Taco Bell

4035 W Chapman Ave, Orange
(714) 634-8623

Recent Reviews

Aiza Hope

I would have been extremely overserved had we each had our own glasses for each course. The food was absolutely excellent.

Robert StacKr47

This taco Bell is awesome. Only complaint I have as with most taco bells is the drive thru space

Debi Silvia

Finally one that makes your order exactly like you requested!!

jace F

Employee Kimm salgado is the most attractive girl I’ve ever met 5/5 rating

Loris Pesante-Reyes

Great fast customer service ?

Busy American

Very Efficient and surprisingly good value

Pedro Lopez

Order incorrect read correctly on order screen but when I got home it wasn't correct bag was sealed with tag attached

Jelson Ugali

Fresh and hot! Some places dont make it fresh and have it ready sitting around but they made it fresh!

Diane Gemmell

Went through drive though is was pretty quick. The food was pretty hot. Employees were very friendly. It was essy to find. Good experience at this location.

Christian Tepox

They forgot my crunchy taco in my chalupa box

Anthony R.

This Taco Bell is Waaaaay better than the one on Harbor (2144 S harbor) don't waste your time at the harbor location. This one has great customer service and the food was as expected fast. I'm giving 5 stars for the little extras like asking if I needed condiments and handling orders well with covid 19 going on. Thank You!

Yasmin D.

04/24/20 Only drive thru during this pandemic...thankful for the workers for preparing our dinner of nachos grande, burrito grandes, chicken quesadilla, and hard shell tacos. It's was a short wait and got our order right! Good job!

Kurb Tastic

Nice place. Each table had a basket with hot sauce. A nice touch.

Lezlie Aguilar Mora

There was a hair in my moms Mexican pizza In the middle we didn’t want to interrupt the conversation of the employees.

Adele A

Very fast service. Workers are kind. It’s a good taco bell.

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