The Monarch Pub and Restaurant

617 Lighthouse Ave, Pacific Grove
(831) 324-4987

Recent Reviews

Kevin Fredrickson

Wonderful service. Best fish and chips I have ever had. Entire family loved it.

Austin Clark

Delicious Fish and Chips served with the typical British Condiments. Had an amazing time, and the service was fantastic. The only thing negative with this place was the black pepper! I practically turned a chip black, covered in black pepper, and I couldn't even taste the pepper flavor. It's just a simple fix of replacing the shakers with fresh and smaller ground pepper, and they would be 5-stars.

andrew s

Consistently good food but not amazing. Great place to hang out with lots of outdoor space. Love coming here with dogs. Prices are a little high for what you get, even considering the area.

Don Seto

I really liked this place. Would have given them 4 stars but my wife's philly steak sandwich was pretty light on the meat. Flavorful but not hardy. My fish n chip was great. Crispy, light, flakey and delicious. With that said, we'd go back..but not order the philly.

Bryan D

Had a great experience here!My partner is from London, so whenever we see a British style pub we usually will give it a go. This place checked all of the boxes for her.The fish and chips were very close to proper chip shop fish and chips. Fish was great and the chips were more substantial like you get in the U.K. The bangers were very tasty. Not rusky like you find at some other places. A very big bonus for the Mrs. The beans are Heinz. This is a big deal for most British people. Also, they had sticky toffee pudding. Yum!Service was great. There were actually British people working there. Our server was local, but she was excellent. Bathroom was very clean. This is something I always look for. The only minor thing that could be improved.... The owners support Aston Villa and not Arsenal. But I surely don't hold that against them. ?All in all, this is a great place for a casual meal or a taste of what casual food is like "across the pond" we'll be back the next time we are in the area.


We are from SF and often are excessively critical - competition there is fierce. We know Irish pubs and their fare. Monarch does not disappoint. Everything you'd epect from the pints to the fish, burgers and spicy curry. Outdoors with heaters in the fog is great. Definitely a great spot - highly recommended.

David K

Get the Sticky Toffee dessert! This is a well run pub with solid food and very nice staff. Also a perfect Guinness pour! Great outdoor spaces and nice fire pit too.

Ron Clonts

Great food. The appetizers are all very tasty. There's also a good selection of beers but you're definitely paying more for the downtown Pacific Grove experience. Also, be careful if you order a double cocktail, the Moscow mule went from $14 to $28 and we didn't notice until much later when we were figuring out the split. Just order more drinks instead of stronger ones.

Rob G

Service was great as was the food. It has a nice British Pub feel which was a nice change to the road food we'd been eating on this trip

Tom H.

Great food and service. I picked up my call in order and when I went to the beach to eat my meal I discovered that they forgot part of my order. I called them and they already knew what happened and when I picked up the rest my order they gave me a second meal for free. I was not expecting that but that was stand up move in my book. I always stop by here at least once when I am in town.

Ana K.

Beautiful location, very cozy inside and lovely patio. Truly delicious fish & chips. Not touristy, kid friendly.

Matteo C.

Overpriced bar-style food mostly. Prices of a sit down restaurant so you're expecting a bit more on the culinary side of things, but unfortunately it's still just a bar at the end of the day. My recommendation is to eat elsewhere and come for a drink here afterward. Price: 1/5 Ambience: 3/5 Staff: 4/5 Food: 1/5

Steve A.

Outside eating was fun and food was delicious. Fish and chips were great and drinks are yummy. Veggie burger was just ok. Nothing to brag about. Wish they had beyond burger or impossible meat. I would have paid extra. Anyway the family enjoyed their meal.

Cheryl M.

Nice spot, friendly servers, cold beer, good menu. What more could you ask for? Highly recommend!

Alex C.

This place has the best fish and chips. I highly recommend. The food is good and atmosphere is very friendly.

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