Tacos Oscar

420 40th St, Oakland
(510) 735-9620

Recent Reviews

Lori Ashwood

The vegan tacos are even better than the meat ones! Service can be a wait and seating can take a while, but definitely worth it!

Dean Meyer

What a nice patio to dine with friends & family for unique tacos found nowhere else.

Spencer Jensen

Great little street taco place with a fun vibe and solid tacos.

David Epstein

Boom! Great tacos in a fun atmosphere. Service is super friendly and efficient. After four visits, everything is still perfect!

Paul O

Awesome food. Awesome service. A great place to go!

Terese O.

Order at the front shipping container on the sidewalk and eat on the back patio. Delicious! Tastes authentic yet healthy too. They have meat and veggie options, which is amazing for vegetarians or if you wanna mix it up. Be sure to grab a beer with your tacos and enjoy the outdoor space. Man I want there tacos right now!!

Quan T.

I'm sorry.. but tacos Oscar is not all that. I rather eat taco truck.. over price $4 for a taco this place is over rated.... they can do way better like cook the tortilla, put hot sauce & jalapeño.. plenty of taco truck in Oakland I rather go!!!

Kevin R.

I have never had a taco covered in oil before. There were two vegan options on the menu last night: a taco and a tostada. Both were DRIPPING in oil. It was disgusting.

Mary Y.

The food here is AMAZING! Loved everything I ate, and even went back for more. There's not a ton of space, so I like to do takeout.

Siera C.

1st timers, little disappointed the order was wrong. Edgy little area but overrated. The taco they accidentally gave us looked like canned dog food but tasted like cat food. Wanted to try the picadillo tacos.

latefa redjouh

One of the best vegan tacos I ever had! Either you eat meat or not, you would love it! This is not a restaurant but rather an expensive kind of joint but I still definitely recommend this place. Here is the picture: sorry, it was so good, you will not see the full tostada! Had to stop myself to share a picture!

Owie P.

The address is 420, so you know its about to be lit. Everything in their menu is simple, flavors are everything but. Each morsel is organic, free range and local. How did I know? I frequent their Instagram page and they're always at Berkeley Bowl, so you know the rest. So the place is in a little corner right next to Homeroom, order outside then get yourself situated in the little alley. The back seating area is v quaint where you can enjoy yourself with the group you came with or get cozy with the others around you. No matter what, you'll have yourself a great time. Fried egg taco is a must. Also tried out the beef picadillo taco & the mole de hongos(mushroom) taco, hands down amazing. Did I mention that the fried egg taco is a must? Perfectly covered in chili oil greatness, sprinkled with flaky queso fresco, shrouded in cilantro. As you take your first bite, all of its yolky goodness oozes down into your tummy. Some splatter across your plate. Now its time to sop up some of its golden glory with that fresh half eaten tortilla that you have in your hand.

Jerome Miller

Amazingly creative and delicious food. Cool vibe. Order out front, food delivered to your table or bench out back. Seating is tight at popular times.

Willette I.

Just had dinner here tonite and gotta say this is now my "go to" place for tacos! The team here is innovative and creative. We ordered everything on the menu (5 things). The standouts were: 1) Braised Romano Bean taco $4 - the toasted peanut/chili de Arbil salsa lent texture and nuttiness and blended well with the pickled onions. 2) Beef Picadillo taco $4 - I know, ground beef but wait! They added horseradish crema which raised it to another level. Add their pickled onions and you've got a totally different animal. 3) Pork Chile Verde $4 - tender, flavorful, juicy - enough said! The Quesadilla con Esquites $7 - different because they griddled the cheese on its own, to a crisp disc, then place it on a tortilla with corn,crema, etc added on top. It was OK for me but I give them props for an interesting construct of the lowly quesadilla. Their vegan offering was my least favorite. Tostada de Calabacitas $6 It's a tostada with black bean purée with summer squash and radishes. It didn't have any "oomph" of flavor for me. Loved the outdoor seating and vibe of this place. I will definitely be back!

Russ E.

Yes, yes, yes! Don't let the address fool you, walk 50' more, in the breezeway next to Homeroom. Perfectly simple menu, fantastically flavorful and unique tacos. The space is visually exciting and encourages interactions with your dining neighbors. Very cool, friendly staff that clearly love their jobs. The harmony of flavors, the service and the great space is a win!

Tracy R.

Fantastic! Ordered the fried egg taco and charred beef taco. Great blend of flavors made for wonderful tacos. I have been craving them since I left! Good pricing and a funky fun place to eat. Hand made tortillas with magical blend of flavors and gets two thumbs up.

