Great Wall

6247 College Ave, Oakland
(510) 658-8458

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Amazing vegetarian options!

mohamed el-shimey

They were listed on so I bought their gift certificate then when I showed up she told me they were not excepting it due to Covid, so I lost all the money that I put into the gift certificate. And I could not redeem them. I believe it was the owner there only they had no help. She was very rude. The place didn’t look nor smelled clean. I would not recommend it especially if you were going through do not waste your money on it

Raven M.

This is my go to spot for a quick and easy meal on the go. I only ever order the seafood but it has yet to fail me; it is always CLEANED and cooked properly. If you're ordering a lunch special just make sure to mention it!

Richa Jhaveri

They provide good Vegan food

E'Senz A.

This spot was amazing! Reminds me of the hole in the wall places back home. We ordered lots of vegetarian options which I enjoyed! Will definitely be ordering again.

Sat Santokh Singh K.

The three dishes we just consumed were the best restaurant takeout my family has had since the beginning of the pandemic - and their prices are almost too low.

Lisa Smith

Good food. Not enough shrimp with chow mein. And the place had a very nasty odor:(

Karina J.

I absolutely love Great Wall - they've been my go-to takeout during quarantine; always consistent and always quick! They're so sweet and I often get a free appetizer or dessert with my delivery or pickup. I'm vegan and they have so many options as well as make sure you have the option to take off egg from each item, they even double check with you.

I plan on ordering tonight and can't wait, I'm so glad they're open during this time!

Some G.

The regular pot stickers were indeible. They were vegetarian, which would be fine, except they were  filled with an awful curry vegetable mix. The outside wrapper was doughy and tasteless. The wonton in the wonton soup was filled with nothing but cabbage and the soup broth was like water. The hot and sour soup tasted like nothing more than vinegar. I don't know how this place can possibly be in business in the bay area. Worst Chinese food I have ever eaten in this area.

Danielle R.

The guys who runs this place is always so kind. They're really fast at getting orders done and the food is always AMAZING. The veggie chow mein is one of my favorites but the sesame *veggie* chickin is soooo good too!! love this spot

Etta Jones

Authentic fresh vegan Chinese food.

susan a.

The veggie chow mein and the tofu broccoli were delicious and the delivery was very quick! Will definitely be ordering again


This place used to serve up authentic Chinese food. Now no longer.My Ma Po Tofu had not a hint of Szechuan peppers, but lots of peas and wood ears. Bizarre recipe, certainly not authentic. Spice 3, which is far cheaper, serves up a much better and authentic dish.The other two dishes I ordered were also Americanized, with corn starched sauces.Very disappointed.

Mourad Boughanem

Very slow the first food got cold the time I'm waiting for him to make the second order waste of time and bad rate for me

Greg K.

I've always appreciated the superb way that they prepare their seafood here, cooking it just enough without overcooking it, as is the case with many other restaurants. They are very responsive in trying to cook my dishes in the way that I prefer. It's also great that they have many, many vegetarian alternatives. I've been coming here for years and highly recommend them.

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