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Heather Glenn

The cocktails, food presentation and drink pairing were all nicely done. I enjoyed the sake and beer pairing on two of the courses, as well as not so common wines to keep things interesting. All of the pairings were perfectly matched with the delicious courses.

Bridget Gael

The tasting menu was divine - especially with the wine pairing. Favorites included the amouse Bouche, beluga caviar and champagne pairing, cured egg yolk and bread dish, and the pb souffle

Bob Upton

The eight course meal with wine and drink pairings we're VERY good. The service by multiple waiters (male & female) was impeccable. New plates, silverware, and glasses for every course. We even had some foods served to us between courses. The waitstaff we're all very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. The only drawback is that it got pretty loud as the accoustics are not that great, but if you can deal with that then it is worth the price.?

Jessica Custer

Really loved the tasting menu experience. Lots of unique dishes and surprising flavors. The small space and limited seating makes the service feels very personalized. We had a great time and look forward to going back!

Wayne Christensen

1/2ANNIVERSARY DINNER AT 2-STAR MICHELIN RESTAURANTWhen in pursuit of an indelible dinner out, in San Francisco, a bountiful place by any definition, to celebrate with my wife --who makes me happy because she's the charming gardener of my soul . . . because our relationship has happily marched on for some five decades now-- I've thought hard about it for the past month. In the beginning, I began to reminisce about other monumental restaurant experiences with her over time. Joel Robuchon and his iconic mashed potatoes at Jamain, in Paris, in the 1980s. Salmon tartare with sweet red onion creme fraiche cornets at The French Laundry in the late 1990s. Just-harvested fresh white truffles at Trattoria Cascina Schiavenza in Alba, Italy, in 2008.Trying to equal or surpass those experiences surely should be possible in a place where culinary and wine giants sit on every street corner. There are six Michelin 3-stars and eight 2-stars within a reasonable Uber distance from home. So began the long --and delightful!-- process of deciding where to dine. Gotta take a car service. Gonna try not to tip more than two entire dinners in a normal city. Gotta try to keep the meal under 4 hours. Gonna bring my own bottle of wine because I've got some good ones since moving here. Gotta ask around to get recommendations from food crazed local friends.Well, Commis in Oakland, a Michelin 2-star, got the nod. Not too far an Uber ride. Tantalizing reviews and history. An excitingly novel spot. First came the fight for a table. Here the battlefield is the website "tock." Once you've learned when reservations for the next 30 days are released, you anxiously log on to snag your preferred day and preferred time --probably not a weekend night and 5:30 p.m. vs. 9:15 p.m., for me. Then you cross your fingers. I scored: 5:30 on the Friday night after Thanksgiving. My first experience with tock, the gatekeeper. If you score, then tock scores: $100 deposit, for the table as they say, for each diner, with no refunds, no day or time changes, although tock transferring your reservation to someone else is kosher.Commis is a spare, modernist, and unapologetically boldly stark. This purposeful mood is carried out through every one of the dozen courses, in the flatware and the plates and bowls and serving platforms and hot stones that were put before us. And the food is also decidedly architectural. The shapes of each ingredient in each dish seem intentionally crafted and purposely placed. Each dish is like a dainty, hand-painted piece of jewelry. Or a sculpture, such as at Scandinavian-flavored in2Design, a la Kate Middleton. Even the chop sticks were metal with a padded grip. One coolio knife apparently baffles diners. It accompanies the dry-aged duck breast, which I tried to cut with the wrong edge.The duck was so tough! What my fingers told me was corroborated in my mouth.Contrarily, Sara said, "Oh, this duck is so tender!"To me, the waiter said, "By way of a reminder, cut the duck with the other side of the knife." Many a diner has been told that, even many times, the waiter said as he smiled at me.I turned the knife around. Then the duck was so so tender to the cut and to my mouth. I never knew mouth feel was influenced unconsciously by finger feel.At no other restaurant have I ever encountered so many inscrutable foods: jellyfish, kohlrabi, house-made tofu, huckleberries, black vinegar, lovage, taro root, palm sugar, slow-poached egg, smoked dates, alliums, malt, button mushroom tisane, chrysanthemum leaf oil, osmanthus tea, dried kale oil, chamomile glace, pickled mustard seeds, oolong mousse, puffed forbidden rice, miso sweet potato tart, and fish sauce salted caramel. All interesting, I suppose.Of all the ingredients, I was charmed by the flavors, textures, colors, and whimsey of some: a diminutive radish with its greens, very familiar diced beetroot; luscious smoked dates; silky poached black cod in clam broth; ethereal button-mushroom tisane or consomme; luscious dry-aged duck; and richly flavored, dain

