 2 other couples there so it's not like he was busy. After being treated like we weren't good enough for their wine (Insert eye roll) we walked out. From what I see now in the reviews he might be owner or part owner but my god he should NOT be any where customers are if you going to act like an angry rude j**** Too bad for them as we spend 2 days tasting up and down the street paying for tastings AND buying lots of wine....

Phil B.

possibly the best wine in the Murphy's area. the tasting rooms in Murphy's and on Hiway 4 are beautiful.

Vanessa H.

I enjoyed the wine but not the service. The owner rudely told a single woman walking in that they close in 40 mins and wouldnt pour for her so, I then stuck up for her and he relentlessly served her. He is abrasive and cocky and should seriously consider stepping down and let someone else do the pouring. Wine tasting has a vibe and the owner lacks that. . This place is a big "NO"!

Michele T.

I highly recommend the wine, but NOT the tasting room. This Sewell douche, who's whole body is alcoholic red was a dick from the time we got to the bar. Or "Carl" as he told us his name was. I am SHOCKED to read other comments and see that he is part owner!? People around us were also commenting that he was not nice. We were not coming in like a bachelorette party or loud and annoying at all. After all the rude snide comments to the four of us, 3 of my friends bought wine bottles. I was about to pay for my tasting and he said "Do you know how stupid this is?" (Because if I bought a bottle the tasting would be free) i told him I'm flying home and cant take it on the plane. None of the 4 of us, including me, appreciated this comment and I hope this place burns to the ground. Most likely this is why its hidden and underground. If you REALLY want Hatcher Cab go to Murphys hotel and enjoy your day/evening. F*ck that guy and he's lucky this wasn't 15 years ago with this group.

jennifer a.

My girlfriends and I went in to do a tasting. The man (Carl/Sule(dude with tattoos)) pouring was probably the most rude individual I've ever encountered. We probably should have left right away instead of continuing the tasting. So, at the end of the tasting Carl/Sule said our friend who had to fly home was stupid for not buying a bottle of wine to offset the cost of the tasting. Who does that? Additionally another friend was chatting and he would not continue our tasting until she either drank or dumped her pour. This man should not be dealing with the public especially in a town that has a such a large tourist population.

Chris S.

Hatcher Winery lived up to the hype! Phenomenal winery with an exceptional tasting room & employees to match. Great experience & highly recommend!

Jenn C.

If you just want to get in, buy some wine and leave - you can do that at many different retail stores. Hatcher Winery's tasting room is comfortable, well lit (really pretty lighting fixtures) and the staff do a good job of spacing out pours and checking in with people. You shouldn't walk out of a wine tasting room with a buzz -- go slow, drink water, have a peek into the barn to see the classic motorcycles and cars nestled between the wine barrels. Delicious wines and reasonable prices.

M. Isabel Posada-Rivera

Bad service, from the actual owner. I had a complaint and he said that's too bad don't come back. Eat your words you garbage of a person. What you put out you'll get back. Stay away from this sleezy place.

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Hatcher Winery - Murphys Tasting Room

425 Main St, Murphys, CA 95247
(209) 736-6500