Donut Farm Oakland

6037 San Pablo Ave, Oakland
(510) 338-6319

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Kate Downing

We got a dozen donuts from here and they were all amazing! The raspberry filled was one of the best I’ve ever had. The cake was perfect and not the sickly sweet artificial taste that you can sometimes get. The cake donuts were also great and moist! Love that they’re organic and local!

Anarcho V

Rad-life vegan donut spot!We will definitely be coming back since 8 donuts were not enough!

Dee S.

Great customer service and blueberry donut was like a party in my mouth. Tried about 5 other different donuts and they were good too, but blueberry was my fave.

Emma T.

Run don't walk. That's it. That's the review. The weekend brunch burrito is my hangover dream. The raised donuts (specifically the lemon tangy less sweet flavors) got an ovation from a non-vegan group of eaters. If only the ferry building had the savory menu as well as the donuts, or the raised donuts were weekdays as well. But maybe the exclusiveness is what helps make me crave them more?

Steve Rasmussen

Excellent donuts! You can taste the butter in every bite. Mmmmm Vegan butter!

Jessica S.

Came here for International Donut Day. Glad it fell on a Friday because only on the weekends do they have yeast raised and those are my favorite! I got the plain glazed and got my husband the Blueberry Donut. His was cake style, but nice and crispy on the outside, moist on the inside, kind of reminded me of a funnel cake actually. Good neighborhood donut spot for sure.

Elisabeth K.

I think my stomach went to heaven with this one. ALL these donuts are vegan!!! And there are so many really unique and creative flavors it was hard to choose! I got a half dozen and ate them all within 30 minutes they were that amazing. I think the only possible downside would be that they can quickly get really pricey but in my opinion every once in a while that is worth it for outstanding food! Will definitely be back to try more flavors but my favorite was the matcha for sure!

Amanda Liu

I purchased 4 donuts. It’s cake based instead of rise donut. The donut itself was pretty dry. The flavor of the glaze was okay I guess. But I can taste they are not fresh at all. Very disappointed, especially they were NOT cheap.

Scott Darby

This is my wife's favorite donut shop. Their apple fritters are available during weekends and are delicious. The Philz Coffee donuts are also delicious. Be sure to order in half or full dozen increments if you can, there is a price break ordering this way vs ordering individual donuts.

Hugo F

Delicious cakey doughnuts. The whiskey version was a plain style vanilla donut with a whiskey frosting and the cinnamon chocolate was flavorful all the way through. Highly recommend!


It's a mad race to get the best flavors which are sold here at the farm as opposed to other outposts. You have to get up early and beat the crowd! When I had tried to find them in the Ferry Building earlier this year, they were closed before their stated closing time, which means they sell out quickly! I learned they also don't stock all the flavors at the Ferry Building. I trekked over to the farm and got there midday but albeit too late. They were all out of the raised donuts which are only available Fri-Sun anyways. The only options left were a variety of cake donuts with different flavored icings, mostly $3-3.50 each. I settled on the creamsicle and chocolate cake donuts, but they were dry. I mostly tasted the sugary icing more so than any flavor. The chocolate donut wasn't very chocolatey at all. As a baker, I would've dumped more cocoa into it, but maybe it's because I'm a dark chocolate fan. I wish I could've tried the jelly donut or the other delectable choices reviewed by others, but alas, next time I need to get up at 5 AM to get there in time!

Brandie P.

My favorite vegan donut place has now become my favorite vegan brunch spot. Easily the best "chicken" I've had and the waffles were great too. I even liked the gravy too which a lot of times I do not like veggie gravy. Top that off with my favorite blueberry donut and I'm a happy woman.

Arin B.

This place is delicious! I have tried several of the glazed donuts but my favorite is the plain cake donut. I was in the area for a week and I ate one every day! For a vegan option it is excellent. All the donuts are fresh and flavorful but a little more sweet than the plain. The coffee is also decent and the staff are friendly and helpful. I did once have breakfast there pre-COVID and it was great too.

Howie L.

Picked up fresh is the way to go. Fluffy, creative, vegan, can't go wrong. Btw, the Philz Coffee donut was bomb dot com.

Charlee Chay

Great place for a quick bite! The vegan donuts are amazing, although I would recommend coffee to cut the sweetness. As for foods, the gravy with the chicken and waffles is divine, and the crunch wrap that they make is tasty. The only thing that could make it a little bit better would be hot sauce.

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