George Sun

The food was great; the jellyfish, caviar and egg were delicious to me. Some dishes were too rich but that was perhaps just a preference of my palette.Giving 3 stars because some parts of the service did not impress me for a 2 Michelin start restaurant. Our reservation was at 9PM and we arrived punctually. We did not get seated to our table until around 9:15 or 9:20. They also served me sparkling water when I asked for still water! I was so taken aback by that I didn’t bother to question it and justified in my head that maybe their still water was supposed to be a little bit bubbly. During dinner, my partner sat where she could see that the wait staff behind me, waiting to clear our plates before we finished our food. She noted this several times throughout the night. Hard to describe, but overall the service felt scattered and we did not feel particularly attended to amongst the 3 other parties in our vicinity.I do appreciate that they remembered we were there to celebrate several occasions.


We were there in early November 2021. While some dishes are good, but overall, I don't see myself paying so much for the subpar food they offered. I don't have time to review each and every course, but, the worst still sticks in my mind was this main course of the meal, the duck. First of all, they provide a regular knife for the dish, thinking the meat is good enough without a steak knife. It turns out the meat was hard to cut and chewy. I could get a serving of this dish anywhere else for about $10-$20, with a more tender, juicy, and tasty presentation. Very disappointed in comparison with others. I think I even got a better experience in a one-star restaurant in Barcelona, which we did not have to have a deposit for the reservation.

Lawrence Skibitcky

Such an amazing experience! The photos are beautiful but still don't do it justice. Excellent wines and drinks, better service! ?

Sayantan Mukhopadhyay

OUTSTANDING!!Hands down one of the best meals we had ever. The balance of flavors, textures, ingredients is impeccable. Also great staff and wine selection.If I have to think hard, I think a couple of dishes were little mouthful (the squash dish and the tofu dessert) and the duck main course was a little underwhelming.

Courtney Dixon

Amazing food and very attentive service! Will definitely be back!!We ordered the calamari, shrimp and cod app -- would def recommend. Chrissy and perfect salted. Came out popping hot which was delightfully tasty.The drinks we well priced and wine was perfect chilled.The special, lamb chops, was a nice portion and so delightfully seasoned!5 stars!

Qiuren Fang

Summer fruit salad is great, it has a fresh and multilayered taste. Black cod was more than amazing, the soup is so tasty. Both desserts are awesome, I especially like the second one with tofu, they balanced the sweetness with raspberry (first one) and shaved ice (second one). One thing that can be improved is the steak, although the flavor is good, texture is a bit too chewy.

juve a

Absolutely delicious menu and pairings. The customer service was also phenomenal. I will definitely be returning again!

Elizabeth Rodgers

I was surprised to read some of the mixed bag reviews prior to my visit and wondered if the Michelin rating did indeed get something wrong, so I went curiosity and suspicion. My evening was wonderful. The decor and atmosphere of this well laid-out intimate restaurant welcomed at the door. The staff was professional attentive and knowledgeable and they got the pacing just right leaving enough time between the courses.

Tanya Moore

This place fully deserves its Michelin star. Sit at the bar if possible (couple's only) to see the dishes being played and interact with the cooks. Custom cocktails are some of the tastiest I've ever tried. Not cheap but well worth the price for a special occasion. I would not recommend this place for vegetarians, however. It's the meat and seafood dishes that are the best.

Shannon Kelly

Wow. Wow wow wow. And this was just don't he C. D. P. Bar side. The bartender was engaging and informative, the drinks were adventurous and well balanced, the food was impeccable.

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