Jordan Nay

Delicious! There is a good selection of vegan options and they taste great. The seating is outdoors, but it's comfortable. You order at a window and then they bring the food to your table, but highly recommended!

Laura Schumacher

The tacos are to die for. However, my low rating is because I placed an $80 take out and when I got my credit card bill, I learned they added an 18% tip without my knowledge. I've heard of automatic tips for large parties but never for take out. I've tried to call and get it corrected but Tacos Oscar never answers their phone!

Lu K.

So delicious and fresh, literally and in design. The tortillas, handmade, are substantial, tender and tasty. I always get one meat (chicken and pork, both succulent) and one, or so, somethin' else. Tonight, the charred beet tortilla was scrumptiously filled with a spectrum of flavor, and, of course, beets. Tostadas have all been non-boring and yummy, also! I have no complaints about the price, or the amount of smoky, spicy salsa with the chips. This is real food with all kinds of accessories (pickled this, saucy that, crunchy topping, etc.) They ain't just throwing shit on a cardboard tortilla, let me tell ya. I wouldn't mind guac on the menu, and I've found that I have to be a bit chipper to get a friendly response from the person at the window. Tonight it was Oscar himself, my friend told me. I'm not so big on food with attitude, but Oscar's tacos, et al, are just GOOD!

Samir K.

I've been following this guys on instagram since they were a little pop-up, and now it's a whole brick and mortar (well, a shipping container) in an alley in between the Homerooms. Not much of a line, 4 tacos available. The usual huevo (their signature), charred beet, carnitas, and mushroom. Everything was delicious, but the egg was SO good- perfectly crispy edges while still runny on the inside. The peanut sauce that went with it was great, too! The chips are pretty good, but the salsa cup is a little small. Tacos are $4 each (a little pricey), and there's usually a torta or tostada of some sort for 6-10 bucks. Well worth a trip from anywhere in the Bay!

Sung H.

Damn this place definitely exceeded my expectations. So many vegan taco options, great flavors, and great price. We got the fried egg, mushroom and cactus, charred beet, and snow peas and carrots. Everything was amazing!

Shelby S.

You might miss Tacos Oscar if you're not paying attention. As you walk up you smell the awesome tacos. You order at the window and then head back to their cute patio area. The chips are served with a smoky red salsa. The taco menu is a surprise and handwritten on the window. They always have a vegan option, which is great for when you're trying to take your vegan friend somewhere. While I was there I had the chicken Chile verde and a sweet potato taco with fried peanuts. We ordered the chips after having tacos. The salsa was so good I wish I had put it on the sweet potato taco. Next time! The back patio can be chilly as it's essentially a wind tunnel. I look forward to coming back on a warmer day and trying something else on their menu!

Chris R.

tl/dr: Tacos Oscar is perfect and makes the best taco I've ever had in my entire life. Simple menu, great service, cool location, and vegan friendly makes this joint worth every bit of hype it has. I refused to believe the hype surrounding their pop ups becuse Oakland LOVES their pop ups and I find more often than not they food never is as good as people say. So when Tacos Oscar moved into a brick and mortar (shipping container) restaurant only a block from me, I lined went with the purpose of being disappointed. I'm not too proud to say when I'm wrong -- OMG was I wrong. The staff are all amazing folk who smile and explain everything in the menu and answer any questions you have. This place is so damn good I can't even properly describe just how good it is, but I will try. All tacos are $4 which is on the more expensive side but the tortillas are made to order and the ingredients are locally sourced. They typically have a torta $10 that is appropriately sized and comes with a side of chips. They also always seem to have a vegan taco and a vegan tostada($6). Sometimes they have a quesadilla which I've never been lucky enough to try but I hear it's the best thing ever. Lastly they have local craft beer, cider, wine for purchase along with Mexican coke and water. The fried egg taco is the staple and it's great, I always get at least one of those. The egg is runny and has a crispy bottom; it is perfect and I crave it daily. The meat items I've had have all been fantastic and they have been: pork chili Verde, chicken chili Verde, chorizo, brisket, and chicken tinga. The torta usually has one of those meats on it and I cannot recommend those enough. An example of the vegan items are: charred yams, mushroom mole, and green beans. Like I said those come in a taco and also on a tostada. My go to meal there is a fried egg taco and whatever torta is being served. Sometimes I get a bunch of tacos but at $4 a pop that can get expensive for a guy like me who can put tacos back like people drink water. Some people may complain about the price but their spot can't be cheap and employees deserve a living wage. This is the exact type of home grown business I want in my neighborhood so you won't hear me complaining about the best taco I've ever had. I do have one gripe though, and that's the serving size of salsa. When you order a side of chips you get a tiny dipping cup of this delicious red salsa. The chips are nothing special so you're getting it beause of that salsa. I think you can give us an extra cup of salsa becuse I crush the first cup in like 4 chips. I think the best way to describe how much I've enjoyed this place is to tell you how often I eat there for dinner. Last week I ate there on Monday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Now that's probably the high water mark for me but I've eaten there at least once a week since they've opened. Tacos Oscar I'm speaking to you directly now. I love you and I want to marry you. I'm not sure if you're single but I don't think that shouldn't stand in our way -- I need you in my life. If marriage is too extreme can you at least go to prom with me?

