Burger King

2122 SE Bristol St, Newport Beach
(949) 630-3520

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Jeff Namhie

Love this Burger King. It's spacious and usually quiet. The food is always fresh and tasty.

R. Ceja

Don't know if burger king cleaning protocol is very lenient but this place was real dirty. BK needs to better train their staff or get new ones cause the ones that was working were just chilling in the back using their phones, honestly just walked out cause no one helped at the front, would understand if it was busy but this place was deeeead.

Troy B.

PLEASE BOYCOTT THZiS AND ALL BURGER KING's as I went for a chicken sandwich combo, at the order station when she said, "Ten Dollars..." I did not hear how many cents and once I heard 10.00 I asked to cancel the order. The day I pay 20.00 for 2.00 worth of food is the day I don't eat fast food. #BoycottBurgerKing

Richard N.

I go here very frequently and the total drive thru time including payment, ordering, and acquisition of food is about 30 seconds tops. Best service I've EVER had at a fast food place.

Bogan’s King Que

Popeye's and Chick-fil-A have no worries. That was the worst chicken sandwich yet. Never again. Please feel free to take the survey and use the code to get a free Whopper. I won't be going back.

Brian B.

I just had to come by and see what all the fuss was about regarding Burger King and their new Chicken Sandwich. That said,this won't be long. I went through the drive thru immediately parked and took a bite. I mean this from the heart when I say Popeye's and Chick-fil-A have nothing to be concerned about. I just don't see what the fuss was about. I feel like someone owes me $5. The chicken barley covers the whole bun. They say it's made fresh but I bit into it with no problem,not to mention if it were hot it would still have some juice to it. I'm good on this one. Were not even going to talk about how I had to keep telling her my order As you can see from the receipt it was only a sandwich. I don't have an accent either. Yallhollaatchaboy!

Susana Ross

The French toast sandwich was very good. The problem is the syrup. The paper wrap is too flimsy and allows spillage.

Jay Fitzgerald

I prefer this venue very much. It has a different spirit. The cuisine is marvelous. the service is dynamic and the waiters are trained. The cost is reasonable. profoundly recommend.

Paul Holloway

Very Genuine and Happy Workers who you can trust making your business Food Order's.Thank you Ms. Gis and other employees at Burger ?King ?Thee Counselor

Porchenzo E.

Mid-tier but solid. Definitely a go to spot.  Good vibes.

Gerald Ryan

No syrup for my French toast sticks, has browns were undercooked. Also had to ask for my card back from the employee working the window.

Mike M.

No other way to contact them so Im using Yelp. First thing in the morning went through got a double sausage egg croissant. 2 hours later and for the rest of the day I had the worst food poisoning I have ever had. It was the only thing I ate...killed me

Can't ever go back

Madd Hadder

The food always makes my stomach hurt but i think its just the food not the establishment itself. They employees were fast and efficient tho which is hard to find these days.

Juan G.

Not a real fan of Burger King, nor their prices, but every once in a while I do get a whopper meal at this location on Bristol and Birch!

Fries are always the same, soggy and sometimes cold, don't know what I keep ordering the meal lol. The whopper is decent, not the best, but is good enough to kill the urge of a whopper for a while.

The location is a bit tricky, specially if you are new to the area, Bristol runs one way and if you miss BK, you'll be forced into a huge circle trying to go around again.

This BK is in need of a fresh look, it looks old and even the lighting inside looks old. Needs some remodeling!

Parking is ok, not many people eat here, most people use the drive-thru, which is ok. They have a good speed on the drive-thru.

Angelica Perez

I have been to this location on several occasions and every time my food was luke warm like it has been sitting for a while. Not to mention they are rather slow in processing orders. I am a patient person but when it becomes noticeable on the wait time, and your food is practically cold when you get it, it makes the trip not worth it. I love BK too. This location doesn't seem to be with it. Not only that but the outside kind of looks dumpy. First few times I thought maybe they were modifying things but been here 3 time within a year and nothings changed. Makes be question how things are ran on the inside. This last time is and was the last time I'll be visiting. 1 positive is that the whoppers are fairly big and do taste charbroiled which I love. Gives it that authentic flavor, but it's never hot enough.

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