Cruz Tacos

41539 Kalmia St STE 120, Murrieta
(951) 461-4824

Recent Reviews

Wesley Cline

I had the vegan carne asada burrito. Exactly what I wanted. It was delicious! Large vegan menu. Will definitely be coming back.

Kathy Monteleone

I took my mom here for lunch and we both enjoyed! It was our first visit and we will be going back.

Gio Leonardo

We love Cruz Tacos. The staff is always great and they have a fantastic Vegan menu.

anthony p

Great neighborhood taco spot. Generous portions,Vegan options and salsa bar.

Jessica Lefever

Good vegan options. They do use the same fryer for all food if you are worried about cross-contamination. Food is

Kimberly Siordia

The vegan nachos are delicious! Can't wait to try their other meatless items. So happy to find good vegan mexican food nearby.Dietary restrictions: Lots of vegan options

Michael Mullen

Food was great!! Had the hard-shell tacos. Salsas are good too!


Walked in with high expectations of eating vegan. Spoke to the cashier and asked about cross contamination. She said that the fried food is all in one frier. Then she said that vegans don't care about cross contamination. Between there foods and from what I gathered they most likely don't switch their gloves after touching meets either. This place is vegetarian as best but not vegan.


The Cauliflower Al Pastor is phenomenal and it's not fried.

Jay Shah

Really good food. Lots of vegan options. Beware of the hot Salsa's, they are really good though.Vegetarian options: They have quite a few options.

Dustin Dean

I don't usually post negative reviews, especially for family run businesses but had to post so others could avoid this place.I waited 20-30 minutes for my order and then they said there was an issue with my ticket and it never got to the chef. So I waited another 20 minutes (while the restaurant was basically empty) for my 3 tacos, rice and beans. When it came out, the carne asada was burnt to a crisp. Visibly charred.Terrible experience!

Gloria Girgis

I'm from out of state. I tried all the soft tacos except the carnitas. I also tried the Chile relleno. The adobada is phenomenal and so is the Chile relleno. Add lime + tomatillo salsa. Delicious!

Norman R.

Just had a hard beef taco at it was quite good! The establishment is in close proximity to Murrieta City Library and always wanted to stop by and sample their food. The beef was tender and very delicious! I must revisit and order a combination plate so I can evaluate the refried beans and Spanish rice. Totally recommend.

Jonathan King

Walked in just to try a chicken taco for $ 3. The cashier looked me like I was from another planet. Anyway, when he served me the taco, I was absolutely shocked. It looked like it was the size of a penny. I wolfed it down in two seconds flat, and although it was tasty, It was so small it was like eating a grain of rice. I am crossing them off my list for now. Most Mexican Restaurants over deliver but this one fell flat on quantity and offering good customer service. When non- Latin X people drop by to patronize a Mexican restaurant, we should not be treated like second class citizens. That really makes me want to boycott a business when they treat a minority customers like toilet tissue. ?

Sabrina M.

Cruz is my favorite Mexican food in all of Murrieta! So good and reasonably priced. We normally grab dinner here once a week. I've tired a lot of their food and so far everything is a delicious. They have never disappointed me.

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