Church's Chicken

4155 Telegraph Ave, Oakland
(510) 653-2277

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Patty Bowers

Worst experience at any drive through I have ever been through. Service is too slow order wasn't right. Went inside and the order still wasn't given to me right. Rude customer service.

Eric Smith

They had me waiting for 35 minutes for a 2 piece and a sandwich Not cool..I'll be honest this was the first time this ever happened at this location. Maybe they was under staff..they food is really delicious tho..

QuoVadis Estell

The women that work there at this Church's Chicken on Telegraph and I think she's a Latino lady one of the customers said I usually do not eat Church's Chicken I like Popeyes better but that chicken was so delicious so I enjoyed it

Jan Jang

We waited 15 minutes at the drive-thru. No one came to tell us that we would have to wait. We thought they forgot about us and didn't know we were waiting outside for our order. When we finally got served, the nice young man thanked us for waiting. No explanation. He wasn't familiar with the coupon and charged us too much money. Then we waited longer as he adjusted the amount. He didn't realize that drinks were included. When we got to our destination (late), we had one desert instead of cold slaw. We were grateful that the rest of the order was correct.One star for the delicious chicken!

Wendy Nelson

Always fresh and helpful staff. Customers are often rude when I have visited inside the store. There should be a policy for rude customers not to enter store if the are unhappy with the food. Just a comment!

Lindsey S.

I normally give places like this a chance. I'm very moderate in my expectations. But I waited in the drive thru for over 20 min and they didn't have what I wanted. They also left me at the intercom asking "is anyone there?!?" I had to pee so it was all bad. Shoulda turned around before I got stuck

Key Nam

Prompt service, reasonable prices. Too narrow on drive-in path.

Marie Brown

Omgggggg the wait was crazy in drive thru. Wasted 20 mins at the window just for the worker to charge my card for the wrong order

D.wight L.

So all Church's I've ever seen are in the hood. Something about their target demographics amuses/intrigues me. For being such a fried chicken fiend myself, having tried most chains that cross my path, I'm quite dumbfounded on why I never gave this chain a fair shake. Until now, So since I'm no stranger in delving into hoods, just for fried chicken, I've got a different set of expectations than most. I'll always expect some sort of drama from the lingering people that revolve around such establishments, and I will never grade them on the same scale in terms of service. If you do, you will just be setting yourself up. So I went in the middle of the day, so not as much drama, as I've seen closer to dark. I ordered inside and the dining area was closed off due to the remnants of the covid era. Which may be a good thing, as I'm sure it woulda been a helluva lot messier, if diners were allowed to lounge. The service was really slow for not having a lot of customers, but they were really nice. I think 3 of us were there and it took almost 10 minutes for them to take my order. Another 8-10 minutes to receive a 2 piece meal. I was determined to finally try this chicken, so I rode it all out. The Chicken (5*) Damn solid. Very cragley crust with just a hint of crunch. Very juicy chicken and much less salty than Popeye's, KFC and Krispy Krunchy Chicken. I actually liked this better than the 3 big names mentioned. The Mashed Potato (2*) I only got a scoop of that fast food instant mashed potato. Not great but for a fast food outing, it's aiiight. No gravy either, don't know if it was forgotten or they were out. Either way, I wasn't going back in just for that. I made do. The Biscuit (5*) Holy moly what a revelation. This was THE best fast food biscuit I've ever had. Maybe in my top 3 period. Flaky, warm and some warm glaze on top. I think they heat each one to order so it doesn't sit around in a warming tray getting dry AF, ahem *cough cough* Popeye's and KFC. So between their chicken and biscuit, my mouth is telling my brain to over-ride any other mishaps this place may carry on the norm. That's some serious weight, yo.

Susan Hin

Horrible chicken the last time a visited. The chicken was not evenly battered, it wasn't crispy at all either. Very disappointed, because it use to be very good that I would venture into this area for good fried chicken. Now I have to find somewhere else to go

Mele M.

my visit here was a little long but well worth the wait! staff were cool and gave a few extras so thats what made it good!! Thanks again Church's chicken!

diego m.

Slow when I came drive through is trash waited for like 20 mins nothing . Just ended up giving up

Lelibela Shabakabel

Very bad service,drove over from San Franciso to Oakland,paid for Family meal and stressed that i wanted biscuits with the family meal.They didnt put biscuits inside,took a really,really long time to prepare the food.I tried calling to tell them,didnt get no answer,and message machine said it was full and couldnt leave a message.I wouldnt recommend going to that location.Havent had chicken from there in years,and from that experience,guess i wont be eating there ever again.

Yeojin Lee

their service is always so slow and they locked the doors at 6 when it states they close at 10. They told me to go through the drive thru which took almost 30 mins when there wasnt even much of a line

SF Taxi

Ohhhhh it's frying time again beautify by planting flowers everywhere xou can ?

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