130 Cafe

130 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Oakland
(510) 268-3288

Recent Reviews

Molly L.

We've come here a few times in the morning for breakfast and coffee. My partner gets the soy latte and says that the coffee there is fine but there's nothing special about them. He did not like the breakfast burrito he ordered there, and could not finish more than half of it because it was too oily for him. The croissant sandwich is really good, but also is a bit on the greasier side. The prices are reasonable and the staff are always helpful and courteous.

Ed U.

** The following review reflects my dining experience prior to the shelter-in-place order currently in effect. ** This was a Venezuelan breakfast spot before. It was called Cafe Talavera, and after a particularly successful dental appointment nearby, I tried their corn cakes. Kinda bland but the colorful overhead mural of a native street scene lent atmosphere to the place. The new owners had it painted over since a Latin American village complete with a basket seller and strolling musicians wasn't compatible with their current all-American menu of hot breakfasts, burgers, sandwiches, and salads. Give the people what they want... ...and I can understand why City of Oakland office workers would gravitate toward familiar fare over corn cakes. I decided to try the $8 Grilled Salmon Salad which was served over a bed of arugula with cucumber and tomato slices. Where it went south for me was the addition of crispy chow mein noodles and the fact that the salmon was encrusted in a tempura-like batter (photo: https://bit.ly/2RsDDop). But it was still satisfying for a quick lunch, and the guy at the counter deserved a medal for the variety of characters that came in as I was eating. FOOD - 3 stars...hearty portion but I wish they served the salmon without batter AMBIANCE - 3 stars...standard workaday space SERVICE - 3.5 stars...patient guy TOTAL - 3 stars...workaday spot for workaday workers RELATED - Exploring Oakland? Here's a collection of places I've tried and reviewed: https://bit.ly/2ObVcpQ

Jennifer C.

I got the breakfast croissant portobello sandwich and it was delicious!!! Food is pretty inexpensive and service is really nice. Would come back again!

Alisa S.

Owner son Rick very nice. Greets everyone the same full of smiles. Love the customer service! The breakfast is very good. I will be back for it.

Robert R.

Wanted onion rings listed on their online menu. Come to find that menu is out of date. Ok, I'll have a burger with fries. Takes forever and there is only one table waiting for food, nobody waiting for to go. After like 10-15 minutes dude tells me they lost my order. Really? Nobody in front of me, table got their food and you can't figure out you have another order to cook? Really? Dude was very apologetic, which was nice. Then thought, well maybe the food will be good. Limp over salted fries, burger was like a hockey puck. Hmmmm. Try harder 130 Cafe. Muuuuuuccccch harder.......

Colleen H.

Great food with friendly staff. I particularly like their veggie sandwich and breakfast burrito. I've also enjoyed the delicious salmon wrap for lunch. Don't hesitate to come here if you want a reasonably priced, filling meal.

Cristy M.

This place is excellent ! I've only had the breakfast but It's always fresh and the staff is so friendly and attentive... the cashier doesn't just rush you out like at rotisserie. If you eat inside he comes by and ask if everything is okay I love it ! I'll keep coming here as they are inexpensive, friendly and quick when I'm on the go to get to work.

Quinta Douglas

Best Breakfast Spot. Customer Service Excellent!

Thomas G

I'll tell you I've had better cheese burgers but I can't remember when. I had the Hog Boss with bacon and sausage with a can of Coke and a side of onion rings for $13 bucks. The tomatoes are fried so they're juicy and flavorful and oh my God I've been missing out my whole life. This place is stellar.

Marcus A.

I just want to leave a quick review. So far I've only had their breakfast burrito and their breakfast croissant. My review will be based on those. I had the breakfast burrito a long time ago, so my memory isn't fresh on it. It was good, however, it would not be my choice in this area. I really enjoy chorizo burritos, but those are not an option here. Another thing that let me down about the burrito was the lack of a decent salsa. Good burrito, but my choice would be Juice Joint just a few buildings down. Today, while on my way to Juice Joint for a breakfast burrito, 130 Cafe's sign outside caught my eye with a picture of a delicious looking breakfast croissant sandwich. A croissant sandwich is my second choice for a breakfast option so I decided to walk in a give it a try. I was not disappointed. In the area, this was the best breakfast croissant to my memory. It wasn't the biggest option, but it was the most flavourful. My usual go to spot for a croissant is Colossal Donut, but only because you get more food for $4. 130 Cafe easily wins on flavor and the price isn't terrible, but I am still a value shopper. If 130 could offer a better value, such as a discount on the side potatoes, I could easily see this being my croissant stop of choice. In the meantime, then my choice of breakfast would depend on whether I'm craving a burrito or not and also on how hungry I am. In sum, 130 Cafe will be one of my three breakfast choices in this area.

Stephy Z.

Great customer service! I ordered the 130 burger and it was pretty good.

Rebecca Bean

Excellent service, good food. I am totally addicted to third breakfast croissants.

Pascal Garcia-Montpetit

Good food, good prices! A regular staple of my week.

Joyce Harless

I ordered Salmon wrap and it was so delicious. It was perfect for my starving tummy. Very satisfying! It was juicy and the vegetables are fresh! I love their homemade dressing, too!

C K.

Super on the tea here! Was craving for milk tea and didn't expect to have one of the best one I had over the years. It truly has taste of tea, unlike the other usual one that only milk taste. My friends got green tea and Thai tea, and they gave thumbs up as well. Staff are very friendly here and we feel welcome. Small mom and pop shop, just feel like home. Would definitely come back next time around the area.

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