Flavor Brigade

3540 Fruitvale Ave, Oakland
(510) 479-1672

Recent Reviews

Anna Padilla

I heard about this place from a friend and decided to give it a try. One bite into the blue velvet cake and I immediately became a fan. The cake was so moist and the frosting was so rich Mm Mm MMMM! I also tried the red velvet ice cream sandwich and I must say that combining the Ice Cream with Macaroons was a great idea. *snaps* for whoever thought of that one! ;) Im not from the area but next time I am in the area you know I will stop by this place!

Johnny M.

A small treasure in the Dimond District in Oakland. Located along the bustling Fruitvale ave lined with small shops, this ice cream joint is as good as it gets. Love the custard paired with Italian ice here. Big portions-- even a small is enough for 2. Friendly service. Coming here after dining at the Chinese restaurant across the street (Ly Luck) is the perfect ending to a good day.

Rick S.

Good customer service and average tasting ice cream at a reasonable price. After eating at La Perla again the other day, I stopped by Flavor Brigade for some dessert. Prior to entering the shop, I thought it was closed, as the lighting is a little dark on the inside. After entering the shop, I liked how clean it was, and how straightforward it was -- it is a narrow shop with a small seating area and focuses mostly on the product itself. After looking through the products, I decided to go with a large cup of Heath Bar Ice Cream ($8.50). After receiving my ice cream, I was glad to see how much product was packed into the cup. As for the flavor, the ice cream tasted low in quality and didn't taste like it should be in this type of frozen treat shop at all -- the generous amounts of Heath Bar that was mixed into the ice cream really saved the day. Even though I wasn't a fan of the ice cream I purchased during this visit, I will give Flavor Brigade another chance and try some of their more popular items during my next visit. Note: You can currently receive 20% off your total purchase when you check-in with Yelp and show an employee your coupon.

Miranda T.

I actually really like their custard and ice and only live 5 minutes away but unfortunately, they are almost ALWAYS out of custard... atleast when I come, I've been here on 4 different occasions where they ran out. I even have 2 coupons for a small custard from the time they ran out an hour before closing, but still haven't had a chance to use them. At this point I rather take the drive to Rita's in Alameda, at least I know they won't run out of custard there.

Michelle H.

Best freagin frozen custard and shaved ice...EVER! I love this place. All you need is a kids sized 2nd street...2 scoops of ice and some frozen custard...soooooo delicious!

Judy J.

This Italian ice is the real deal. Just like Jersey. They have all kinds of groovy flavors like lemon, cherry, watermelon and blueberry. The help is always friendly and the price is right.

Terese O.

F yasss! My first time ever tasting Italian Ice, and dayyyyyymn I've been missing out. They were at an event at Lake Merritt and I fell in love there. Since then I've been hitting up Flavor Brigade all Summer long. They have a ton of flavor and I've never had a bad one. Italian Ice is hard to find in the Bay, I'm So glad Oakland has one. Also, pro tip they have their own parking lot so no need to look for street parking.

Sandy Y.

So good! My go to is the 2nd street - strawberry Italian ice with vanilla frozen custard. The ice is so flavorful and the custard is so thick and creamy.. heaven.

B'Nic G.

My son & I will most definitely be coming back regularly. The flavors were on point and my favorites are Sour Apple, Sour Blue raspberry, & 2 Sour Watermelon So perfect

Karen M.

Friendly staff, great flavors, reasonable prices. Our favorites: sour watermelon, passion fruit, lemon, horchata.

Erika R.

Best place for custard and Italian ice! So delicious and so many flavors to try. My favorite was custard with passion fruit. We loved it so much we returned the next day. When in Oakland try this place.

Young B.

There's Italian Ice right here?!? I had no idea! I used to get one daily while visiting my sister in New Jersey and couldn't find the soft serve ice cream type custard mixed with shaved ice anywhere. So excited to have found this place. It's the real stuff! I wanted watermelon but they only had watermelon sour, which isn't quite the same. The person at the counter was very patient in allowing me to try flavors until I found the one I liked best and explaining the different types of Italian ice offered. I got the mango 2nd street, which is the same as what I've had in New Jersey. It was fantastic! I'll be back like all the time. But PLEASE offer regular watermelon shaved ice. Please please please!!

CaliOak510 HD

5/5 Love the Ice Cream ☺️☺️☺️

Etai W.

I'm not sure what's taken me so long to write this! Flavor Brigade is awesome and one of a kind. Their custard is INCREDIBLE and can be combined with Italian Ice, which is probably the most refreshing thing on a hot day. Where else can you even get Italian Ice or freshly made custard anymore? The ice cream is also made in house. One time I walked in and the owner had just finished making a peach-caramel-walnut ice cream and gave me a taste. Wow. You can also pick up bananas dipped in chocolate! This is a great family friendly spot making old school classic treats and is a rare find.

Gabriel T.

Get the Butterfinger Broadstreet Blitz in vanilla....nothing beats it.

Christina M.

Not only do I like it here !! so did my boys , really nice people that work here I've been here twice so far and I'll be back again !!!


Go here a lot, used to live really close so I walked all the time! Great ice cream and Italian ice

T. Google

OK at best. The milk and cream flavor is prevalent but the rest of the flavor definitely underwhelms. There was no cookie dough flavor except in the actual (few) pieces of cookie dough. All the other flavors were the same. The floor desperately needed mopping. The service was average. The cashier seemed nervous. There were only about 8 ice cream flavors and a few slushy flavors.

