3859 Piedmont Ave, Oakland
(510) 653-3902

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Justin Oliver

We had a date night and did the bar seating. The bartender was wonderful - very friendly and incredibly talented behind the bar. The food was unbelievable at every turn. The poached egg was heavenly, the fresh made bread was perfect, the oyster was a completely unique flavor profile from anything I'd ever tasted and was outstanding, the dessert was unforgettable, and the service was perfect.We remarked at least 2-3 times during the meal that we'll definitely be back.Must try!

Joan Bremer

Wow! Everything about this restaurant is top notch. The food was amazing and the service was out of this world. Get the beverage pairing, it's totally worth it!Food: 5/5

Marissa Reed

Superb execution on all fronts. The wine pairing was on point and the cocktails were aromatic. The food had surprising twists and turns- I particularly loved the smoked egg dish. The steak was masterfully cooked, and dessert was simple yet divine. All rounded out by a present and informed wait staff.Will definitely continue to return & recommend!

Sophia W.

Excellent! Came here for the bar fixed price menu and it did not disappoint. We received four courses and definitely felt very full and satisfied afterwards. The customer service was excellent - the staff was very attentive and to end, they added a chocolate truffle and granola for us to enjoy the next morning at no additional costs. My favorite course was the bar snacks because each flavor completed each other so beautifully. Great experience and price for a four course meal!

Jaide F.

Went here for our anniversary. Food was awesome. Each course were all amazing. The Filipino-inspired dessert was the best way to end the experience - biko bite def tasted like home. We would love to go back. Just a fair warning that parking is pretty hard, make sure to allot extra 10-15 minutes before your reservation to find a parking spot.

Kim D.

was so excited to try this michelin-star restaurant in oakland! we came here for our anniversary and loved the experience. the restaurant ambiance is very classy and elegant, the service is very attentive and detail-oriented - which is to be expected. the cocktails and food are very good, especially the farm eggs and caviar. we actually liked the earlier plates much more than the main entrees and were pretty disappointed by the chicken plate, which was very bland and lacked texture. that dish alone wasn't enough to ruin our time though, because THAT BREAD IS WORTH FIVE STARS. the best bread i've ever had in my life so i'll be coming back for it but i might get it at the bar (where it looks like you can order things a la carte) instead of at the main restaurant.

Allie P.

Wonderful experience all around. The service was on point, checking in at the right moments and catering to your every need. The food was an artistic journey- plating was flawless, and the textures and flavors were wonderful. Some dishes truly stood out from the bunch; the oyster with citrus ice was wonderful and clever as oysters are best eaten raw when cold. The soft egg dish with dates, foam and crispy toppings was unique and delicious. The sweetness of the date cut the richness of the egg and foam and the crispy bits were the perfect texture to the creamy elements. The baked bread was airy, warm and had the perfect crunchy exterior. The filled wonton was a burst of flavor. The caramel dessert with ice cream was a wonderful way to end the meal. This establishment is not cheap, at $300 a person however, the culinary journey was worth it. The amount of food was plentiful and it truly was a memorable experience.

Lisa P.

Congratulations to James Syhabout and the whole Commis team for keeping their two Michelin stars and for receiving the key to Oakland! Well-deserved. My boo used to eat at the restaurant before they received Michelin-star recognition, and he vouches for the high quality and exceptional service even back in the day. This weekend we booked our five-year anniversary dinner here, because it is a special place to us and to the community. We've only eaten in the dining room in the past, so we decided to try the bar this time. We love the open-kitchen experience of the dining room, but also really enjoyed the fixed menu at the bar, too. Like in the dining room, the service and attention to detail was outstanding. Our favorites off the menu were the tom yum popcorn (I don't know how they infused the lemongrass coconut flavor into the popcorn, but it was exceptional), the wagyu beef with black truffles and, of course, the slow poached egg yolk with smoked dates and alliums - a Commis classic. The only thing I preferred was the salted butter versus the chicken skin butter to go with the levain bread. Finally, the wine pairing was on point. Thank you for a memorable evening, and congratulations!

Sonam B.

