International Cuisine

620 Lighthouse Ave # 220, Pacific Grove
(831) 375-9999

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Mari A.

We were a party of 5 adults and 2 young kids (3 yr old and a 2 yr old) and were automatically charged a 23% gratuity.

B B.

The Monterey clam chowder is the best, order it!! The pasta and the Greek food are amazing!

Sarah D.

Incredible gluten free clam chowder!!!! Great spaghetti plate for kiddo from the kids menu!! Delicious Turkish coffee and kebab plate!! They lost a star for being kinda meh on service. Everyone was wearing a mask except for the hostess, who walked around the restaurant without a mask regularly. I asked my waiter for parm and never got it, and also asked for my check and it came 10mins later. Food great/service can improve a teensy bit

Ursula H.

I have been here many times over the years. However I have noticed a dramatic decline in service and food quality. The lamb shanks that have been a favourite of mine are no longer the same quality. The service was also lacking and our waiter was incognito during our meal and never inquired if we needed anything. Sadly this is no longer an enjoyable experience.

Karen A.

I ordered the Baja Fish Tacos. The fish was tasty and perfectly cooked, however, the sauce was Italian and the dipping sauce was a green tartar sauce. Salsa would have been more appropriate. My table mate ordered the Caesar salad and asked me to figure out what was wrong with it. It looked beautiful. The dressing was a lemony ranch-style dressing, not at all a salty Caesar.

Jennifer Heitz

This red sauce was great!

Mona Barbosa

The place itself looks run down but the food will change your mind. The cocktails were tasty and the owner actually walks around talking to the guests.

Anna L.

Another trip to International Cuisine Friday night. My husband and I enjoyed a personal pepperoni pizza along with their Volcano Chicken! The pizza had a crispy crust and was topped with just the right amount of cheese, sauce and pepperoni - delicious! The chicken was moist with a tempura like breading. Even the coating of Buffalo sauce and drizzle of garlic aioli did not take away from the crisp. So good! On a previous visit, we enjoyed Spaghetti Bolognese, fish and chips and the seafood ravioli. Their fried foods are surprisingly light and not the least bit greasy. I highly recommend the seafood ravioli - crab and shrimp stuffed pillows covered in a delicious decadent tomato cream sauce! We've been several times now and each time we experience the same. Delicious food, friendly service and large portions! The menu has a huge variety of dishes so it's a great place to try if you are undecided about type of cuisine. I'm looking forward to a next visit so I can try something else. This is quickly becoming one of our favorite casual stops in PG!

Joyce Danzero

I had the awesome clam chowder, dolmas and baklava. possibly the best clam chowder I've ever had. The food was delicious!

Kishor p.

The ambience is just awesome . The music is soft and the Italian music just compliments the food. We ordered the chicken wrap and the pizzas and we don't regret ordering so much food. the freshness and juicy chicken with fries and the portion serving is more than enough for filling a hungry stomach. The cocktails are LIT. Its so JUICY , smooth and tasty. Definitely recommend visiting once. PS: Pizzas are fire especially Bronx pizza it's all cheese (if you love it like that)

Glenn L.

We had a great meal here. We were not sure what to think of the restaurant name but it became clear there was a Greek bent to some dishes. The Mediterranean appetizer plate was a winner, with very tasty dolmas, fresh falafel and more. The shrimp with garlic pasta had great sauteed capers and a solid tomato sauce (no cream). Our waiter prepped our drinks and he did a great job with a Lemon Drop. Pizzas looked great on the other tables.

Amy Aromin

We had the gyro sandwich and Monterey jack burger for lunch and both are delicious, atmosphere is great. I also enjoyed long island iced tea. A little pricey but that's expected in PG.

Leftover Treasures

Very rarely do I leave a negative review. But this restaurant failed on so many levels. I feel they must be addressed by ownership and/or patrons.Clearly understaffed, no host to check in. Drink refills absent service overall was poor, again due to a shortage of staff.Our server. She was nice and pleasant, but lacked knowledge of the menu. Almost all drinks featured on the menu were not available or not in stock.Authentic international cuisine is a blatant lie. My party ordered the chicken shawarma. Chicken is clearly boiled and sautéed. A far cry from what chicken shawarma should be. Doubtful the images shown on Google are of the kitchen.Soup, pasta, all dishes at the table are drastically under/no seasoned. Personally I'm not a fan of salt and avoid it. But there are other methods to add flavor. Here it absent.All food came out at different times. Last item to be tabled was salad... thankfully was fresh, but supposed a Greek salad. Mostly iceberg lettuce the 3 Kalamata olives.One meal was supposed to have well done chicken. A different server brought the food. We asked which one was well done, he didn't know, but left them anyway.Clearly communication here is a major issue.Manager/head waiter came to the table and removed her dish and left a menu. Did not return to take a new order after a substantial amount of time, (basically when all were done eating).Portions here are insane. Nearly every table I saw in the dining room had a to go box. I rather see a focus on quality, service, and true authentic cuisine than masked by a large portion dinner.If you are seeking a quality authentic dinner here. Sadly you will not find it.

Lyssa Gettys Uchida

This was the best place we ate in the Monterey/ Pacific Grove area.Must try is the beef stroganoff and the pistachio pudding. Not sure how they make that pudding but it was to die for.The staff were very sweet and professional. They definitely were busy and we did have to wait a bit here and there for things. BUT it's pretty clear that they were short staffed (pandemic and all) and even so they worked their butts off going in and outside for customers, doing it all with a smile.Must go for any tourist or local. We will be back!

Gina Paderes Styler

Great food, clean place and good service. Love the food!

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