Karen D.

Delicious vanilla custard! Italian ice was pretty good, we had pineapple, sour apple, and strawberry. The sour apple had a very icy texture not as smooth as the other two. Good ratio of custard to ice if you order the one that has both in the cuo.


Amazing place with amazing sized ice cream that is always fucking amazing! I would highly recommend this place for dates , family or just as a pick me up

Mary B.

You have not lived the Oakland life until you've made your way to Flavor Brigade on Fruitvale Ave. With an unassuming exterior, and a hole in the wall interior, this place serves up some great ice cream and Italian ice. We opted for the 2nd Street, which is Italian Ice and custard not blended ($7). Vanilla custard (of course) and strawberry, coconut and pineapple Italian Ice. WOW. This is my third time coming here, and I swear it gets better and better. When I mentioned that this was my other half's first time in, the guy behind the counter was quick to tell us what most people get. A medium is enough to split between two people, but right after the fact, I wish I had opted for my own! There's a private parking lot right next to/behind the entrance, and I've never had issues finding a space. My favorite time to come here is right after a hike through Redwood Regional - perfect cold treat for a hot day. This is an Oakland classic!

Tina C.

I love this place I can't remember the guy name but he is one of the older guys there I believe he has dreads the Caucasian guy he is so nice and helpful at putting the flavors together that taste good together if you haven't been you have to get over to this place but don't eat it too fast you might get a head freeze

TK Spears

really good and I would definitely try it again

Conce Picart

Let me start by saying the guy was Very friendly and looks la lot like Thor from Avenger but let me tell you the cherry 🍒 Icy mix with the vanilla cluster was epic

Auhkia M.

This place is so damn good, I had to double back. Not only did I try ice cream AND Italian ice my first visit, but I went back the very next day for seconds! I thought it was a little pricey until I got my cups.... HUGE scoops. Generous amounts, plus homemade (: I'm here for it! And I will definitely be a regular. Day 1: strawberry lemonade, coconut & margarita Italian ice. Blueberry graham ice cream Day 2: rose and blueberry graham ice cream

Song K.

Flavor Brigade is a neighborhood gem! I love stopping by whenever I have a "treat yo'self" kind of day. My friends have tried/loved their other treats but I always stick to vanilla custard. It's just really darn good custard!

Mo K

Great Italian ice and custard. I really enjoyed the combo. Great service will becoming back

Jasmine S.

I went with a friend and wasn't planning to order. I'm more of a pastry gal but I tasted the custard and was all in after that. They also have cookie sandwiches in the back freezer, oatmeal cookies with custard in the middle covered with chocolate. Definitely bagged those up to go!

Julane Baculpo

the custard is so good! i had custard w/ almond slivers -yum! everything is made in house, usually walk in & the employees are churning the ice cream. fairly priced & huge selection of yummy desserts ***great customer service***

Donna H.

I am a gelato freak. We travel to Italy almost annually and live on gelato, morning, noon, and night. When I come home, ice cream just doesn't even come close to fulfilling the desire. But, the Flavor Brigade comes so very close. Such unique flavors, not overly sweet, and not overly creamy, just good! My daughter and I had Pear Caramel Cashew and the Salted Caramel in cups. Such a treat!

Tiffany J

Showed up 15 minutes after states opening on yelp and google and the doors were locked. I love your iris loan ice but you need to be more reliable with the hours. Especially for customers who don’t live close by. I live in Concord. If I hadn’t been in the area for something else already I would be pretty upset.

Owen L.

SO delicious and affordable. I always get the Italian Ice/custard mixes, and they're just amazing. My recommendation: 2nd street of blue cotton candy ice with banilla custard! They have organic ice cream too, which looks great, but I can't get beyond the custard and Italian ice to try any! We've also carried out their ice cream sandwiches which are also to die for. Everyone who works there is super nice and calm under pressure, when long lines form on hot summer days.

george ironcloud

Let me start by saying I loved the chocolate stout! one of the best ice creams I've ever tasted! And I'm not just saying this because the owners are friends of mine and are the nicest people I've had the privilege to know. Great Ice cream & Great people! Miss you guy's! Samson Dog

John Medina

It was great. The young man working there was fantastic.

Kevin B.

Flavor Brigade makes delicious ice cream, Italian Ice & soft serve ice creams in the Diamond District. I highly enjoyed the Wookie Cookie and my daughter enjoyed the blueberry Italian ice. We just wish it was a little more family friendly inside.

Amanda M.

Always delicious. They have great flavor choices. I love that I can get something for my sweet tooth that doesn't feel too heavy!

Shana Negin

My favorite thing is the mummers mix with vanilla custard and pineapple Italian ice

alivelu duvvuri

Here the eggless option for vegetarians without any doubt is Italian ice. Those who want to avoid dairy I.e vegan can also have this. Many flavors


Mmmm. What the fauk. Incredibly on point great place to get a double chin

Emily A.

Organic Strauss custard vanilla chocolate swirl in a cone. Heaven on a hot day in the East Bay. Or order any variety of flavored Italian ice to go with it, known as a second street. Or mix your custard with your choice of cookies or candy for a broad street blitz. Or simply get a scoop in a waffle cone, or a Wookie cookie or a float or... You get the picture. An ice cream lovers dream. Wear your Flavor Brigade T-shirt for a 20 percent discount.