After bookmarking Commis for over a year, we finally visit this place peak of Fall'22. I was hoping that they had some Fall inspired cocktails that time of the year, but I was surprised to hear that they were still working on it (when Fall was actually going to end in a couple of weeks). However, the craft cocktails are beautifully made and presented. I'd love to see a bit more of an elaborate menu though since the options for whisky/ bourbon/ rye drinkers were limited.

Eric Y.

11/18/2022 This place is just spectacular, service was great, food tasted incredible, was aperfect first day to a weekend vacation

Charlene Naughton

The prix fixe menu at the bar is a great value. Everything we ate was delicious. And Chef Syhabout is so humble and involved in every aspect of his restaurant.

Priscilla W.

One of the best dining experiences we have ever had! Food was superb, the service was good, and great ambiance. I would definitely recommend this place.

Richard Phillips

Well it has been 8 yrs since our last visit to Commus and it is still a wonderful culinary experience. The service was spot on re knowledge of the ingredients and timing of service. With the exception of the chicken dish, every dish was an inspiring taste sensation. The caviar preparation was wonderful and the egg dish a wonderful surprise (the white is not egg as you think). The brioche desert redefined Cinnabon. Definitely worth a visit.

Tim C.

We've been excited to try Commis. We're local and thought it would be fun to walk to. We chose it for a special night: birthday + anniversary dinner. The food was tasty, and essentially all the staff was friendly except our server. He seemed disinterested in brief/friendly exchanges between courses, and we need to ask for wine throughout the night. For example, our wine glasses weren't filled until after the the first three bites arrived. We tried to refrain from eating them until the wine arrived, but it didn't for an awkwardly long time. ~20m from sitting to having wine in hand. Food arrived ~15m after sitting. Our glasses were left empty between many courses, and at least three courses came out with them still being empty It feels small when typing it, but pairing is a big part of a meal like this. Adding to the let-down was when the server would walk by, see they our glasses were empty, and not return. We're friendly guests and err on the polite side when it comes to interactions with staff. He just felt guff and in a grumpy mood. Another strange thing is we were never given a menu. We figured it was part of the program, but it left us feeling lost with where the evening would go from an experience standpoint. It meant we had to ask where we were in the progression of courses, and what wine we should order since we didn't know if/when we were moving to heavier fare. The rest of the staff were friendly, and we enjoyed the food. But the overall experience was impacted by the interaction with the server. Especially given the ~$800 bill for two. A night like this is a rare occasion for us. Hopefully you have better luck with who you receive as a server since they play such an important role. Thank you to the rest of the staff: the personable host, and the chefs who took a break from the kitchen to bring out their amazing offerings while interacting with the guests.

Angel C.

I am an American who has been living abroad in the U.K. for the last several years and on my first visit back stateside, I was thrilled to snag a reservation at this 2 Michelin * spot. Now I've had other Michelin * experiences so I feel that my expectations were reasonably set - high standard of service, wow factor, impeccable presentation, innovation, and above all, high quality of taste and ingredient. And for the price point of $225 pp before drinks and tax and service, I would expect nothing less. Unfortunately none of those metrics were without blemish. Firstly, the service was very good - we were greeted immediately, brought to our table quickly, water provided and attentive throughout but due to our 8:30pm seating, I got the sense that they wanted to move us quickly through. Courses were brought out in what felt like a rushed way and on a couple occasions I saw hovering and false starts to clear our plates when I wasn't finished. I am not suggesting a leisurely pace, but give us a chance to digest and savour! On the wow factor - we definitely got this visually but not on taste. Some were too conceptual, others were too big for such a delicate ingredient, etc. Presentation was generally strong - flatware were interesting and cocktails were gorgeous, but the dessert courses were so disappointing. The first was v monochromatic in not a bold or impactful way, and the second was just messy and texturally a total fail for me. The finale of 3 sweet plates was ridiculous - 2 mini creamsicles, 2 truffle chocolates and a melon slice! They seemed such throwaways and really ended the meal poorly, didn't understand at all the relationship to the rest of the menu. Innovation was there - but also some just didn't work (the dessert of caramel, bananas, pineapple, and others) and were inedible for me. And on taste and ingredient - the chicken tasted like spam, I could not take beyond 2 bites. For a $700 meal, I was massively disappointed and would caution others against coming.

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