Tacos Oscar

420 40th St, Oakland
(510) 735-9620

Recent Reviews

Holly Armstrong

I often find that restaurants' vegetarian options are not as good as meat options, but I am blown away by the thought and care they have put into their cauliflower and squash tacos. They are out of this world and I've been dreaming of the cauliflower ever since!

Sevgi Narissa Yumlu

Delicious tacos all around. The cauliflower tacos were particularly special.

Beth Budwig

Just phenomenal. Gluten free, vegetarian, vegan options. And yet... Still phenomenal.

Nina Riggio

The hot sauce is to die for as is the quesadilla

David Gainsboro

Their tacos are quite amazing! Everything is good and generally the more experimental stuff (kale, beets, peanut salsa) is better.

Kate Knox

Delicious, original creations. You can't go wrong here. Locally owned.

Micah P.

Delicious tacos with unique ingredients and the staff is super nice. The egg taco is a must-try and since the menu changes seasonally, there's always something new and tasty to try. The mushroom mole taco is one of my favorites!

Natalie A.

This place is crazy good. CRAZY GOOD. The tacos are exciting and different but they still satisfy that taco craving, its wild man!

Kevin P.

This place is awesome!! Definitely not taco truck prices, but it is worth the extra couple bucks you're going to spend. They seem to have a majority or at least 50% vegetarian menu, but the meat options did not lack at all.

Andrea Z.

Come for elevated tacos and tostadas with delicious quality ingredients. I tried the rajas taco and the calabacitas tostada both were super flavorful, fresh and delicious. Ordered at their window and food was ready in less than 5 minutes.

Shoshana G.

Yum! It's been awhile and I'm so glad I stopped by. I got two tacos (both veggie) and they were delicious. Usually with veggie tacos, it can not be enough food. But these were so filling. And the salsa is amazing! Really good SIP procedures - no outside seating, takeout only. And the menu is online so you can prepare ahead of time!

Paul P.

Top notch tacos that make for great COVID-19 takeout. I really can't put into words how good these tacos are. Mushroom mole is amazing, the pork taco is great too, and the calabasita taco was stunning. The salsa and hot sauce are always on point. Perfect score for Tacos Oscar, this place is a treasure.

Deborah Dodge

I will do whatever I can to support local small businesses in this economy that the coronavirus has ruined. But above and beyond all that, Tacos Oscar makes wonderful food, comfort food. We all need comfort now.

Tim R.

Best tacos in Oakland for sure, Bay Area? probably. California? wouldn't be surprised. Always changing menu with seasonal ingredients means i'm always surprised at what is on the menu and how good it is. Even if you're a meat lover, grab whatever veggie/vegan options are on the menu too, they are always as good if not better than the meat options.

Amy D.

Closer to 3-3.5 stars overall, but rounding up for the awesome huevos taco! I was excited to see Tacos Oscar on Bon Appetit's 50 Nominees for their 2019 Hot 10 list (the 10 best new restaurants in the US), and had a chance to stop by for an early dinner. They are only open for dinner, and weren't busy yet at 5:30pm on a Saturday. However, they have a consistent crowd, and their order window pretty much always had someone there. You place your order first at the front window and pay, they give you a number to place on your table, and then they deliver the food to you. It's outdoor patio seating only, and can be chilly even though it's covered and there were some heat lamps. There were only a few different taco options to choose from, and chips and salsa available. They do have a seitan taco option for vegetarians, and some rotating specials. I ended up trying a few different tacos: Beef Piccadillo (Ground Chuck + Brisket, Horseradish Crema, Shredduce, Cheddar, Pickled Onions, $4), Pork Chile Verde (Tomatillo Braised Pork Shoulder, Raw Avo Tomatillo Salsa, Cilantro, Onion, Chicharron Snow ($4), Huevos ($4) [https://www.yelp.com/user_local_photos?select=OsOgAvckDGswc4yYI3x9sw&userid=76vIFZcC7owykCBjMfGVXg]. The huevos was by far the favorite! I loved the how they cooked the egg (the yolk was still slightly runny), and it went really well with the cotija cheese- a must try! The beef and pork were just ok- I thought the beef was a little dry and the components on the pork chile verde taco didn't really work for me. However, their corn tortilla was amazing- it was super fresh, had a great crust to it but was still soft/chewy in the middle. I would come back here just for the huevos taco and the corn tortilla! The tacos here are on the larger size, and 3 were more than enough for me. However, one thing I noticed is that the majority of their tacos were spicy. I love spice, but not everyone does, and it might be challenging to come here if someone in your group was spice intolerant. Parking will be the other challenge- there is some street parking available, but you may need to park a couple of blocks away and walk.

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