Eiko's Fish Market

610 1st St #3, Napa
(707) 515-7026

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Three of us for dinner-Food was ok, rolls that were supposed to be warm were cold. Tempura beans were cold. Everything was just ok, but the service was bad. Usually it's good as I've come here often. The worst part was the server. She was not friendly and ignored us. When it was time to pay, bill was $130, we put two credit cards down and $50 in cash. She pocketed the cash and rang the whole bill on one card. I can see if she only saw one credit card but why would she pocket the cash and ring the whole bill on one card? Why wouldn't she ask where the cash went? She didn't apologize when we brought it up just said “Oh” and walked away and then came back with the cash. It was dishonest and shady. Won't allow her to serve us again.


Eikos is one of our favorites. Todays lunch was the BEST meal we've ever had there- and they are always consistent. Every dish was perfect. We ordered the chicken bento box and a torched Lion roll. Superb!

Wife and I went there to spend Valentines day for a dinner. It's one of your typical restaurants in Napa. We enjoyed the food and Bridget our waitress was very good and attentive. And all the staff was very friendly. Little bit noisy but I guess you have to expect that. All in all it was a good time and I would like to go back one day


First time to eat in Eiko's. Fresh, delicious food with a unique flavor. The eggplant was fabulous and Rico Roll was wonderful. Nice to have a vegetarian sushi roll option. Which you had a location in Marin County.


Best Japanese food in the Valley. Good variety of dishes, even if you are not into sushi. Service and ambiance are very pleasant. Love the location; easy to get to and fun shops nearby.


Love the selection of hand rolls and variety of small plates. Great service from our server and bus team. Only disappointment were the messy restrooms despite the restaurant not full to capacity.


Arrived and we were sat at our reservation time. Hostess was wearing a hoodie. Took our server 15 minutes to greet us but she was excellent and very nice. Food is overly priced for what you get and not anything special. Especially when we are being sat by someone in a hoodie. I wish I remembered our waitress name she was awesome!


Was disappointed in the quality of the Bento Dinner Box that I ordered. The best parts were the miso soup and the salad. On the other hand, the tempura pieces were lukewarm, as if they were being kept back, while the chicken was overcooked. If I go back to this restaurant, I would order from the list of sushi or sashimi platters.


Once again, this is our favorite Sushi place with our favorite Sushi Chef Eddie! Tonight while waiting for Eddit to come on duty, we had Sushi Chef Arnold fix us an amazing roll with tempora shrimp, hamachi, avocado and wonderful sauces in a soy wrap! My husband had his favorite Garlic Teriyaki Wings and of course we had our Healthy Fies, not healthy but so delicious. Chef Eddie then fixed me a Hawaiian Poke bowl that was amazing. Just the right amount of sauce, sushi rice, seaweed salad and melt in your mouth Ahi!!! Chef Eddit then fixed my husband what we call a "Slider" I have metioned this dish in other reviews as being absolutely incredible with made with tempora wrap, hamachi, salmon,butter lettuce, and other great ingredients. It is not on the menu, but if you stop in and Chef Eddie is there, please ask him to fix you a slider. You will not be sorry.


Excellent sushi! The blackened edamame were amazing! We also had the Neko Chan, The Ladybug, and Dragon rolls, plus several other items. All of our food was terrific, tasty and fresh. Our server was sweet and patient. We made a reservation and went for an early dinner the day after Christmas. Perhaps they were short -staffed... not sure what was happening... but the wait for food was very long. I don't think this is a regular situation. We spent almost two hours there for a couple rounds of sushi rolls. We will try it again, but not the day after a holiday. Would recommend!


We are weekly regulars at Eikos primarily due to Sushi Chef Eddie's creative and delicious sushi dishes. Eddie has created sushi rolls that are combinations of incredibly fresh fish and produce with sauces that just melt in your mouth. We enjoy the healthy fries and the garlic teriyaki chicken wings, too. We also enjoy a cocktail and a carafe of sake to compliment our food. The server Tito, manager Doug, Sushi Chef Arnold the entire Eikos team are always gracious and efficient.

Cashflow RE Diana Lovetravel

Delicious & fresh sushi!

Atmosphere: 4

Food: 5

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Sashimi Combination, Eiko Roll


Darren was manager and host server, he was amazing. We love the new menu.., tuna poke tacos anf pha, awesome We've been coming since their opening..one of our finest experiences and favorites as a local. Dc


Good, solid sushi. Very fresh.

Food: 5


I've been a patron of Eiko's since it's opened. It's always risen to the challenges of COVID and still Providing world class food. But last night was over the top. Great portions. Fresh sushi and amazing cocktails Service -A+++

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