Burma Bear

325 19th St, Oakland
(510) 817-4413

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Angel L.

Very full of flavor and fast service. Items always run out super quickly but I was glad I was able to try their kale salad and chicken. Definitely was worth the price, tasty, and filling. Nothing to complain about! Photo is pre Covid in March.

Joel Rios

This review is for food delivered from Burma Superstar, so doesn't speak to the full restaurant experience. That being said, most of the food traveled quite well and made for a very tasty lunch in the FiDi food desert. So glad I didn't have to trek to the Avenues and brave a long wait!

Steph G.

Just got lunch from Burma Bear and I cannot recommend it enough. Offta. I ordered the brisket and noodles and almost lost my mind over how tasty it was. I did not realize that I needed blueberry hot sauce in my life until I came here. Delicious food and very lovely inside. 10/10 I will be returning.

Anna B.

Amazing food. We ordered takeout from them during the shutdown and it was absolutely incredible. One of the best takeout meals we’ve ever had. Please order from them so this place can stick around!

Vickie T.

I used to love this place. My go-to is the salmon and garlic noodles, but they've slowly been reducing the portion size of the salmon half to now 1/3 of what they used to give you. It might be on high demand because salmon is almost always the first to go on the "out of order" chart that they put up by the cashier. It's disappointing when you're paying $11 for salmon and you're getting almost nothing for it. You can tell how upset I am by this. What the heck, Burma Bear?? What gives! Hmph! As for the other items, I'd have to say the mushroom and the chicken selections lack flavor. You'll taste the curry spice but that's all you get for it. I'd suggest going for the brisket, pulled pork with the coconut rice. All-in-all, I'd come back for the pulled pork but I'm most likely never ordering the salmon again. It might be time to search for a new lunch spot.

Lindsay C.

Not sure what part is Burmese, seems more beary likely Asian fusion cuisine. I still enjoyed the garlic noodles and the salmon was cooked perfectly! A bit opaque and not too dry. Even though it was noon they were sold out of the brisket already. Pretty good portion for the price point. You pick up your food and eat it somewhere else as there is no seating. Be sure to get some of their hot sauces! They have different heat levels and add a tiny kick to your meal. I really enjoyed that they were fruit based.

Louis Stewart

This site is my number one site. Of all restaurants I know I prefere it most. I always suggests to my friends to go to visit this restaurant. when I I need a good dinner, this restaurant comes instantly to my mind. very good and diverse food and a rich cuisine.generous crew, and nice vibes. Not less important, the bill is fair. I recommend this restaurant with great pleasure.

A.N.A. So Nunya

Don’t let the line fool you. It moves quickly, and food is worth it. Get the garlic noodles and salmon.

Tim Hines

Long lines at lunch time. But awesome food. They won't let you substitute anything FYI so don't even try.

Tim's Garage

Long lines at lunch time. But awesome food. They won't let you substitute anything FYI so don't even try.

Suzy Q.

It was okay. I was disappointed in the tea leaf salad. There was no fermented taste of tea. The salad tasted like a standard chopped salad that was way overdressed w a vinegar dressing. Lettuce tomato onion once in a while a bit of peanut and jalapeno. I've had much Much better. (It's no Burmatown.). The BBQ ribs were dried out and the BBQ sauce was vinegar-y and too thin. Looked like gastrique in the take out box. On the positive the staff couldn't have been nicer and it did smell good inside. I may venture back for the brisket (they were sold out) as it's super close to my office

suzanne leung

Salmon Coconut rice FTW! I could eat the every day. ? Great value for money.

Keith C.

My go-to lunch spot for a quick bite back at the office. Love their garlic noodles and tea leaf salad combo. Great price. My fave protein is the salmon. Go early to avoid lines and sell-outs. Even if the line is long and out the door, it moves fast.

Ari Chandra

Delicious BBQ. My favorite is the pork and coconut rice.

Anton E.

Food is somewhat tasty however the portion size needs to be larger for the amount of money that you pay. I wish the valuation was better. I had the pulled pork, but the pork needed additional sauce. I do like their customer service and the fact that they try to reduce the amount of customer waiting time.

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