Anna Munkres

BEST TACOS EVER!! I've been a "stalker" for a few years now, going to every pop-up I could and devouring 3-4 tacos. Now I can eat them every week. :)

bad k.

Local rock-'n'-roll hero makes great tacos. Can't go wrong. Hand pressed tortillas, always at least one vegan option. Why are you wasting your time & money eating kid's food down the street?

Paul Gerhardt

The chicken tinga taco is literally the best taco I’ve ever had in my life. Also loved the fried huevo taco.

Amelia Mani

So good - cute outdoor seating area and changing menu

Vincent L.

I stopped by for some tacos and quite enjoyed my experience. The tacos themselves were generously laden with meat and, overall, were quite yummy. And, despite what the name might imply, there's so much more to the menu than just tacos. Offerings change frequently and are hand-scribbled on an exterior chalkboard. It's all served out of a venue that's very Oakland: pleasant, casual, and welcoming. You order at a walk-up window, grab a number, and then wait for your food at the beautiful outdoor patio in the rear. If anything, the only drawback is the small amount of seating, which makes it awkward for large groups and even solo diners to squeeze in. Still, the food is certifiably good, and I'll be back for more.

Tina D.

Mmm-hmm mmm mmm-mmm tacos I've ever tasted! I had the chile verde and the chicken tinga tacos. They were made with quality ingredients, perfect seasonings and garnishes in unique combinations with a great mix of textures and flavors in one bite. There was a nice amount of sauce on the meat. I think the tacos are handmade as they were soft and on the thick side. Whoever is dreaming up these gourmet menu items really cares about food. This is a narrow, container based space with outdoor seating for 49 and awning overhead. The afternoon I was there waiting for my takeout, it was a bit of a wind tunnel, but I'll bet this place will be hopping as the weather warms up. The staff are friendly and helpful. This is a welcome addition to the neighborhood. I can't wait until my next visit to try a fried egg taco.

Isaac Fenelon

Understated masterworks of culinary delight. I would never have believed that a vegan broccoli taco could be my favorite taco of all time. Absolutely stunning. There is nothing like Oscars in the continental 48. Everything on the menu is special and surprising. We are lucky to have the hidden gem that is Oscar's in the Bay's backyard. Literally the best in the land.

Bryan Donaldson

This place is super cute with a great street vibe. The beer selection is fun and the menu is always changing which I love. The chili Verde tacos are the best I've ever had.

David Chernay

Really great and well thought out menu. Everything is fresh and delicious. The menu changes regularly, so get there often so you do t miss a thing

Jeff S.

The tacos here are not only tasty as hell but they're also super unique and unlike any type of Mexican food I've had anywhere else. I love this place!

David Horning

This place is amazing! The front of it is a refurbished storage container where they prepare all the food and take orders. Go behind for some outdoor seating. Fun music tasty beers, and tacos are out of this world good. The prices are incredibly reasonable and the staff is kind. I will definitely be back!

Liz Aleman

I loved the street stand vibe. I ordered the fried huevo and chili verde, both excellent.

Jesper Ramsgaard

Reasonably priced. Amazing, amazing, tacos.

Mia Turner

Amazing food and atmosphere

Adele C.

This place is straight delicious. Unpretentious. The people working here are kind. The seating is cute. It's not the cheapest taco in town, but you can still get out for under $15.


Amazing hand-pressed tortillas that you can smell cooking before you walk up, creative and inventive, quality ingredients, gorgeous presentation, no single-use plastic, good local beers, nice, heated outdoor patio, cheap & cheerful! What more could you want?

Brooke W.

the chile verde taco is literally the best thing i've ever eaten in my life. definitely gonna go back soon and try all the others!